Rangers get their Bread Man, ink Artemi Panarin to monster deal

Despite being seemingly out of the race for Artemi Panarin yesterday, the Rangers have inked their man. They have signed the elite winger to a monster deal. The seven year, $81.2 million deal comes with an $11.6 million cap hit (14% of the cap ceiling this year). The contract will take Panarin through his age-34 season.

Panarin, 27, has been a point per game player since signing with Chicago out of the KHL in 2015. Last season, he put up 28-59-87 in 79 games with Columbus. He’s the bonafide elite scorer that the Rangers have needed. He’s also the ceiling for guys like Kaapo Kakko and Vitali Kravtsov, something you hope the top-ten picks grow into.

With the deal, the Rangers have about $8 million in cap space left to ink RFAs Jacob Trouba, Brendan Lemieux, Pavel Buchnevich, and Tony DeAngelo. There is a need for cap space, so I doubt the Rangers are done. The Rangers have landed the biggest fish of the day, and the second biggest free agent in the salary cap era.

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  • Now we are a team to be reckoned with. Great job by Gorton. Was not letting the fishsticks win this battle. July 1st 2019, the day the NY Rangers began a run for the Stanley Cup. Not necessarily this year, but within this contract.

    • The Rangers sure spent a lot of dough on the bread man!! He’s a great player but I’m not sure he’s an $11.5 mil worth of game changer. I may have held that type of contract for a centerman.
      The Rangers don’t have any real star power up the middle.
      Hopefully one of Howden or Chytil, Andersson can grow into that role.

      The scout that led the Rangers to Lias Andersson swore by him. He is supposed to be a no doubt top 6 2 way pivot.

  • Gorton is the stud. What an off-season! Trouba, Fox, Kakko and Panarin! All of a sudden we are LEGIT!
    Might be bye-bye Chris Krieder, but imagine if he figures on a way to keep him?

  • He’s an elite player, and certainly makes the team a lot better, immediately. Now, the question is: will his contract hamstring us cap-wise in the future? Second question: even if it does, is it worth the $$$$ to contend for the cup a couple of years sooner?

    • Meaningful hockey is back at the Garden. Contend while the kids learn. We need to contend while our kids are in their prime – that is the next 3 years. Panarin and Zibby are guys who can handle the pressure while the kids learn, Panarin and Zibby will draw the best defenders allowing Kakko and Kraftsov to see the # 2D. If the kids are really as good as promised, we will contend for most of his contract. This is the last hurah for Hank too.

      Don’t think that the failures of the Knicks didn’t have an impact. Dolan cannot have the Garden empty all Spring. This makes us a team that others need to worry about.

  • Now lets see how we make cap room for our RFA’s. Do we trade Namestnikov, Shatty or Smith or do we buy one of those guys out.? Great, two years to be a Ranger fan. We are on our way back up quickly. This team is going to be exciting!!

  • As I have said it here months ago…it would take 11-12 mil per, 7 years to sign him.
    Now NYR has signed him, I have a mixed feeling about it.

  • a bit pricey, but we got our man close to our number. Good for us to hold firm there. Lou is shunned again in UFA season so maybe he goes out and over pays for a few people who won’t help them. Let’s hope.

    For the record I still think the time was not right for this move. The deal is done so welcome Breadman…I hope I am wrong and he has 7 amazing seasons with us!! He will be a great mentor for the young kids.

    Now we will see who moves out to make room to sign everyone else. I figure Namestnikov and Strome most likely to go. Smith would go if they could move him. I still think Shatty stays until the trade deadline. He’ll be easier to move with 2 play offs left and one full season. That gives Fox time to develop his game in Hartford. I think they will buy out Staal. But we’ll see.

  • Well – money aside – it is a an awesome signing of a truly fantastic game-breaking player. And he’s Russian which to me means Buch is going nowhere.

    Money? I think the NYR have their plan in place. Gorts has done a fantastic job thus far, but it will now get a little tougher as truly impactful roster and depth decisions must be made.

    It will be interesting to see what is next.

    I can’t wait for camp….

  • I’m guessing it’s possible we trade Kreider for a legit 2nd line center, then move Chytil to the wing for now … but who knows.

    We have about $8.76M cap space, but need to sign Trouba, DeAngelo, Lemieux and Buch … we still need to clear about $6M.

    Mixed feelings on Panarin, in our defense though we need to note that there are no really good free agents coming up in the next 2 years.

