Mailbag: Hartford coaches; Buyouts

Two questions for the mailbag this week. As always, use the widget on the right to send questions to be answered.

Joe S. asks: Just wondering when do you think the Rangers will sign a coach in Hartford, and if there are any rumors on who they are targeting.

It is a little surprising that the Rangers haven’t hired a coaching staff in Hartford yet. It’s not troubling, but it’s surprising. They were looking at Kevin Dineen, but he signed with San Diego to be Anaheim’s AHL coach. There have been absolutely no rumors on who the Rangers are targeting or if there is any timeline on this. I also have no idea who I would want them to target, since I really know nothing about AHL coaches.

I posted a crowd sourcing tweet, you can follow that for what others may want.

Benny asks: What are the buyout cap hits for Staal, Smith, and Shatty if bought out this year versus next?

The short answer is you can check CapFriendly’s buyout calculator, which is what I use for this kind of stuff. I covered what it would cost to buyout these three on Friday, so here’s a link to that post.

The biggest difference between a buyout this year over next is the added dead cap space time. Marc Staal would carry a cap hit in 2020-2021 of $3.56 million ($2.2 million savings), followed by a $1.06 million dead cap hit in 2021-2022. Kevin Shattenkirk, who has a contract that is 50% bonuses during the 2020-2021 season, would carry a cap hit of $5.31 million ($1.3 million in savings), with a $666k cap hit for the 2021-2022 season. Brendan Smith would carry a $2.78 ($1.5 million savings) million cap hit, followed by a $783k dead space hit.

Buyouts, in my opinion, aren’t the way to go. However I do recognize they may not have another choice.

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  1. As mentioned previously, I am sure Gorton is entertaining all offers for (nearly) everybody at this point. He is in a Cap bind and needs some flexibility. Buch has his hearing by the end of the month, and I am guessing Gorton wants the situation resolved by the time he finishes negotiation with Buch. We all know who they need to move, but finding a dance partner may be difficult.

    Guys like AD, Buch and Krieder, while not our primary resources to move, may be needed as “sweeteners” to get a deal with Shatty, Smith, Names completed. Going to be an interesting week ahead.

      1. I’m starting to think they may have to package k Miller and say 2 of the 3 s’s to someone like ott to clear the space

        1. I am thinking some very good prospect will need to be included too. Not going to be shocked if Georgi is included in a deal either. Pressure is on Gorton to make a deal very soon. Would hate to see Miller go, but he may be a casualty of the contractual hell we are in.

          1. You’re thinking wrong.

            This team is gonna have to hustle to make the playoffs this year, let alone go deep in the playoffs.

            Buying out Staal, Shatty or the Easter Bunny makes zero sense right now. That extra money adds up when you start needing it in future years.

            Giving away prospects or future assets to move guys with NTC is like sprinkling your seed corn on top of a loaf you just pinched, then eating it.

            Eat salary, structure your contracts going forward where you can use your deep pockets to your advantage. Use the added cash up front to keep from giving out NTC/NMC. Stop giving keys to Dolan after you change the locks. Stop repeating mistakes of the past.

          1. From an ex-minor league player. This player, who asked for his name to be withheld (No one needs to be harassed on social media and not many know how to embrace the “heel” role like I can/do) was a professional hockey player during his twenties.

            Here’s what this player wrote about the recent Rangers scrimmage with their prospects:

            Hey Sean

            I went to the scrimmage on Wednesday. A few thoughts

            – not one hit. How times have changed. I fought my best friend in a minor league camp one year
            – no chip outs, dump ins or cycles. I guess that it easy when you know you aren’t going to get hit
            – about a million re-groups. Puck possession dominates

            – Kakko sucked, just floated around. Had no interest in impressing his new team. At one point, he had a breakaway, but was being chased down. He looked behind him 3xs! Before getting off a weak shot. Embarrassing. Any decent player would widen their legs for a strong base, bend your knees, expecting contact, before you shoot or deke. He stayed upright the whole time

            – Miller was even worse. Completely out of his league. He made a mistake every shift – just about. He has a long way to go.

            – I think Fox was the best player overall. He consistently beat the first forechecker and identified the best outlet pass and hit it. Smooth, never rattled. He looks ready.

            – The commie showed unbelievable skill at times. He was inconsistent, but his high end plays made you take notice. Kratsov, I think.

            – I liked their last draft pick – the little Cecillini or whatever it is. Got better as it went along and was buzzing everywhere

            – Everybody can fly, shoot and has skill. I just wish somebody laid out anybody (Miller is huge – hit somebody!!)

            I only saw him take a few steps, but JD looked like he could barely move. Knee replacements coming up

            Oh, Mike Pelino, old Ranger asst. coach and a man who I respect immensely said Igor is good, but is no Lundswiss. Pelino has been in the KHL for 6 years. I would get rid of Hank too, but don’t expect Igor to come in and dominate.

            My two cents. Have a great summer

          2. Mikey Red

            This assessment of the players you posted sounds like pure horse carp. Please advise your friend of that for us. Thank you……….

          3. I guess we shall find out in due time…Guy is not my friend…just got it sent to me by someone

          1. I hear ya….but he is not in Wheelers top 50….A former player went to the scrimmages and said KAM was awful

          2. That flies in the face the PRAISE that was heaped on his play by numerous sources — one being Dave Maloney and Dave Maloney is a no bullsh!t commentator. He never heaps praise on anyone that doesn’t merit it. If KAM had sucked Maloney AT BEST wouldn’t have brought him up and praised him.

