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Preseason Game 3: Another preseason date in Philly

The Rangers are back in action tonight against the Flyers, coming off a pretty weak performance last night in New Jersey. A good portion of the lineup from the first game against the Devils will be dressed tonight, including a good amount of players that will likely be in the lineup on opening night.

The second line from the first game will be the top line tonight, and hopefully we see a repeat performance from that trio. We also have some competition to watch, with Lias Andersson and Ryan Strome on the same line, same with Boo Nieves and Gregg McKegg. There’s also Libor Hajek and Ryan Lindgren to watch out for.

Oh hey Kevin Hayes plays tonight. Alain Vigneault is behind the bench. This should be fun.

Rangers Lines

Flyers Lines

Crazy Prediction: No one over reacts to a preseason game.

Game time is 7pm.

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  • 2 zip Flyers after the first period. The Rangers with a paltry 6 shots on goal. Hayes nets a PP goal. Yeah it’s only preseason but at some point the Rangers need to resemble a NHL hockey club.

    • You’re overreacting … we have a B lineup (barely) against Philly’s A team.

      A lot of positives in this game, like Fox, Shesty, Kravtsov, Andersson, Lindgren … plenty more cuts to come and when this team is finally constituted, they’ll be fine.

      • Fox is a player and Andersson is a different player, which is good.

        Shesty accounted for himself pretty well considering how the Flyers dominated play.

        • Yep let’s put out our B Players so we can test out how our young goalies do under fire. K it’s all making sense now lol

          • What difference does it make in the preseason? It’s about giving them experience under fire.

            And I would say that Shesty passed with flying colors, no? He did not wilt, for sure.

          • Preseason is six games played in a short span. You simply do not want to put players in more than 3 or 4 games — and 4 should be rare. So the real choice is not whether or not to play B players with the current schedule. The real choice is whether to play fewer games with A players or to play six games where B players get half the playing time.

            Some of the B players play so that the coaches can see them in action and try to judge their potential and progress. Quinn for example will never get to see the players in Hartford. Some are legitimately trying out for the team this year. And frankly, occasionally some guys play because Quinn does not want to use anyone else. I suspect Nick Jones plays because there is no one else Quinn wants to play in a particular game and he serves as a warm body. Certainly the Rangers don’t bench Zbad to give Jones playing time.

    • We have one of, if not, the deepest pool of prospects and you’re upset at this point of the first eight days of preseason? thats awesome! I don’t agree, but its still awesome!

      I like your intensity baby! LGR!!!!

      IGOR looks better and better eh?!>!

      Is it me or does he look a bit like Price in terms of smooth, none phased movements? WOW, I was impressed!

      #50 is faster and more involved this season!!!! I hope he gets even better!!!

      ADA and FOX are headed towards a serious competition for ice time eh!

      This is great! I even saw some nice plays from that Robinson kid!


    • Hey pal.

      The “better” teams don’t even start playing until January. Every year the fans have the Pens dead and buried by December.

      I get the Rangers are far from a “better team” but they are also mixing up a lot of different combos to evaluate players for their eventual roster.

      The PP looked absolutely lethal on Wed. They would have had 2-3 goals if not for Schneider making unreal saves.

      The real “worry” IMO if any is Brady Skjei.

  • There is a reason why the other teams have more of their regular players in the lineup Tanto. The preseason is when a team works out the bugs and learns a system. While it’s important to take a look at prospects that doesn’t mean load up the roster with B players. I thought this would of been figured after the Rangers dismal start at the beginning of last season.

    • Not through the first 3 games of the pre-season necessarily. AV specifically stated that he wanted to focus on his veterans for the 3rd game because THEY needed it … otherwise he might have stuck with a bit more of a B group. 3 games are plenty for the vets to get properly acclimated for the start of the season. I’ve never seen pre-season results correlate to success in the regular season (in fact often times it’s the reverse) — and as Richter pointed out above, a number of teams don’t even hit their stride until 30-40 games into a season.

      The first 3-4 games are about looking at individual players, how they’re playing and how they might fit into the structure of the team (at least the ones who look best). The last 2-3 games is about creating units, structure and seeing how the overall team looks.

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