    • If the Rangers front loaded & bonused the front half of that deal, the effective payout over the life of the contract would exceed what Columbus offered.

  • Panarin is special talent, you have to put a body on him all the time when he’s on the ice, can’t give him any space…if not, he is going to do damage to you right away.

  • I think that his contract is a huge expense. I hope it doesn’t force trades that would not have been made but for the signing. Trouba is going to want a lot of dough in addition to the dough given the Breadman.

    He will be fun to watch, I hope this works out in the long run.

    • There are not that many options for coming up with the necessary $6 – 7M. It must come out of the following: Krieder, Buch, TonyD, Names, Strome, Shatty, Smith, Skjei or Staal. Not moving any of the kids as their salary doesn’t warrant it. Look for Gorton to make something happen in the next week or so.

      For all we know, he may have a deal ready to pull the trigger on by end of day.

  • I don’t think Panarin’s contract, 7/81M, is expensive at all, Kevin Hayes’ contract is 7/50M, and Hayes is half the player Panarin is. Panarin’s contract is pretty much the same as the contract John Tavares signed last year with the Leafs (7/77M).

    • It’s OK to say it’s a tad expensive, but there are no good under 30 free agents coming up in the next 2 years and we do have a ton of money coming off the books over the course of the next 2 years.

      • it is a tad expensive – There, I have said it.

        I also looked at the upcoming UFA forwards last week and there is not a lot of quality. Landeskog was about all that interested me.

        Right or wrong – he is a game-breaker and the boys took their shot.

        It is hard not to get excited about this team right now.

  • The writing is on the wall gentleman. Now with five righties we will need to get rid of Fast fast!

  • Well, there’s not much more to say then what has already been said. Great posts by all!

    I was against this idea last year and even just 1-2 months ago. However, as each move was made (Trades, Draft Picks, J.D.) and seeing how well our prosects are blooming, I now can understand the logic behind the investment and it’s much easier to digest now.

    I GOT to beieve, Lou’s offer and Dolan’s inability to sign that Basketball player certainly helped us considerably.

    By the way, too bad Zuuc signed in Dallas… Would have LOVED to have seen him on the PP setting up Panarin – Kakko and Trouba.

    Wow.. wow.. wow.


  • One thing that will never get moldy is keeping Panarin from the Islanders.

    I expect some sourdough from their fans directed at the Bread Man.


  • Ok Dave (and other more frequent posters than me ) . Can somebody give me an idea what our depth chart looks like (for today at least ) ? ……LET GO RANGERS !!!!!

    • How do you think DQ infuses and deploys Kakko, Kravsov and Anderson across the 4 lines? Does he break up the KZB line? Is there enough grit among the current roster?

      • Hey pal:

        I think one of Names or Strome will be retained. I think it will be Strome, who may even slot into the 2C to start, but he shouldn’t.

        I am not sure Chytil is ready for 2C, and I even did not slot him in there, if the Rangers did not get Panarin. But I said that if Panarin comes, then Chytil would have 2 strong linemates and probably could handle the role.

        Names is the much better all around player, but with a $4M cap hit, he may be the one to go. Of the 2, I would keep him because he can PK, which will be needed this year, based on the current roster.

        I also suggested signing Brian Boyle for 4th line and PK.

  • The Breadman cometh – and so does the playoffs! With the summer additions, can we at least all agree that we should contend for a playoff spot next year?

    It is only money! Gorton and JD need to find a way to get under the Cap. I say move Skjei and Names for picks!

    It is great to be a Ranger fan today!

    • Skjei isn’t going anywhere, especially for a couple of picks. Skjei has ties to Trouba, you know those 2 are being paired up to start the season (probably).

  • Im just a fan, have been since watching on channel 9 in black and white. i am stoked havent been this excited sInce 94
    Truoba, then kaako now bread. was so much fun watching last year, cannot wait. LGR

  • I posted this elsewhere on Blueseat but it really says story of July 1 2019 (to me ) and I LOVE IT !!!!! >>>>> Alan Hahn‏Verified account @alanhahn · 2h2 hours ago

    Alan Hahn Retweeted Darren Dreger

    The Rangers are having the offseason the Knicks were supposed to have. ?‍♂️

    Alan Hahn added,

    Darren DregerVerified account @DarrenDreger
    Belief is Panarin left money on the table. New York rangers are always an attractive draw.