          3. True Dewey….but I wonder if a guy like Maloney criticized KAM he would be on the news for the wrong reasons

        2. That is so not happening. They’ll buy players out before contemplating moving someone like Miller.

          1. Doesn’t have to be K miller but I think we need to move something of value to clear cap. No buyout please

  2. Sign ADA for 2 years, $6mm. Year 1 is $2.8mm signing bonus, $3.5mm total, year 2 is $2.5mm. Flip him to OTT after the bonus is paid so the Sens get 2 years of him for $1.6mm average on a $3mm AAV cap hit.

    Give Namestnikov away on a 50% retain or buy him out. He’s gone in a year and ain’t coming back. $2mm savings vs $2.66mm & $1.33mm of dead money for 1 extra year.

    Move Fast for futures. He’s gone in a year and ain’t coming back.

    1. That is a dreary option. Far better to buy out Smith and trade Namestnikov and bury Beleskey if that gets them where they need to be, I’d rather they hang onto talent and trade lesser talent. Worry about future roles when it is time because you have higher talent levels in house.

  3. If you have to then trade Kreider. As much as I would like to keep him around if he’s looking for 7 x 7 or more then it pays to use him as trade bait.

  4. a good reminder that we’re not done tabulating the price tag on recent moves. NYR did not acquire Trouba and Panarin just “for the price of a first round pick, a negative asset on defense, and cap space” as was previously stated by dave, but for those things plus whatever assets need to be sacrificed going the other way, lost trade value if valued assets for less because of JG’s reduced negotiating power, or dead space/retained salary, just to get cap compliant.

  5. Rangers should make some players and prospects a buy-one-get one offers for Staal, Shattenkirk, Smith, and Namestnikov. E.g., take Stall and get Lindgren, Rangers pay less of Staal’s salary or take Staal and get Leedahl, and the Rangers pay more of Staal’s salary.

    Value of player’s the Rangers get back is factored in the salary they eat as well and can be conditional. They might end up with marketable players to trade.

  6. I’m opposed to trading either of the following, ADA< Kreider, and Buch. I'll go for sweetening up a deal with a low prospect, and 25-50% retention of salary, but the idea of giving away Miller, along with the others listed is nuts!!!!!! Give JG time to do his thing.

    If Kreider, and Buch price themselves out of the market, then I would be OK to trade them…………….

  7. We have an idea of what Buch will cost and what Krieder does cost. Gorton needs to see how much he needs to cut and how many people/deals he has to make to be compliant. Krieder and half of Shatty does the deal – or Buch, and Smith – or Names and Buch. Not sure if these are even possible without a sweetener and $$ retained

    1. Rangers have $16mm coming off the books next year(unless they buy Namestnikov or others out) so extending Kreider is easy.

      Move the players I recommended above, put Smitty & Belesky in Hartford and you can sign your RFAs, be cap compliant and even get futures back instead of losing them.

  8. The Rangers do not want to go the buyout route.

    The Rangers may end up going the buyout route.

    Sometimes what you want to do and what you end up doing are 2 very different things. The cap overage penalties are brutal, so this will not happen by the season’s start.

    But neither will giving up any top prospects to sweeten deals to shed cap space. They don’t have to. Even if they do not trade one player, they can go the buyout route to cover themselves and stay under the cap to start the season.

    But I think that trades will happen, lessening the need to go the buyout route. I’ve been told many times to “relax” so I believe that things will happen soon.

    It is weird that there is no Hartford coach in place, being the end of July. Not even rumors either. Strange.

    1. Ranger are not going to trade top prospects..I believe the Rangers hit the jackpot with Miller..and as hell freezes over do not want to continue buying out players and adding dead cap space…not good business practice…..I can see Smith buried in Hartford this year…..I can see Kreider playing without an extension…I can see Namer moved……I can see us adding Reaves from Vegas….and we need him…….I can see us keeping Shatty because no one will take him without Rangers retention of green. I can see a casualty or two….but with what has happened over the last few months…from Kappo to Fox to Panarin to Trouba…..we could not have asked for a better off-season. Just wish Hank was 28 years old………Don’t know how much the man has in the tank..but wouldn’t it be something if Hank wins the cup on this most interesting upcoming season that we haven’t seen in a while…..

  9. League seems to be holding firm against making trades with the NYR, because they do not want to help them with their salary iCap issues. We need to shed salary and we must explore all options; buyouts, trades, burying in the minors. What else can we do if no one wants to make a deal?

  10. This current cap situation was 100% avoidable. I just can’t believe we signed two really expensive assets without a plan, afterall Sather is no longer calling the shots.
    The fact remains we must get cap compliant. How we get there is the problem. Trades and/or buyouts are the vehicles available to us.

    As I said in a post a week or so ago, a trade should be made to better the Team and/or better the Organization. A trade to become cap compliant most often works for the ‘other guy’. Suggesting we add Miller as a “sweetener” is ludicrous. Please remember Sather is not running the team. That said we are now viewed as ‘prey’ for GM’s around the league. Being forced to add a sweetener in the form of a prospect and/or draft pick to a trade is a real possibility albeit a bad one.

    Buyouts are another way we can get under the cap requirement. Again what a distatefull way to achieve compliance. Dead money will hamper us when we need it in the future. When some of our young up and coming players need contracts.

    Again this was all avoidable.

    We are certainly a better team today then we were at the end of last season, but at what cost. I sure as hell hope I am correct about JD and JG having a plan.

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