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Georgiev’s heroics not enough as Coyotes hand Rangers fifth straight loss

The Rangers were dominated by the Coyotes early on, allowing 15 shots in the first to their four, yet managed to escape that period with just a one goal deficit thanks entirely to Alex Georgiev, who made 14 saves in the period. The Rangers managed to get the game tied twice in the second period, and at the very least clamped down a little bit defensively, but then questionable coaching decisions led to a scoreless third and not even touching the puck in overtime.

The Blueshirts barely tested Darcy Kuemper throughout most of this contest, which is the norm. The norm is also benching Kaapo Kakko for much of the third period and handing him just nine minutes of ice time for the entire game. Only Lias Andersson (shocker) and Greg McKegg got less ice time. But hey, at least Lias is getting time with Kakko, right?

Yotes 1, Rangers 0

Brady Skjei forces Carl Soderberg behind the net, which is the right play here, but then the coverage just breaks down completely. Brendan Lemieux fails to lock up Christian Fischer, and then no one watches Lawson Crouse go to the front untouched for the goal. There’s three players literally standing still, including Ryan Strome and Tony DeAngelo.

Rangers 1, Yotes 1

Pavel Buchnevich breaks up the play at the blue line then starts the rush. He draws Ilya Lyubushkin to him, then dishes nicely to Lemieux for the chance that Kuemper stopped. DeAngelo was there for the rebound trailing the play.

Yotes 2, Rangers 1

Alex Goligoski just has a shot, and got the powerplay goal. The PK was just fine here, forcing the shot from a low danger spot. Problem was that no one picked up the Conor Garland screen in front, and it’s clear that Georgiev didn’t see that one. He reacted very late.

Yotes 2, Rangers 2

This is a good passing play by Kaapo Kakko to Strome to DeAngelo for the finish. The two passes were nice.

Yotes 3, Rangers 2

It’s 3-on-3 so you just kind of run with the randomness here.

Shot Heatmap

Did you expect anything less? Look at all those chances in front.

Expected Goals

Again, expected.

The process in this game was inexcusable. The coaching decisions to play washed up veterans over kids with talent in a rebuild is asinine. The decisions to bench kids with talent who are playing well over kids with lesser talent who aren’t playing well are also asinine. This loss is entirely on the process, but systems related and roster decisions. This entire game is on the coaching staff. Much like the process of the first seven games of the season. It may be “only” seven games, but that’s still 10% of the season.

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  • Shots for the Coyotes were 21 in the woeful first period. I don’t even remember the 4 shots the Rangers had. That’s how lopsided it was. They continue to turn over pucks and take penalties which hurts any kind of momentum along with regular deployment for guys who don’t kill penalties.

    We can at least say Georgiev gave them a chance with some great play. And they didn’t wait for the third period. I think they should consider splitting up Panarin and Zibanejad. Kreider, Buchnevich can play with Mika and you can have Panarin work with Kakko and Strome until Chytil returns. If not, then it’s throw Kakko on the top line. Andersson should be between Fast and Lemieux.

    I’m fed up with them trying to justify the return they got for McDonagh and Miller. Howden and Hajek are being overrated by the organization. Get Lindgren up already. Howden can center the fourth line.

  • If the kids learn anything from last night, it should be that the current defensive coach has no system in place, and that we all thought that AV left this organization. This is the Halloween season, and the ghost of AV was in the house behind the bench!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just a thought, here is the way I’d like to see the lines play of.



    Play this line up for five-six games to see how the chemistry develops.
    Kakko played some 10 minutes last night, while Andersson played his usual minimal amount of time. Lemieux was benched for some time, after setting up ADA’s PP goal. This makes sooooooooo much sense doesn’t it? Staal, and Smith log big minutes, and your future sits, I just don’t get it??????????????

  • Yea… Quinn lost me last night. Shortening your bench to squeeze out a win was a bit selfish to me. It would be very hard for the team to even enjoy a win when half of them were benched anyway. My guess is he’s feeling the heat. I don’t think they’re just gonna fire him this early, but DQ’s actions last night make me think he believes they very well may if he doesn’t turn this around fast. John Davidson didn’t hire him, so you never know.