    2 replies 5 retweets 20 likes

    • This is hilarious!! (Draft Lotto W) Kappo = Zion, (via Trade) Trouba = AD, (via Free Agency) Panarin = KD. Well done!

  • I have been saying all along that I’m not in favor of this move, but they signed the man, and we will be an improved team because of it. I hope that he plays at his current level for the duration of the contract.

    I see a few moves coming some time today, or tomorrow. Strome, Names, and one of the 3S’s is history. With the savings we can sign all the players needed to compete, but I have a nasty feeling that Kreider is history. I hope that I’m wrong, but he is due a major raise, and based on what Sleepy Dog Hayes’s contract, Chris may price himself off of this team!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Walt
      It is a day to celebrate! The great rebuild has finally brought us to a point where we have a stocked cupboard of young talent and a formidable team to take the ice. Sure, no team is perfect, but all of a sudden we should be able to have a better powerplay (Panarin, Zibby, Trouba) and real depth on defense.

      Guys will have to move out, but what remains has real promise. Welcome the Breadman with open arms.

      Remember, we still have an awful amount of money coming off of the books in 2 years. May need to accelerate that, but if we can do it by moving the logjam on defense and the plethora of bottom 6 forwards, we should be okay.

      CK may have to go, and that is unfortunate. Still we have quality and promise in the top 9 skaters.

      • Agree, but look at what the team would look like with him in the lineup:

        Nieves extra forward

        Staal extra d-man

        That is three solid lines, with a decent 4th defensive line, and the opponent has to defend against who? They all could kill you!!!!

    • I’ve been on the fence the last few months … I mean he’s a hell of a player, but the cost “rumored” seemed too high.

      A few points though in his favor: 1) There isn’t an elite UFA under 30 coming out in the next 2 years and he’s definitely elite; 2) he isn’t a player that disappears in the playoffs where he’s averaged a ppg; 3) he has a little less mileage on his wheels and body than most 27 year old NHL vets; 4) not injury prone; 5) really takes the pressure off the younger players; 6) a Russian for our Russians; and 7) The Islanders can’t have him.

      Against: 1) Will he still be a 70+ point guy when he’s 32, 33 and 34; and 2) Can we move enough dead or comatose weight and not lose any truly valuable players to fit everyone under the cap; and 3) Will he not hamper the cap moving forward 3-4 years down the line?

      Unknown: What are the conditions re: NMC/NTC?

      Re: Kreider, if he doesn’t resign he’s gone … JG has made clear that is unacceptable. I say give him 6 years 39M if he’ll take it … he doesn’t impact the cap this year with that deal. Caveat — limited trade clause only.

  • I know I said that I wasn’t going to post, but I’m too freaking happy not to.

    The Rangers accomplished my “offseason wish list” of Fox, Trouba, and Panarin. Now they have to finish the job by signing CK and getting rid of bad contracts to ease the cap space tension, which I do not think will be a problem.

    Look, I know this is a big mahtza ball of a contract, but the man is one of the best in the league, AND, took at least $1M per less to play here. HE WANTS TO BE HERE. He will play his heart out and help the other Rangers be better players, including the young guys.

    With a large # of players on ELCs and RFAs, the foreseeable future is etched in stone for at least 5 years. We will be a FORCE during these coming years. And wait until the young players start to hit their stride!!

    I cannot remember the last time I was so pumped to see the start of a new season (and era).


    • No question these are truly exciting times … and I agree, sign CK and then find a way over the course of the summer to move out another $6m or so … then repeat the process if necessary come the trade deadline (don’t trade FOR anybody though) and next summer. A lot of money comes off the books no matter what in the next two years, we just have to get over this HUMP.

    • Ya gotta love how this all went down. Reasonably expensive but not over the top contract, the Isles were denied, and he wants to be here.

      Is it Canada Day or Christmas?

    • Tony

      See what can happen when you rebuild from the bottom up.
      We drafted well, got lucky with Kakko, got rid of old men with large cap hits.
      We brought in young kids finally after all these friggin years, a teacher as a coach.
      Rid ourselves of AV’s horsesh*t style of turning the other cheek.
      Traded well, finally got a terrific front office, a management team committed to developing kids.
      Filled our pipeline with quality prospects.
      People brought in seem to all have great character.
      And did I mention got rid of that gum chewing ass?
      Yes Tony, we will be fun again for years to come, but the cost still scares the hell out of me!!!!!

