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A recap of Penalty bowl

Ah, the last preseason game. It’s a wonderful time of year. I think most would agree it’s time to drop the puck for real. The preseason does not mean however that we are short on takes as fans!

  • So Haley and Morrow?…Are they really going to sign and make this team? Cause uh, yikes
  • Strome is unofficially announced as the 2C based on how the practice lines have looked the past week, I am surprised Andersson is not getting considered based on his play again in preseason.
  • Kravtsov DESERVES to make this team solely on his skill set. Are we really going to trot out Michael Haley instead of a high-end top-6 potential winger?
  • Georgiev has looked solid in net and it does not hurt that Shesterkin looked good throughout preseason as well. We are blessed with depth at goalie.
  • Well, I guess it’s a good thing the penalty kill has been pretty solid in preseason. Lord knows they had A LOT of ice time there tonight.
  • A divisive player amongst the fanbase, but I am happy to have Tony DeAngelo’s skill set on our team. For a guy who came in late, he has looked very poise. Him and Fox are going to be just filthy to watch on the blueline. That goal was nice tonight.
  • Seriously though, why are we taking so many damn penalties?!
  • Oh yay, another meaningless preseason fight between Haley and Johnston…why?
  • I notice Lemieux every shift he’s on the ice and more players need to have all-white sticks. Something about it looks so good
  • Seeing as how this is mostly against the Islanders final roster, the kids have been alright tonight.
  • Please launch Lettieri, Haley, Morrow, Smith,  and Lindy Ruff into the sun.

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  • “… the kids have been alright tonight.”

    Well no one will accuse you of hyperbole tonight. The kids were all pretty damn good … and finally Chytil woke up. When you take their play individually and sprinkle them through the lineup with good vets to play with, they’ll be even better.

  • I have always been a fan and supportive of Delangelo. He has and continues to show he is a quality NHL defenseman. He should never of been benched while Pionk got played over him.

    • Please answer two questions: Does Tony play a better game now that he did at the start of last year, and, have his behavior and consistency improved? There are reasons why he played behind Pionk, and got benched, but at the end of the day, Tony’s here, and Neil isn’t. It’s called coaching.

      • Agreed. I was critical of DQ’s benching ADA early last season, but look what happened, Tony learned the system defensively and that allowed him to shine offensively. Also, people tend to forget that Tony was coming back from a very serious ankle fracture. That is another reason for breaking him in slowly. A,together, he is a much better player now than he was at the outset of last season.

    • ADA got benched because of stupid comments he made in the locker room, implying loyalty to another team (Philly, cough, cough), not because of his play.

  • I think the young forwards who play more defensive roles have a leg up over the skilled guys. Lias is a lock at this point. I’m leaning towards howden making it. Chytil and krav to the a. Other orgs have their top prospects there.. maybe org depth… is an asset?

    I feel like fans get caught up in prospect clippings. Just bc they dangled guys in junior or euro leagues doesn’t mean they are ready to do it the nhl level.

  • Was anyone else worried to see Matt Martin & co. just throwing our young players around? What is our answer for that? Hopefully in a real game with our real lineup, a nasty powerplay will be a deterrent. But we don’t have the muscle to run with a bigger more physical team. How does this impact lineup choices?

    • bc one tough goon is gonna deter a physical team from playing physical. maybe our young guys shouldn’t be in the nhl if they aren’t ready (part of which is being able to handle the physicality).

      • 100% agree. How about we finally shift away from the goon mentality and towards a physical team mentality. The good thing is Quinn preaches a physical game.

  • ADA looks like one of the most talented offensive dmen in the league. I think he is going to get at least 40 points this season.

    The last thing the Rangers should do is bump Lias up to 2C. Firstly, he is finally playing well as a grinding bottom 6 center. Let’s see him do that in the regular season instead of force feeding up the depth chart. Secondly it’s still not clear he has the skill set to be a top 6 forward. Let him have success in his current role and not put any more pressure on him.

    Time to send Chytil down to Hartford and teach him how to be a 200 foot center. He should learn that, dominate, and then be brought up.

    Not sure what to make of Howden and his future. He probably should go down and get schooled up too.

    This is going to be a great season to watch regardless of the results. The future is ours. LGR!

    • Spot on Orland. I don’t see any downside to letting Chytil and Howden learn some things in Hartford. It helped Lias. Lias on the 4th or 3rd gives him the opportunity to improve. Seems to me that the kid’s confidence is coming back, so they should put him in position to do well, not fail.

      I love Kravtsov and think he is going to be a special player. I just think it would be wise to let him bulk up some to protect him from injury.

        • You may be right Tony. I of course have advocated playing the youngsters over and over again in the past. I just think that when they are playing Chytil on the wing it is time that he could be spending in the AHL becoming the big skilled center that he has the talent to be. Same with Howden, who could use a lot of work on his shot and his defense. But, maybe you are right about the soft schedule at the outset of the season giving an opportunity for a lot of practice.

          By the way, any sign of Walt? Unless he is away it is unusual that he hasn’t been around.

