Rangers hire Gord Murphy as Hartford Wolf Pack Assistant Coach

The coaching staff at Hartford just doubled in size, as the Rangers have announced that Gord Murphy has joined the Hartford Wolf Pack as an assistant coach. Murphy spent the last five seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers as an assistant coach, the last two with newly hired Pack head caoch Kris Knoblauch. Murphy was fired in November of the past season as the Flyers cleaned house from the Ron Hextall era.

Murphy worked primarily with the defensemen in Philly, and it is expected he will take on that role with the Pack as well. In Murphy’s time with Philly, he helped groom Shayne Gostisbehere and Travis Sanheim. He looks to be another in the Knoblauch mold of developmental coaching.

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  1. Hope he’s better at DEVELOPING talent than he is utilizing it … 16 years with Columbus, Florida and Philly as an Ass. Coach, not exactly a scintillating record for those teams over the years.

    1. You left out the “t” in “Asst. Coach.” I assume this was just a typo? (;

  2. Journeymen learn the tricks of the trade to stay up, but the D coverage in Philly had been a mess in Philly for a while. All the great talent they’ve brought up regressed the longer they were in the system. Ruff in the minors?

    Better than nothing, should make a decent sounding board and Knoblach is cool with it(I guess.)

  3. Reports with sources are stating that a deal may be in place with Kreider going to Edmonton. Reports are from hockey buzz.com
    I would take Puljujarvi and a First round pick in a second.

      1. No, he is; Edmondton could screw up a 2 car parade.

        But they’ll need a assistant coach in Hartford who can speak Finnish & a little bit of Swedish to keep the prospects comfortable. Not about the language, about identifying with the culture and the NA transition.

        Puljuarvi’s english is fine.

    1. Interesting comment – They tried the college coach thing too with Haskell (N. Dakota) as well

      1. LOL, I was saying that because both newly hired Hartford coaches came from the Flyers.

  4. Did anyone else hear the rumor about us trading Kreider to the Oilers for Jesse Puljujarvi, and their #1 pick? If Chris’s demands are out of this world, I’m afraid they may make such a move. If so this would upset me, but it’s a move forced upon us!!!!!!!!

    1. #1, it came from Eklund, so…
      #2, CK has a modified NMC and has a list of teams that he can be traded to, which I severely doubt has Edmonton on that list.
      #3, For the millionth time, CK being traded has ZERO, let me repeat ZERO to do with cap space (read my post below about 2020-21’s roster and cap space). If CK is traded, it is because he wants SEVEN years as his contract term, NOT FOR cap space reasons.

      1. Tony

        That’s my fear, his demands would be such that he forces our hand to move him. Jesse Puljujarvi, and the Oilers #1 would be a fair deal, even though I would rather have Chris playing for us. We’ll know soon enough!!!!

        As for the Puljujarvi kid, he is a nice sized guy, skating with Chytle, and Kakko, this would be a fine second line in my book. If not, a line of him with Anderson/Howden, and Kratsov would also be interesting to say the least. When he skated with Mc David, he seemed to play very well, so what’s to say a change of scenery wouldn’t help this kid????

      2. Tony

        When I said demands, I was referring to the term of the deal, not the cap hit. If he demands the same ball park contract as Hayes, seven years @ 7mil, I think we bail on him………………

        1. Gotcha Walt.

          I cannot see Edmonton being on CK’s list of approved teams to be traded to. Worst travel in the NHL, miles wise.

      1. First of all, who is Eklund?

        Why is it a bad trade? The Oilers will stink up the place, so it’s a high #1 pick, and a kid who has all the potential in the world, has been treated poorly by the coaching staff, and wants out of there. He also is from Finland, giving Kakko a running mate, and buddy. Probably will play to prove Edmonton wrong, and give a true effort. Bottom line, I think this would work for both teams, but then we disagree here, and so be it……………

        1. Eklund is a click bait hockey rumor guy. Puj might not even be an NHLer…..a #1 is not enough

  5. I just did an armchair GM for 2020-21.

    Even with the bad Shatty cap hit, the Rangers could sign CK for $7M per and still fill out the roster, no problem. Smith would have to be demoted again, but that’s not a shock. And the Rangers could buyout Staal that would save a couple of million in 2020-21 and then have a little over $1M cap hit in 2021-22.

    I do not think that Fast will be here in 2020-21.

    1. It’s not a matter of him fitting under the cap it’s a matter of having him 7 years AND $7m per. The most I’d go on him is 5 years $6.5 and I LOVE his game. In 2 and 3 more years those ELC’s given out this year and last will expire. Then we could have some cap issues and yes I know $21m comes off in 2 years.

      1. This is exactly right, Ranger fans have to stop with the “if we lose CK it’s because we signed Trouba and Panarin” stuff.

        Because it is not true at all.

        100% related to what CK is asking for term wise, if he is traded.

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