Jacob Trouba among top defensemen, per NHL Network

I’m 100% dragging out these NHL Network rankings here. The NHL Network has included Jacob Trouba among the NHL’s top defensemen, although there are no specific ranks.

Trouba was another prize for the Rangers this offseason, basically costing them a 1st round pick and a negative asset on the blue line (Neal Pionk). Trouba is the 1RD for the Rangers right now and is expected to carry the load while the rest of the prospects figure it out and the other guys fake it.

Sorry about the light content lately – it’s August.

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  • From the end of last season, we added a top 20 winger, a top 20 defenseman, the #2 overall pick in the draft and a solid rookie defenseman in Adam Fox. We subtracted Pionk and Shatty. Not too shabby of an off-season for the NYR.

    • I’d say that we added a top 10 winger, but that’s only a minor disagreement. Another way of looking at it is that as soon as the ink on their contracts was dry, Trouba and Panarin probably became the best players on the team at their positions.

    • To be fair, I think one should include everything from trade deadline on. So the loss of Hayes, Zuccarello and Vesey should be mentioned. On the plus side, we also have the signings of Russians Shesty, Kravtsov, Rykov (not all Russians come over) plus Lemieux and some depth players who may have value.

      All in all though, you are spot on – not too shabby at all.

        • And if we are really being fair, we signed Hayes, Zucc and Vesey as free agents. so we got something for nothing.

  • Trouba is definitely a top defenseman and if the young man stays healthy he should have a fine career in New York.

    At one time I would have expected Ryan McDonough to make that list. But his stock has fallen a great deal during the last couple of years. He is a good guy and I hope that he might recover from some of the wear and tear and have a few more very good seasons before he hangs up the skates.

  • At one point, McDonagh was one of the top defensemen in the league, but, like you said, he did not age well due to the hard hitting game he played. I hope he rebounds, too.

      • A close second in the league in plus-minus, eleven ahead of any teammate, despite not getting to share the ice with Victor Hedman. Ignoring PP points, he was fifth in the league in scoring among defensemen. In fact, his non-PP scoring exceeded total scoring of all but two Rangers last year.

        The reason he is not on the list is not that he did not age well. It is that the makers of the list got it wrong. In fairness, any list of the 25 best anything will make some wrong choices.

        • He aged well enough to have a very good year in 2018-19, where he goes from here is anyone’s guess but we can’t ignore the fact that he’s still got “it” — he may not have “it” this year or in the future, but he wasn’t dead as of last season. 😉

      • Fair point Tanto. I didn’t mean to make it sound like he is done but perhaps I did. He just was so good previously and it is apparent that he’s lost a step in the defensive zone from all the miles he’s put on over the years. I’d just like him to reclaim something close to his past status before he gets older.

  • Coming into the offseason, my priorities for the Rangers were: #1, sign Panarin at all costs, #2, trade for Trouba.

    And I commented that if they got those 2 then the playoffs were in sight for this year. Well, it got even better, getting an elite NHL ready player in the draft.

    Playoffs!! Let’s get the playoffs, baby.

    BTW, David, you have ZERO to apologize for. We appreciate all you and the writers do. August is always a slow month for hockey.

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