Rangers agree to terms with Tony DeAngelo

The Rangers have agreed to terms with their last holdout RFA. Defenseman Tony DeAngelo to a one year deal at $925,000.

DeAngelo had little leverage so this was a matter of time. We also have a post at 2pm today that goes through his situation with the organization and his future. So stay tuned!

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  • I fear we don’t have enough room for Trouba, Fox and DeAngelo on the right side although it will provide for some serious competition between DeAngelo and Fox for the 2nd pairing RD spot (plus 2nd PP QB). Obviously Trouba isn’t going anywhere … and the price for Fox along with his “character”, high ceiling and “local” connection give him the leg up on DeAngelo. Shame really, I like Tony as a player, but right now as things stand he seems destined to be trade bait and I fear they won’t get full value for him.

    • Tony “blinked” because he sees his opportunity disappearing. He still could be a very valuable RD asset. We have a few more kids in the wings ready to take his spot, when they are ready.

      Tony may be auditioning for another team.

      • Agreed … thing is, I love the way he plays but the perception of his character (added to with this mini-holdout) will depress his value. Couple that with the fear that Fox surpasses him this year and it further depresses his value beyond reason.

  • Hey all,

    Very exciting that hockey is back. This signing is good news in every way. He becomes another asset that is playing and can boost his stock for the future of this franchise or another (by trade). But good to have him back on the team and making us better. Now its up to him to determine how he contributes.

  • Welcome back Dave n the boys/girls! It was getting scary there for a bit not seeing any action on the site but, am sure I wouldn’t be the only one when I say, we never doubted you’d be back!

    The game against Debbies was real exciting to watch, and was more then pleased seeing our kids out there! Kakko – Just wow! Haven’t seen puck movement on the PP like that for decades.

    I’m kind of happy Tony decided to brainlessly hold-out, as I’m hoping it raised his stock a bit… Yup, I still like Pionk more then Tony but, that’s water under the bridge now.

    It STILL boggles the mind on just how improved this Club became in these past 2 seasons.. Very excited for this season!


  • Having good players competing for spots is a long way from where we were last year at this point. This is a great problem to have. Let’s see how it plays out before we decide ADA is out of here. Using the little leverage that he had is not indicative of a continuing attitude problem. Let’s not forget that hockey is a business on both sides. Just ask Shattenkirk.

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