Lineup Changes

David Quinn shakes up the defense pairs for tonight’s game against Ottawa

After a rough first game, the NY Rangers have changed up their defense pairings

As expected, David Quinn is shaking up the defense pairings in advance of tonight’s game against Ottawa. Not one pairing had a strong game defensively, which is to be expected with two rookies and a newcomer learning a new system*.

*-In case you were wondering, that’s why there isn’t a post on the struggles of the blue line. Yes, I read the comments in the Lias Andersson post.

To account for this, DQ has split up the rookie pairing of Libor Hajek and Adam Fox, with the new lineup looking different:

Hajek-Jacob Trouba
Marc Staal-Tony DeAngelo
Brady Skjei-Fox

The blue line pairings are likely to go through a blender for a while until something sticks with some semblance of stability. That may take a while, though.

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  • At least Staal isn’t with Trouba.

    But not for nothing, coaches talk about continuity and consistency, and then change things every 5 minutes.

    Maybe they should listen to the actual words that come out of their mouths.

    • …. and we WON, can you imagine the changes if we had lost? πŸ˜‰

      Fox and Hajek will be fine, they just need a little time to shake the nerves — and get use to each other. I know Hajek played 5 games last year in a call-up, but this was opening night at MSG after the first time he made the team out of camp. In my book that still makes him quite the rookie … just like Fox.

      • LOL, yes they won, but would they if Hank didn’t make at least 15 saves that should have been goals?

        Jets’ forwards are very good, no question, so that has to be taken into account as well. But the Rangers give up their own blue line way too easy, and have done so for the past 2 years.

        What are the coaches watching? That’s a system issue.

        • I agree. The defense keeps backing up with only an occasional stick check.Skjei forgets how to body check.

          • Agreed, but it is the forwards too.

            Trotz has his team bottle up the neutral zone, making it much harder to skate in with a full head of steam.

  • I know Winnipeg is pretty good offensively, but it was messy Thursday night. Tonight will be a good indicator if the defense is really that troublesome, at least in the short run.

  • Staal could have scored a hat trick and this board would still be bad mouthing him. Hard to take some comment seriously….

  • Nothing in Hajek “career” indicates he’s ready to be an NHL dman. He was horrible last year in Hartford. The now mythical 5 games with the Rangers last season was so over-hyped. He reminds me of a poor man’s Brady Skjei – looks the part, has size and can skate – just struggles to actually play. He certainly deserves more time but I expect to see Lindgren and Rykov (when healthy) in the not to distant future get the next shot a LHD.

  • We saw glimpes of Staal and ADA last season. I thought they played well together. As far as Brady is concerned I am not yet ready to bury him like others on here. He has all the attributes to be an effective NHL Dman. He just needs to play within himself and not try to do too much. Keep it simple Brady.

  • Lindgren will be a stabilizer, I think. It would be nice if Staal has reinvented himself. Leave Tony in there, the coach likes his style and could help him become a NHL defenseman.

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