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NY Rangers to buyout Kevin Shattenkirk

Despite all the confusion, the NY Rangers are buying out defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. The buyout won’t be official until the window opens, which is midnight tonight, but multiple beats have confirmed this will happen.

A Shatty buyout will save the Rangers $5.1 million this season. Combined with the ultimate demotions of Matt Beleskey and Brendan Smith, that will be enough to get the Rangers under the cap this season.

The trick here is that Shattenkirk’s buyout cap hit next season is a shade under $6.1 million, so there is virtually no savings next season. This is kicking the can down the road, as the Rangers won’t be in cap hell, but it’ll be an unnecessary cap hit. The two seasons following, Shatty will have a cap hit of $1.43 million.

This is a signing that shows what could have been. Shatty’s knee injury took away all of his effectiveness as an NHLer. He also had no spot on the roster following the trades for Adam Fox and Jacob Trouba. His departure from the Rangers was inevitable, but a buyout was the least palatable method.

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  • Terrible. I wonder if they could have included a Lindgren or Hajek as a sweetener to move one of the onerous contracts without a buyout. Better hope the cap goes up and doesn’t stay stagnant. What a damper on an otherwise great offseason.

      • Teams must have known that Shatty was getting bought out so no need to trade for him, even at 50% retained.

    • It’s too bad really — he came here because he wanted to be here and took a 4-yr deal to do it.

      Something had to be done – Prior to this, Cap Friendly had the NYR with the highest current cap value. Signing Trouba sealed his fate. There were a couple of ways to do this, but it is always easier to deal with the fewest “moving pieces” and that made Shatty the logical target.

      Now look at this from the perspectives of the two principals:
      NYR – Think of the serendipitous move of only signing him to a 4 year deal instead of a 7-banger?
      Shatty – See above in reverse

      I hope he recovers from his knee and comes back strong. He will find a spot. As a matter of fact the Lightning is down to one ex-Ranger. He would be a good fit from a depth and financial perspective.

      • I think it’s a dam shame.

        The guy in all sincerity wanted here, took less to come here, and got hurt right off the bat.

        Just an unfortunate set of circumstances all around.

  • I would rather add a 2nd round pick to trade shaggy and retain half his salary. This is a bad move that concludes the bad move they made by signing him.

  • Can’t they buy out Artemi? That will save a lot more this year, right? Am I missing something?

  • If Quickie isn’t on the first line next year–that’s all proof you need that Quin is an idiot!

    • Thumbs down? Really? Wait until the season starts. I’m taking my team straight to the top of the metro. We’ll get Tanner out of retirement for our second line too. Then we’ll see who has their thumbs down!

          • A lot of thumbs down on my comments. Better not come to Philly! If you do, I’ll have my boy Hayes show you what’s up! I won two Presidents’ trophies! TWO! What have you done! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!

  • It still baffles my mind what they were thinking when they signed him. It has since come out that Rangers tried to trade Mcdonagh between the 2016 and 2017 season for the 4th overall pick. That tells me that management knew this team was headed for a rebuild 1.5 seasons before “the letter” was sent. So a year after they try and trade Mcdonagh they sign Shatty to his 4 year 6.5 million dollar deal. But the question is why? They knew the season prior to signing him they were headed for a rebuild. So what does a 4 year deal accomplish? They then dismantled this team and ultimately had to buy him out.

    They will have close to 8 million in dead cap space next year. That’s 1/10 of the cap. Shatty was a needless signing just so Sather could stroke his ego and nail the big fish in free agency 2 years ago. And they have to buy out that contract so they could sign this off-season big fish.

  • Man. I am really curious what is going to happen when all of their young’ins start looking to cash in. Also, really curious to see what happens with CK. As for Kreider–I am torn. His speed, size and strength is great for the playoffs–even if it is deployed in spurts. However, I cannot envision a scenario where his next contract becomes a liability for whichever team offers it.

    • *However, I cannot envision a scenario where his next contract doesn’t becomes a liability for whichever team offers it.

    • There are some players out there that can play with little diminishment in skill through their mid-30’s, Kreider might be that type of guy — maybe.

      Re: young guys cashing in, that’s 2-3 years away at least when all the bad contracts disappear for the most part — plus all NHL teams will be flush with the extra Seattle money.

  • People need to chill. SURE it would have been better to trade him, even at 50% retained … but this is the right move given the glutted landscape. Next year that $6M hit is offset by Girardi’s declining hit by $2.5M plus the expiration of Belesky’s contract along with the increase is the salary cap. We also have expiring contracts for Namestnikov, Fast and Strome PLUS we have just 1 year left on both the Smith and Staal contracts making them easier to trade at 50% retained salary (if we don’t do that by the deadline). We are FINE, just peachy.

    Lastly re: the signing of Shatty in the first place, I’m also of the belief that his knee injury has made him a worse player than he really is — and yes I know, he was never that good defensively … but you can see how his offensive game was easily superseded by DeAngelo and Pionk last season … and now Trouba and soon Fox.

    Now Hajek can challenge for the 2nd pairing on the left side, we can move Staal back to the 3rd pair and have Smith be the guy who challenges every defenseman for some playing time — as well as challenge the 3rd and 4th line forwards.

    If there are injuries on d’ we also now have the space to reward the d’men in Hartford.

