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Hot takes: Hayes scores as Flyers down Rangers in preseason

Continuing with the whole “trying something new,” it seems like there weren’t many that disliked this post after the first preseason game. So let’s go with it again. Let me know in the comments if you like it and want to continue with it.

  • I snuck the game onto the TV at my sister-in-law’s place. No one has noticed. Let’s see how long this lasts. Don’t tell anyone.
  • And a Micheal Haley fight. What a shocker. At this point, he has to know that everyone knows what kind of player he is, right? I mean, he’s been in the league for a while.
  • And there’s Alain Vigneault, but not behind the bench. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he wasn’t really behind the bench during those last two years in New York either.
  • My three year old niece just handed me a toy phone. Just had a conversation with AV about his tenure in New York. She was unamused. No one has said anything about the game being on yet. Shhh.
  • Tim Gettinger is a big human.
  • The lighting at the Wells Fargo center is making the Rangers’ white jerseys look off-white, and I like the look. It’s almost like it’s the same color as their 2012 Winter Classic jerseys. Give me off white thirds over the Liberty thirds.
  • Filip Chytil with a nice pass…too bad Taylor Pyatt couldn’t finish. Seriously though, who was the last Ranger to wear #14? I had to look it up to see it was Gregg McKegg.
  • I like the challenge by Ryan Lindgren on Sam Morin after that unnecessary hit on Nick Jonas Jones. Although I do not know who Jones is.
  • The Rangers have only given up one preseason PP goal? Wow.
  • Make that two.
  • And there’s the inevitable Kevin Hayes goal. Bad positioning in front by Lindgren and I believe Chytil.
  • My niece is asleep. People don’t care that the game is on. For some reason my wine glass keeps refilling itself. No one move. I’ve hit the jackpot.
  • I know it’s preseason, but the defense is in midseason form. Why is Lindy Ruff still here?
  • And just as I say this, Matt Robertson with a bad turnover.
  • Lias Andersson is still having himself a strong preseason. He’s going to piss off the haters when he has a strong defensive season. He may not put up 100 points, but he’s going to be a solid two-way player.
  • End of the second period. It’s 3-0. My brother-in-law wants to play Quiplash. It’s a fun game that you should all try. So there goes the TV time for the Rangers.
  • In writing this post this morning, I see Jones scored and the Rangers took a too many men penalty. Sky is blue.

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  • What I saw was a number of players about to be cut … but I also saw promising performances from Lindgren, Fox, Andersson, Kravs and Shesty.

    Although guys like McKegg, Jones, DiGuiseppe, etc. have been ok, just send them down … no point dragging this on into the 4th preseason game, time to switch to the top 28-32 players.

    • McKegg and diGuiseppi are among the top 28-32 players.

      But to your basic point, the Rangers don’t really have 41 players as some are hurt and can’t play. AND, they really don’t want to rush players by making them play two games in a row. I am sure they don’t want most players to play three games in five this coming week. I really don’t believe Hartford signee Nick Jones is playing ahead of another forward who Quinn actually would like to see in action.

      • Fine, keep McKegg in camp … Gettinger, Fogarty, whatever … the point here is that the time has come to significantly reduce the number of players in camp. I haven’t seen any of these players “stand out” or do quite enough to try and force themselves into our regular season lineup. That said I wouldn’t think any of them has hurt their chances of a call up based on injuries, but we all know the Top 15-16 forwards and Top 9-10 d’men at this point. Keep those players plus the “injured” and that sould total about 28-32 (probably more like 28-30). Also, with just 3 games left we probably need to consider sending down 1 of the 4 goalies — I imagine that would be Huska, but he did show well in his limited action.

  • So the question is, which forward is the 13th forward? With Names and Strome still here, there are too many.

    Unless Krav gets sent down, which I would not do. Or, the Rangers rotate the younger guys so they are not playing every game.

      • AHL lifer. that’s all he is.

        Would rather McKegg be the “spare” that doesn’t play as the 13th.

        • Harsh … and I assume the 13th forward will play a decent amount, between injuries and the need to “teach” other players a lesson every now and then. Boo can skate, Boo is big and Boo is improving. Boo can give you about 20 points in a 4th line role over the course of a season and he’s 2 years younger than McKegg, I’ll stick with him for now.

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