Game Wrap-ups

Opening Night Takes

The NY Rangers beat the Winnipeg Jets 6-4 in a wild season opener

This night has gone about as much as you’d expect…If you expected that the Rangers could score and then get scored on…a lot. ┬áLet the takes commence!

  • The Organization as a whole really missed an opportunity to just surprise everyone and do what the Leafs did last night and announce their captain with the player introduction. MSG would have gone nuts.
  • Since when did Marc Staal become Bobby Orr? Resurgence incoming?
  • Kaapo Kakko showed some unbelievable flashes tonight, but for the love of God please get him an actual center
  • It’s time to start having the conversation that Brady Skjei might not be worth his contract.
  • Ryan Strome should have been traded over the offseason
  • It’s inexcusable after so many penalties in a short amount of time for Ryan Strome to be getting as much ice time as he has gotten. It’s a weird leash he’s on.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is still an elite goaltender and deserves everyone’s praises.
  • The defense showed elite level puck moving ability with DeAngelo, Fox, and even Trouba, but all 3 left D’s really struggled
  • What the hell was that holding call on Fast?? That’s embarrassing.
  • The PK looked pretty solid tonight
  • An opening night win is EVERYTHING!

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  • I don’t get the Howden hate. The kid shovels home the winning goal and he still gets dissed. Oh btw Skinny Smith and Staal lit up the lamp as well. Maybe Quinn sees something in these players that folks here are oblivious too.

    • I like Howden – Howden is a young kid, man. And going into his sophomore year he will blossom – he is a smart, rugged player and he hustles. Felt bad for Lias, not about tripping over the mike wire (lol), I think he will get better, but it seemed to me the kid was pushing all game. He’ll be awright – I expect a nice bounce back against Ottawa from him. But htree games in the next 2 weeks – damn!

    • Yeah man, I like Howden – the kid hustles, plus he is tough and is smart. He is entering his soph year and he should blossom. Lias on the other hand seemed like he was pushing it all game, I felt bad but – know what, bro – he’ll be awright, I expect a bounce back from him in the away game against Ottawa. I wouldn’t mind seeing McKegg play that game either….

  • Skjei – Oh Boy!
    I’m sure having Fox & Libor pushing ahead nicely, plus Trouba & ADA getting their games rocking has his head spinning, #76 better get his head out of his butt real quick! Does he realize the Rangers have others coming up in the organization? Oh Boy. I can here the Garden soon enough… WADE REDDEN anyone…

    You knew #10 and #8 were going to make plays, so awesome that they did.

    But how awesome did it feel to see Zib get right into almost every play… YEAH!

    I thought Kreider was good, Kappo too, they both could have done even better if not for the Stromboli sandwich line!

    Howden played very well at the start of last season, I think the long season got to him plus the injury time…
    I hope he can play as good as he did last year and for a longer stretch!

    HENRIK! – nuff said

    Shame he played 3 games last night, COME ON 47 sog!

    Quinn better address the penalties, he seems to have already built a team, they played together…

    #48 – what was that bro, Avery #2, that punch was bush man!

    all in all, great that they tucked in a W last night, last season we lose this game by 2.
    how many 1 goal games did we lose last season… hmmm


  • Not agree on Skjei
    Staal if you put aside this goal is ZOMBIE, probably Zombies even faster
    Agree 2000000000000% on Strome, I still don’ understand why they sent Chytil to Paks to affiliate Strome, he is not going to be better, he is just not quick enough for the position
    Disagree on Fast penalty
    We need new defensive coach

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