Hartford Wolf Pack sign forward Lewis Zerter-Gossage

The Hartford Wolf Pack have signed forward Lewis Zerter-Gossage, adding to their forward depth at the back-end of their AHL lineup, and possibly Maine’s lineup in the ECHL. Zerter-Gossage spent the last four seasons in Harvard, scoring 18 goals in his senior season. The 24 year old played five games with the Pack last season on an ATO, putting up two goals.

Deferring to Ricky Milliner here:

Seems like a solid depth signing. Since this is an AHL signing, he cannot be called up to the Rangers, nor does he count against the 50 contract limit.

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  1. If Hartford is going to work as a development asset for the Rangers, the Wolf Pack has got to learn how to WIN. If he helps them do that, it’s all good.

  2. If only from a onomastic–Greek ὀνομαστικός onomastikós–or anthroponomistic metric, a terrific signing. Especially the hyphen.

    Moreover, the kid’s a ringer for both Swarty and a youthful Dominick Moore.

    1. My Man – what is shaking dude?

      For the record he used to be a dead ringer for me – however I had to change my identity once again to protect the innocent…

    2. I was going to try to beat Tony posting “The cup is ours!”, but then the esteemed Fotiu appeared!

      Great to see you Nick!

    3. Where you been? Hope all is well.

      Happy with what has transpired so far? Today will tell us a lot, maybe, lol.

  3. Not to make it sound like they’re gonna hand out the Stanley, Calder & Kelly Cups this year to us, but signing guys like this will help player development & organizational depth.

    What they did with Gropp & Day last year was beneficial for their growth. They struggled early(Gropp all of 2 years ago) got minutes so they could thrive again, learn to manage playing against size and speed, then get pushed up to new resistance.

    This guy is a yo-yo player who isn’t going to mind playing at either level as it’s a showcase to catch on in Finland or Germany with a bump in pay.

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