Rangers release 2019 Traverse City Tournament Roster

A little late here, as this was announced yesterday. Sorry for the delay on it – was unavailable to post it yesterday. The Rangers have released the 2019 Traverse City Tournament roster, and it is stacked.

The roster showcases the guys you’d expect – Adam Fox, Vitali Kravtsov, Igor Shesterkin, Kaapo Kakko, and a lot of the depth prospects. It’s worth noting that Karl Henriksson is on the roster, which is rare for a Euro prospect. I’m unsure what to make of that, but it’s worth pointing out. There are also a bunch of non-roster invitees, as per usual.

The Rangers will head into this tournament with one of the better rosters, so the expectations will likely be high. As will the over reactions if someone doesn’t play well or has a great tournament. Let’s keep level heads, folks.

FOX Sports Go has usually streamed the games, but only the games with Detroit has a play by play. I don’t know what the other broadcast plans will be.

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  • Need to see how this team plays and how the guys expected to make a run at the NHL roster dominate their opponents. All 8 teams put their young stars on the roster combined with guys who they want a look at. When our stars are on the ice, they should be able to perform very well.

    I say this because our 5 kids (including Shesty) all have top 6 or top pair potential. Shesty, if he is the heir apparent, should do very well also.

  • Henriksson being on the roster is an indication that he has no shot making the men’s side for Frolunda, which really should be no surprise.

    J20 doesn’t start until the filling weekend, so he won’t miss anything.

    Edstrom missing is the opposite issue. Rogle has decided to go young and win with a group they can keep together for a few years.

    • After Hendriksson, the rest of the centers auditioning to be bottom 6 centers in Hartford. McBride has size but little skill, the rest have little size and a little skill.

      That’s a 1 line team(Newell’s line might chip in) with potentially a good D group and a goalie who can get them to the final.

      This also points to the lack of forward depth in the system where you have two forwards who will likely play in the NHL this year and and *maybe* one guy who is 4 years away at best.

    • Any camp scenario beyond 2 days, player has to pay for the hotel and not miss any classes to retain eligibility.

      Classes begin this Thursday.

  • Question: How much relevance do the assigned uniform numbers typically have for players who will make the Ranger roster? For example, should we reasonably expect Kakko to wear #45 with the big club, assuming he makes it?

    • Boo wearing 24 on Broadway, so 45 will be Kakko’s number until Boo gives it, sells it or is dealt. When Kakko got his 1st taste of Liiga, he wore 54.

      Camp numbers mostly tell you where you are in the pecking order.

  • So obviously there is Kaako and Kravstov upfront but their D and goal tending should be lights out.

    • No reason this team cannot win the damn tournament. All you need is one good line and lots of effort and a good goalie. We seem to have all of that.

      If the “K” boys do not lead the team in scoring, I will be surprised.

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