Pavel Buchnevich, Jacob Trouba file for salary arbitration

In the least surprising news of the holiday weekend, both Pavel Buchnevich and Jacob Trouba filed for salary arbitration. This is a step in the process, and the Rangers haven’t gone to arbitration with anyone since Nikolai Zherdev, when they walked away from his $3.9 million award.

In the unlikely event one does actually go to arbitration, Buchnevich can choose between a one or a two year deal, while Trouba can only get a one year deal, since the following year he will be a UFA. I don’t expect that to happen, though. The walkaway point this year in arbitration is around $4.4 million.

Worth noting that Vinni Letttieri did not file for arbitration, so it’s likely those two sides are closer in their initial talks.

Neither Tony DeAngelo nor Brendan Lemieux were arbitration eligible.

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    • Hang in there Walter…Timing of filing and July 4 weekend plays a part here…Trouba demanded to come here…he is a future leader for us

      • I’m not upset, I just stated fact, he has done this three times. That’s not to say he won’t sign with us. Moe, and Larry automatically go friggin nuts with their reaction with to my post above!!!!!!!!!

        • File for arbitration means NO OFFER sheet possible — it’s good that he and Pavel filed, especially Pavel who I think would have been a good offer sheet candidate.

    • Cmon Walt this is business as usual for any 25 year old in the NHL.

      The only bad news is that this now opens up another buyout period for the Rangers. When it comes to buyouts JUST SAY NO!

    • Walt, are you one of those “get off my lawn!!” people? 🙂

      I would guess, almost 100%, that the Rangers and Trouba already have agreed on a contract.

        • I mean I get what Walt is saying, but all 3 instances were with a team that Trouba did not want to play for. Who basically forced him into staying.

          Trouba and his agent got the last laugh.

          • Tony

            Get off my lawn! Now that’s funny……..

            No, but I’m making a statement, why do you all read something into nothing. The guy did this three times, so what the hell am I saying wrong???????

          • Just busting Walter.

            But Trouba forced his way to the Rangers. After doing all that, I’m sure that the contract parameters are already worked out. So why not sign now? Simple, the buyout window starts 48 hours after the RFAs that have arb rights are signed. Or when they have their hearings. So, what’s the rush?

            The Rangers want every opportunity to trade the players that they want to get rid of before the last buyout window is open.

  • Man. The cap era is tough. I would try to sign the trio of Buch, ADA and Lemieux for longer deals. I think all three bring value but one or more will price themselves out of Rangers’ Land with their next contract. I really want to re-sign Kreider–but how many seasons will the contract he commands be legit before he goes the way of Drury, Girardi or Staal? Imagine Kakko and Kreider on the same line? That could be a beast of a playoff line.

    So glad this decision is not mine. No matter how savvy you are with asset management–luck will always play a role.

    • of Buch ADA and tony d … id give tony d the l/t deal. he has put up points wherever hes been – even AZ. buch seems like the perennial headcase where you perpetually need to coax the best out of him. don’t make the same mistake with him as they did with skjei. ultimately if kakko and kravtsov pan out hes a third liner on this team. Lemieux – not signing tough guy to a 4-5 year deal. let the isles do that type of business.

      I agree with Kreider – even if it means just keeping for a playoff run I think that would be worth more than trying to get a pick 27 for him who is 3 years away. but I would try to find another deal for him. not sure its feasible atm.

  • No reason to think either are looking to leave the Rangers. But plenty of reasons to think they want to remain Rangers. So, it’s up to the Ranger to make it happen. Surely, neither player or the Rangers wants to go to contract war.

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