Another day, another tough game to watch and so many questions and takes. Let the “takery” commence!

  • The entire first period is not possible without good goaltending from Lundqvist. The Rangers had only a few less shots at the time (10 BOS- 7 NYR at end of the period), but Boston dictated play from start to finish in this one.
  • What is Lindy Ruff’s actual job here? If his role is to just be a voice for Quinn as he still learns the ropes of NHL coaching, can that time be passed now?
  • The hit on Zibanejad probably should have been a penalty based on how the game was officiated tonight. Whether it was the non-interference on Lundqvist, or Skjei in the beginning of the game when it didn’t look like he actually tripped up anyone. It can be easy to blame officials and referees for losses as fans, but make no mistake, the Rangers were just out-classed in every analytical category that’s out there. Hell, you could even just see that with your eyes on this one!
  • It is time to start having the conversation that Lindy Ruff has ruined Brady Skjei. He has not been able to perform to what his rookie season was like on this contract. Him deciding not to shoot on that wide-open net is his tenure on this current contract in a nutshell.
  • When Zibanejad is not present, it is crystal clear that this team lacks elite talent at center and based on how Chytil will look once called up, it is a legitimate concern going forward. *”BAH GAWD, THAT’S QUINTON BYFIELD’S MUSIC”
  • On the bright side from a prospects standpoint/organizational depth, Hartford is 8-0-1 to start their season!
  • To plug an article myself and the other BlueSeatBlogs crew posted at the start of the season, none of us had this team making the playoffs. With performances against the best teams in the league like tonight, it’s clear this team has some time before we are competing in not only the playoffs, but for the cup.
  • Boston’s top line had 9 points tonight. I know there is this mentality to spread the wealth when it comes to your forward lines, but that seems to be where the NHL is going to just load up your top line with your best players.
  • Is Kreider finally heating up? We need it for his trade value.
  • Chytil needs to be called up for Tuesday if Zibanejad is out for any extended period of time.

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