NHL Network ranks Rangers’ Artemi Panarin #7 winger

The NHL Network is in ranking season, since it’s August and content is light. After the Rangers didn’t have anyone on the top centers list, Artemi Panarin checks in at #7 on the top wingers list.

Panarin, the former Calder Trophy winner, has been a point per game player since entering the league four years ago. The Blueshirts signed him to a massive seven year deal this offseason, where he will be the most talented player to play for the club since Jaromir Jagr.

Yes – I’m dragging these out. It’s August.

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  • Well, most of the professional opinions being bandied about imply that the Rangers, for a change, are ranked near or at the top in the strength of the prospect pool, and we’ve also added some significant proven offensive talent in Artemi. In other words, there’s a positive long term outlook in NYC for a change. Now, let’s not forget how we got here. Some excellent luck in getting the #2 lottery pick, some good draft picks, a few decent trades, and a willingness to spend for elite talent. One key factor in most of those was that we kept our own draft picks, and added to them when the right opportunity presented itself. Hopefully, it will be a long time before we fall back into the mode of looking at picks as nothing more than currency that could be used to purchase veteran players. In a salary capped league, signing young, talented, players is imperative to remaining competitive. Ideally, we’ll start stockpiling picks now for the inevitable downturn that we’ll face when these players either age out, or become too expensive to keep.

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