    • Basically what I was saying at about the same time, but one complaint. An expiring contract for Fast is not a good thing. We need warm bodies and getting rid of relatively cheap good players is not useful.

      Of course, my personal belief is that Hank will retire and that pretty much solves everything for next year.

    • Those players will need to be replaced. The Rangers limit their options and hamstring their flexibility by tying up cap space on buyouts. They pretty much can’t improve the club next year and this might mean the end of Kreider (for those wanting to bring him back).

      • Never suggested otherwise … thing is, we’ll be cap compliant next season just between losing Belesky’s contract, the Girardi decrease and the increase of the salary cap.

        Those other players are mentioned only to show the room we’ll have next season capwise. Personally I would sign Fast for $2.5M x 2 … and I would consider signing Strome or Namestnikov (depending on how they play this season and whether or not they are traded at the deadline), BUT maybe Namestnikov isn’t worth $4M+ … and maybe Strome takes a step back this year when his shooting percentage is more in line with his average … or maybe I intend to trade one or both of them and resign Kreider.

        The bottom line is we’re in good shape capwise. All the doom and gloom is hype.

        • Ya maybe Fast gets 10 points this season playing 60 games. The way you’re thinking the money should come out of your pocket. The poor fella tried so hard but his body can’t take it.

  • What the hell is happening???

    I have mixed emotions on the buy out, and am very upset to say the least. Great that he is gone, couldn’t have happened to a worse player on this team. Now we are in a real cap hell due to dead cap space for a clown who wasn’t worth a damn as a defensman, but this organization needed a so called marquee name to have.

    So to the Shittypants defenders, your boy is gone, management couldn’t trade him at 50% retention I would bet, and now this boat anchor will drag our cap hit to the bottom of a ditch. Let’s see how many teams come running to sign this fool!!!!!!!!
    Good riddance………

        • That’s 2 years ago, I’m looking forward … the past is done, it didn’t work out … I suspect this will happen again some day, every team makes mistakes. Perhaps it’s the injury that made it even worse than it already was.

        • to be fair he did have 13 and 14 goals the previous 2 seasons before we signed him. his knees just did him in. it happens.

    • Walt,
      All due respect, but I think maybe you need to calm down a bit about this. Dolan won’t ask you to cut him a check to cover the buyout. You’re certainly not alone in the personal attacks on the guy but I just don’t understand the reasoning behind that sort of thing. It’s not like he was found boiling puppies in hot oil in the off season. Shattenkirk has been an effective player in his career in a particular role. There’s a reason he made it to the NHL and was a coveted free agent. He didn’t pull a fast one on the Rangers to trick them into signing him. It just didn’t work in NY for whatever reason. It’s certainly not his fault that the Rangers offered him a contract and, correct me if I’m wrong, he left money on the table compared to what other teams would have offered. Think he would do that and as soon as the ink on the contract with his hometown team is dry sit back and say, “Hah! Now I’ve cashed in and can be ineffective so I can reach my ultimate goals of failing to be a hometown hero and raising the blood pressure of blog commenters!”?

      • Say what you may, but the man never could play defense, ever!!!!!!!

        Before we signed him I was vocal and said stay away from him for that very reason. He played for two other organizations, and proved over his entire career that he stinks when he has to defend, the very reason I hated the deal in the first place.

        To be honest, I don’t believe for one minute that their was a slew of teams clamoring for his services, and he looked magnanimous saying I gave a hometown discount. That my fried is bunk!!!!!!!!

  • For what it is worth, this is actually the path to the most competitive 2019-2020 Ranger team. The Rangers get to keep Kreider, Namestnikov, Strome and can field a group of forwards which is both strong on top and not woefully thin. On defense, they are only parting with their spare right defenseman. Scenarios which involved trading Shattenkirk at 50% retained also demanded an additional reduction somewhere else.

    Of course, the cost goes up $4.6M next year but they save $3.3M on Girardi and Beleskey, so it is not a major hit. Truthfully, $1.3M + raises for Kreider and DeAngelo does not seem insurmountable at all. With young forwards ready to step in for Names and Strome and likely at least a small jump in the cap, the Rangers should be fine next year.

    Of course, they won’t be able to afford any pricey free agents unless Lundqvist or Staal retires.

    • There are NO free agents worth pursuing next year — with the possible exception of some college free agent or overseas guy.

  • If you let this bit of “bookeeping” news ruin what has been, so far, a stellar off season— then that’s on you. I have to believe that Gorton and JD, will find a way to surmount this obstacle going forward. Concentrate on the young, hopefully exciting team they are building here.Everything else will take care of itself.

  • I hate the idea of the dead cap space, but I would have hated parting with Kreider and any of our young prospects even more. It sucks, but it could have been worse.

    • Peter all this buyout does is kick the can down the road as Dave stated. Sorry to say this, cause I like watching Kreds play. If he is not a goner before the puck drops this fall, he will be trade bait at the trade deadline.

      • I think it depends how the season develops. and its only a 2.5m raise. not insurmountable if the team wants it.

      • I don’t get it. Kreider is not an UFA until the 20-21 season – right? So why is everyone suggesting Kreider is doomed?

  • 10% cap as dead space next season is brutal, can’t be sugar coated. Shatty experiment was a disaster. He still had 51 points in his injury filled time here. Not impossible that he can turn it around if healthy and get 50 points for someone.

    Shatty is a great guy and a huge Ranger fan. Good luck to him.

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