          • I am not against going to Hartford, as I think Rykov and Shesty benefit big time. Maybe even Krav.

            But I do not see it for Andersson, Chytil, or Howden.

  • Howden, Chytil and Kravstov should all start in the AHL. Kravstov just does not look ready for the smaller ice and more physical game. So much skill–he’ll get there. They should not push Chytil or Kravstov into the NHL if they are not ready. They both have a ton of talent–no need to hurt their development. Howden is a bottom six center. He has potential to be a 3rd liner on a really good team or a second line center on a non-playoff team but he not a legitimate top 6. At least I don’t see it. Who knows?

    • I could agree with you if Hartford played a few more games in the 14-15 day window here at the start of the season, but 4 games as opposed to 3 isn’t enough of a difference. I think they would benefit more from 2 heavy weeks of practice in the NHL under Quinn — especially Kravs who hasn’t gone through the process already. I say give them all the opportunity to show what they can do here, there’s always time to send them down for a few weeks if they seem even slightly overwhelmed.

      We also here that there isn’t enough practice time in the NHL to work things out, especially for the younger players — well here we are with a super easy opening schedule that should provide everyone with at least 8 FULL practices, 3 quickie game day practices and a few days off.

  • Funny how a few preseason games seems to determine Chytil’s fate than actual NHL games from last year. Or Krav, who has played in a men’s league for 2 years.

    Neither should be sent down. You can all disagree, but it’s a long season and no reason to do it.

    • Agreed … could say the same for Howden. We have such a light schedule starting out, I see no great benefit in sending down any of the young players — and I saw none of the marginal older players play any better when all is said and done. Cut Haley lose, send Lettieri, McKegg and Nieves down along with Shesty, Rykov (when he comes off his injury), Lindgren down. I would also cut Morrow (or not), even though I didn’t think he had a bad camp … but we have too many decent young d’men down on the farm, he might end up blocking their upward mobility.

      • I mean what is it that they are going to learn in Hartford after having extensive experience in leagues that is much better than the AHL?

        • Maybe that high talent low ability players have no place in New York? That the Rangers are not the Oilers? Chityl was awful last year and more than anything needs to get away from fans who cheer his occasional flashy play.

          From what I’ve seen so far, Chityl is perhaps the most talented of the five young Ranger forwards and currently the least likely to have any kind of NHL career.

          • But the point is, let the young players play their way in or out of the lineup.

          • No, he wasn’t awful last year (such hyperbole) and he literally just turned 20 twenty four days ago and you were close to labeling him something of a bust with that Oilers comment. Sure he has to develop consistency in his game and I want to see more offensive aggression/confidence, but sheesh how about giving it some time. With all the competition we have this year at forward there will be plenty of time to “punish” him if he fails to improve over the course of the season. He’ll feel the heat.

          • #1 no hyperbole intended – the Rangers were a bad team last year and Chityl was a big part of it.

            You and Richter94 seem to think the season is about you. It isn’t. Sometimes you give a player time and sometimes you don’t. What it looks like to me – and I positively do not know (but management does) – is that Chityl is not committed to being the best hockey player he can be. If this is true, then it needs to be dealt with and almost certainly the way to deal with it is to make it clear that he won’t play in the NHL if he won’t make the effort.

            In hindsight, Chityl was handled badly last year and is not making progress.

            Look, if someone offered me the #10 pick in the next draft for Chityl, I would turn it down. He could be so so good. But he needs to be propoerly handled – and proper handling means you play ability ahead of talent. If Chityl is a tiny bit better than McKegg, I go with McKegg because management needs to tell Chityl what they need from him.

            Players in the NHL often don’t improve, not because they can’t, but because they don’t have to. They’ve achieved their life goal.

          • Agree 100%. Chytil shocked everyone a year ago with a tremendous camp and made the team. Since then he has not improved one iota. In fact he may have regressed as a mostly ineffective wing when we need him to be our future 2C. Why would keeping in the NHL best advance his development when it has failed so miserably so far. And yes he was terrible last year by any objective measure ie advanced stats. He has tremendous natural ability but doesn’t seem to know how to best use it at this level.

            The point of revamping Hartford was to make it an ideal place to develop young talent. Time to use it for that with Chytil. Same applies to Howden and Kratsov. They will be much better served by succeeding there than failing here.

  • Whatever happens is cool with me but, man, Lias had a great summer – he did all the right things, rooming and learning from Zib, and then off with strength, wrestling and power coach in Sweden – he will learn not to be pushed around as much as last season. Last season he looked scared – I’d like to see Backes try and pull the same bs he did with him last year, Lias will punch him in the face…(something Krav will need to adjust to as well – sticking up for yourself and teammates). I love how we played and hung with the mostly A team of the Isles till the last minutes of the game – for me this was a win and a .500 pre-season, bro…good job by DQ in letting them play their hearts out – and now starts the season. Lets go Rangers!! I’m packing my stuff and heading up north next week from Parris Island! Peace to my red white and blue NYR brahs! Lets go Rangers!

  • I’m sorry but Haley looks like Reggie Dunlop out there with the exceptionthat Reggie didn’t fight

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