    Almost all of them look skittish and uncomfortable out there. They’re doing a a TON of gliding around and watching the other team. Slow out of the gates again last night, and soft overall. I can deal with mistakes and losing. But this team is lifeless, and that’s on Quinn.

  • It has become a dysfunctional dumpster. Quinn at this point is lost and that is not a good sign. We are looking at a possible 8 game losing streal in case some of you have not looked at who we are playing next 3 games…..Sabres…Bruins……Lightning…..Let us pray

  • The defensive system is what is killing us. Teams have free entry into the zone, and they are staying in the zone for long periods of time. The defense tries but usually fails at getting the puck out of the zone. IMO, if we put some pressure before the blueline, maybe we lessen the shots on goal, or at least the time in our zone.

    As far as shortening the bench, I do not have a problem with that, but over 20 minutes for the first line is a bit too much.

  • Ranger fans have correctly pointed out that Quinn may be in over his head. His obsession with playing 2 1/2 lines every night will eventually get Quinn fired. Zib and Panarin are no longer the force they were in the 1st two games and Quinn is getting NO production from the other 3 lines (sorry, Howden is NOT the answer as 2C). A defenseman scored both goals last night!

    How come WALT can see that Rangers would be better off spreading the offensive talent across 4 lines? Quinn, Ruff, Smith and this “novice” coaching staff gotta get their stuff together! JD can’t be happy with the product on the ice right now…….he can see that the lines are ALL disjointed and the line combinations do not have players that COMPLEMENT each other.

    • MRichter35

      I suspect many more on this site, which has some very bright people on it, have figured it out as well!!!!!!!

  • The team is just not playing well. They all run around like they don’t have any chemistry or familiarity with one another. With all the youth on this team there is no calming influence. Its getting to be a scary season. All the lineup tinkering creates confusion. None of these players have played together. They need time with consistent lines to gel. Also the coaches keep force feeding them to play “their system” instead of playing the players to their individual strengths. This is going to stunt the growth of the young guys and piss the older guys off eventually. As the great yogi said “its getting late, early”

  • I actually had to look at the box score to see if Kakko was in the line up. Our Defensive system is just lost. Staal needs to sit and Brady Skjei could miss a game too. On the plus side Georgiev looked pretty good. ADA’s 2 goals were nice, his D play not so much last night. We had a pretty good second period. How we got to OT is actually more of a question than how we lost in OT. The answer was Georgriev. The personnel and deployment are becoming increasingly concerning. It’s one thing to play poorly when the kids are in the line up and developing. It’s another thing to play poorly with mostly veterans. What does Andersson need to do to get ice time?

  • Quinn is falling back on his college days where he likely had only 8 good players on his bench. He needs to spread the time out more evenly so his #1 line has some stamina late in the third period.

    I am thinking Chytil is back late this afternoon to play in Thursday’s game. Howden and Lias are both 4th line centers. Bench Smith and Strome next game.

    Gorton and JD cannot be happy with what is happening. May be time for Lindy to “step down”.

    • you could certainly add David “Offensive Guru” Oliver to this “step down” list…..simply look at the player deployment across the Rangers 4-lines. This is on Oliver!!!

  • Shortening his bench in an early season game when trying to develop players seems pretty brain dead to me. I don’t get it.

  • The team has jumped the gun and started these kids too early. The overall expectations of management have need muddled and twisted by the blog writers.
    There is too much learning going on all over the ice. Vets are being leaned in on to hide the dumpster fire burning all over the ice.
    Howden is not a 2nd line center. Skjei is a train wreck, and simply awful. The coaches contradictions are showing. That’s what will get him removed if that’s even a possibility. Kreider is never going to be a consistent point producer and sliding him around the line up isn’t going to fix that.
    Playing all these kids all over the place is not having the desired results. That’s plan and easy to see. Spreading out the offense, that concept is a joke. You have to be kidding yourself with a comment or suggestion like that. What offense?
    This isn’t about the defensive structure or Staal. That is just an excuse and scapegoating the real issue.
    So sit back, and resign yourself to this one very simple unchanging fact: Management is evaluating this season too. Nothing has changed with Trouba and Panarin. There is no changed mandate from last season.
    Now how long before someone suggests “tanking” – oh that’s already happened. LMAO on here, that figures.

