Ah, the last preseason game. It’s a wonderful time of year. I think most would agree it’s time to drop the puck for real. The preseason does not mean however that we are short on takes as fans!

  • So Haley and Morrow?…Are they really going to sign and make this team? Cause uh, yikes
  • Strome is unofficially announced as the 2C based on how the practice lines have looked the past week, I am surprised Andersson is not getting considered based on his play again in preseason.
  • Kravtsov DESERVES to make this team solely on his skill set. Are we really going to trot out Michael Haley instead of a high-end top-6 potential winger?
  • Georgiev has looked solid in net and it does not hurt that Shesterkin looked good throughout preseason as well. We are blessed with depth at goalie.
  • Well, I guess it’s a good thing the penalty kill has been pretty solid in preseason. Lord knows they had A LOT of ice time there tonight.
  • A divisive player amongst the fanbase, but I am happy to have Tony DeAngelo’s skill set on our team. For a guy who came in late, he has looked very poise. Him and Fox are going to be just filthy to watch on the blueline. That goal was nice tonight.
  • Seriously though, why are we taking so many damn penalties?!
  • Oh yay, another meaningless preseason fight between Haley and Johnston…why?
  • I notice Lemieux every shift he’s on the ice and more players need to have all-white sticks. Something about it looks so good
  • Seeing as how this is mostly against the Islanders final roster, the kids have been alright tonight.
  • Please launch Lettieri, Haley, Morrow, Smith, ¬†and Lindy Ruff into the sun.

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