Mailbag: Third jerseys, salary cap overages

Two questions for the mailbag this week. As always, use the widget on the right to submit your questions. Or @ me on Twitter. Either one works.

Gerard asks: Been hearing buzz about possible new third jerseys being released for the Rangers this year. Have you heard anything on this? If the Rangers were to bring back a jersey, what would you like?

I’m going to answer the second question first. If there was any jersey I’d like to see brought back, it’s the home whites. I love the white sweaters the Rangers have, and it’s a shame I rarely get to see them. I know it’s not a third jersey, but maybe they can treat it like one, and every so often do that as a nice change of pace.

I haven’t heard anything about third jerseys for this year, but there is a big movement for the Rangers to bring back the Lady Liberty jerseys. Not my favorite, but I didn’t dislike them either. I wouldn’t be shocked if they do this or release something entirely new. After all, gotta make that money, right?

My guess is something will be announced in September. August is a dead month for this sport.

Chris asks: What other options did the Rangers have without buying anyone out or making trades to get under the cap? What would the league permit?

To answer the first question, they had no options. They had to move players via trade or buyout to get under the cap. I guess they could have just passed on Panarin or Trouba, but I’m assuming your question was about after both were signed. Without a trading partner or a buyout, they would have been over the cap to start the season.

As for what the league would permit, I honestly have no idea. No one has ever started the season over the cap. We might get a glimpse of what happens if you start the season under the cap, with the Senators being dangerously close to this. They might also be under the salary paid threshold, although I admittedly don’t know what that number is. I feel bad for Sens fans.

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    1. I have always loved the simple “Rangers” jerseys, both blue and white.

      The league changes the policy for the home team to wear light or dark to promote jersey sales, that’s it.

      1. Yep totally….I prefer white at home even tho Rangers in Blue are prob a top 3 uni

  1. Well considering the fact that under this current administration Lady Liberty isn’t welcome here anymore [Send her back … send her back!], they need to go with a big Ranger Red apple on their 3rd jersey … a homegrown NY State red apple, with the appropriate long form birth certificate of course!

  2. Noncompliance can be punished at the league discretion by voiding player contracts, taking away draft picks, and causing the team to forfeit any games played while non-compliant.

    1. Thanks for the response, Dave! As you guessed, I was referring to the Rangers’ situation after they signed Panarin and Trouba. One specific thing I still wonder: Suppose other teams, knowing the Rangers are over the cap, refuse to make ANY trade with the Blueshirts — even a lopsided one. If the Rangers can’t then just waive, say, a Nemestnikov or a Strome, would they be left in a situation where they’d have no legal way to get under the cap, and would have no other option but to start forfeiting games? Just askin’!

      1. Haha great August hockey question. I think it would be up to Bettman, he could cancel some contracts of players controlled by the rangers. So for example, he could cancel Trouba’s contract to make the rangers become compliant.

      2. Hey Chris, The NHL would not be happy in this instance becasue they A) knew full well that signing both Trouba and Bread to the contracts they did put them over the cap and B) had the opprotunity for 2nd buyout window. If they failed to use it than thats all on them..

  3. The remaining questions this offseason:

    Do Names and/or Strome go in trade?
    Does CK play for the Rangers without an extension in hand?

    I assume ADA and Lemiuex get QO contracts and Beleskey and Smith get demoted.

    1. … and does Fast play the same way as Kreider? I would extend Fast 2 X 2.5M — he doesn’t have the bargaining power that Kreider does so a NTC might not even come into play — and that’s a good price for a 3rd/4th liner who can sometimes play up in the lineup. That could make a deadline deal, should they want to make one, potentially better. Strome is an RFA, so I think between the two he might be kept around to the end of the season, but Namestnikov is probably a goner — $4M for what he brings to the table is a tad pricey.

      Re: Kreider though, I’m very TORN …. $7 x 7 (or 8) scares me, $6.5M x 6 gets me thinking.

      1. If I were to guess:

        Names gets traded and Strome stays.
        Kreider plays without an extension and then plays his way into an extension during the season, for 6 years.
        I think Fast is gone at some point.

        1. Kreider playing his way into an extension depends on a few things. (1) How much will he settle for and for how long? (2) Are the Rangers realistically in contention at the trade deadline? (3) If they are, can they afford to sign him, or who else can they move for cap space? (4) If they’re not, what’s the best offer they can get for him? (gotta be a first rounder, and if it’s not in the top half, a sweetener)

          1. It really comes down to term for CK. He insists on 7 years then he will not be here, simple as that.

  4. Minimum Team Player Compensation (CBA 49.1(t)) is around $47mm and Ottawa has a $65mm cap hit for about $60mm in cash outlay(but insurance covers $10mm of that.)

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