  • It’s funny, how many times did we hear last year that the team didn’t have enough practice time — fast forward to this season and that’s all we’ve had, tons of practice time and yet I’ve never seen a team look more lost out there (at times). The system sucks …. just saying.

  • To be honest! I’m really excited we will be drafting in top three!!

    Would I be more excited if we won Stanley Cup? Absolutely! But considering circumstances – nobody really said/believed the rebuild is over 😉

    • Winning matters. When you lose morale, it is hard to get back. Tell Panarin, Zibanejad, Trouba that you don’t care about winning now and they will be discouraged.

      The rebuild does not mean you don’t care about winning. It means you don’t make positive short term moves that are long term negative.

  • Almost time for a closed door players only meeting.
    Gorton needs to spend some time with Quinn and the team, getting a first hand look at what is going on. Doubt Gorton will admit the Quinn mistake this year. He can however, remove Lindy and put pressure on Dave Oliver.

    Gorton also can take away Smith from DQ, sending him (and Haley) down to the AHL. Moves are forthcoming.

  • Another game, another chance for BSB to fit it to their narrative. Kakko, Andersson, Howden combined to play over 30 minutes with zero shots. Every other forward had at least one shot. Andersson has five shots on the season, Greg McKegg has 3 in three games and you know how much ice time he has had.

    Kakko and DeAngelo are the plus-minus cabooses on the team at -6, no one else is below -2. Plus-minus may be a poor way to predict the future, but it does predict the past. Kakko has not been good so far.

    In all of the discussions of the Ranger defense, no one considers the penalty kill. You need four guys back there that you can count on. One decision by Quinn which has been completely ignored is the decision to not use Adam Fox on the PK. The idea that one should simplify the responsibility of a player new to professional hockey by keeping him off the PK his first year is not all that unusual, but has not been remarked on. And that is the point. Coaching hockey is complicated; armchair coaching is simple – you just consider the aspects you want to consider. He also chose to use DeAngelo almost not at all and Hajek fairly little – thus needing to carry seven defensemen. JFTR, Trouba-Staal have given up 3 goals, Trouba-Skjei 3 goals, Smith-Staal one goal. All four have played roughly the same amount of time individually.

    Of the five young forwards – Kakko, Kravtsov, Chityl, Howden, Andersson – the most interesting to the organization is and should be Howden. Think about it. Everyone currently thinks of the first three as future stars and so it is just about development (we know where we are going). Andersson looks to be serviceable. but Howden? Is Howden as good as McKegg? (likely not). Will he ever be as good as McKegg? Better? Much better? These are questions that need to be answered going forward – and likely relatively soon. So it is much more important to understand what Howden can do than to understand what Andersson can do. Priority One is constructing the team of the future and the Rangers want to know if Brett Howden should be part of it.

    Giving a player a role he can handle is putting a player in a position to succeed. Giving him a role he cannot handle is not. Lias Andersson is being given the chance to succeed.

    • Ray, I admire your steadfast desire to continue to help these people understand what a rebuild is, but I doubt they understand what you are saying. Keep on keeping on!

  • There was a process? If the absence of a process is a process then yes it was on full display

    Each line combo ran a different setup.
    One line would try to break into the zone with speed another would get fancy on entry.

    Torts loved the dump and chase, wall movement/plays, chip and run. Av loved the delayed zone entry loading up the blue line and then piling in while trying to maintain possession of the puck.

    With Quinn the breakout pass was the only constant. But once the next guy up ice has the puck he had no one to pass to, the neutral zone play was horrendous, how many times did they just pass it off to the other team ? 24 giveaways. 24.

    They gave up 5 power plays. The game should have never gone to ot. They were lucky playing pickup beer league hockey.

    Maybe Quinn should be in Hartford for a few games so he can get used to the nhl speed of play

  • i watched a coach looking over his shoulder. Im no expert but that was a bad game. the coach and staff better get there heads outta there butts.

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