Rangers announce lineup for tonight’s preseason game against Philly

No recap from last night folks. Friday night and weekend games are still going to be rough for us here, especially in the preseason. No promises on tonight’s either, but we will certainly try!

The Rangers have announced their lineup for tonight’s preseason game against the Flyers:

That first line looks super and is probably slated as the second line right now, just replacing VItali Kravtsov with Kaapo Kakko. Then again, you never know since Kravtsov had a strong first game.

This is also likely another showcase for Lias Andersson in the 2C role, although he doesn’t necessarily have the strongest linemates this time around. He and Ryan Strome could in theory be two-thirds of the third line though. Same with Boo Nieves and Gregg McKegg being two-thirds of the fourth line.

As for the blue line, this might be a showcase for Ryan Lindgren and Libor Hajek, as both are vying for the 3LD spot. This is also going to be a good spot for Matthew Robertson, who won’t be on the roster but big things can happen from him.

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  • Crappy looking lineup. What’s the point of dressing players that have no hope of making the club. Quinn needs to get his team ready for the season. Instead he is running amateur hour ice capades.

  • It will be interesting to see Huska again, I thought he was one of the few bright spots in last night’s game.

    A little surprised that Kakko isn’t playing (is he hurt?) … would have liked to see him on the 1st or 2nd line, this would have allowed us to see Lias in possibly a more positive light (either with Kravtsov or Kakko).

    • I noticed Kakko looked as if he was in pain when they showed them coming through the tunnel at the end of the game the other night. He might of hurt himself when he went down earlier in the 3rd and played through it, because he really looked like he was laboring.
      Hope it’s nothing. Fingers crossed

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