This night has gone about as much as you’d expect…If you expected that the Rangers could score and then get scored on…a lot. ┬áLet the takes commence!

  • The Organization as a whole really missed an opportunity to just surprise everyone and do what the Leafs did last night and announce their captain with the player introduction. MSG would have gone nuts.
  • Since when did Marc Staal become Bobby Orr? Resurgence incoming?
  • Kaapo Kakko showed some unbelievable flashes tonight, but for the love of God please get him an actual center
  • It’s time to start having the conversation that Brady Skjei might not be worth his contract.
  • Ryan Strome should have been traded over the offseason
  • It’s inexcusable after so many penalties in a short amount of time for Ryan Strome to be getting as much ice time as he has gotten. It’s a weird leash he’s on.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is still an elite goaltender and deserves everyone’s praises.
  • The defense showed elite level puck moving ability with DeAngelo, Fox, and even Trouba, but all 3 left D’s really struggled
  • What the hell was that holding call on Fast?? That’s embarrassing.
  • The PK looked pretty solid tonight
  • An opening night win is EVERYTHING!