      • Don’t be scared Walt, lol.

        For the next couple of years:

        Big contracts, Panarin, Zib, CK (assuming he signs), Skjei, Trouba, Staal, King (I assume Shatty and Smith are gone).
        ELCs, bridges, small contracts, Kakko, Chytil, Buch, Andersson, Krav, Lemieux, Howden, Fast, Hajek, DeAngelo, Rykov, Fox, Georgie, Shesty.

        After this year, the Girardi buyout cap hit is lowered by $2M.

        After 2 years, King and Staal are done, $14M cap savings.

    • Sorry Richter as much as I like Panarin his signing is the same ole same ole with this Ranger franchise. They just never get it. Great hockey teams win championships not one or two individuals. This is a step back not a step forward for the club. Gorton caved.

      • I respect your opinion and sentiment Bloomer, but this guy is the real deal and worth it.

        Contenders need elite players and this was a way of adding one of them without trading assets. I am one that believes that CK stays. I know, there are reports that CK is going to be traded, and maybe he will. But if he is, it’s because he priced himself out of NY, not because they got Panarin. Term will be the issue with the Rangers and CK.

        Barring bad injuries, I think this team makes the playoffs this year, and gets better going forward. It will be fun finding out how it works out.

    • “I know I said that I wasn’t going to post, but I’m too freaking happy not to.”

      But this was not the day you were expecting. No point sulking in public without support. But suddenly everyone loves Panarin and it is a different world.

      My biggest worry now is lack of depth up front. Looking at your lineup above, I am concerned about assuming that Chityl, Andersson, Krav, and Howden are NHL players AT THIS TIME (though Howden seems marginal at least). I don’t want to see those who don’t belong in NY in New York and so we need players (McKegg is a start) as place holders for these guys to compete with. Handing starting slots to unready kids hurts the kids, hurts morale, and wrecks the team.

      I really hope that Chityl and Kravtsov can make us proud in January, but I also see Krav needing some time in Hartford to learn the North American game and Chityl was truly awful last year.

      Your forward lineup won’t be that strong (except at the top) in October – but the Cup is not awarded then, is it.

      • “But this was not the day you were expecting. No point sulking in public without support. But suddenly everyone loves Panarin and it is a different world.”

        LOL, actually it was the opposite Raymond. I would have been shocked, stunned, and devastated if Panarin DID NOT sign here, based on what my friends were telling me. It was never a “done deal” by any means, but over 90%, for him to sign here. Hey, he took at least $1M per LESS to sign with the Rangers.

        As for the lineup, yeah, I do not believe that all the young players will step up right away, but it’s a long season, and at some point, you have to let them go and see what they have. In important roles.

        I have always said Raymond, I want to see what the team is like in February, not Oct and Nov. Agreed.

        • I agree on the February point. Our only disagreement is on how to get there. You and most people here think Kravtsov should learn in the NHL and I think some time to get used to the North American game and rinks in the AHL may be a good idea. I think it is detrimental to ask someone to do something he cannot — and it should be clear from the get go whether or not Kravtsov can measure up to the responsibilities of the NHL immediately – or if he needs some time.

          Please read this paragraph carefully. It is more fun to get to see Kravtsov develop before your eyes than to vaguely hear about it from hartford. So you are naturally biased in what you think is the right way to go. Still, it is possible that I am not biased and wrong and you are biased and right.

  • I would really like to see Kreider signed. They need the big guy and I’ve been pulling for him to wear the C. I’d give him the responsibility because he is a hitter, he isn’t afraid to take what he dishes out, he is quite bright and damn, the guy speaks Russian too.

  • In order for kreider to still be a ranger the rangers need to move staal, smith, shatty, etc. Next season and the season after that lundqvist comes off the books as well as a few other players. Money wise is this right? Listed here is just an approximate calculations/estimate

    Panarin-11.6 million
    Trouba-7 million
    Kreider-6.5 million
    Kakko-in due time will get a big raise, etc. (not sure of the terms)
    igor-in due time big raise (not sure of the terms)

    Now is that 8-10 million coming off the books in 2020-2021 ? Cause if it is thats money that will be used to sign current rangers and maybe, just maybe either a free agent or 3rd/4th line players. Kreider will have a chance to prove that he is worthy of wearing the C here. Also, perhaps kreider takes a salary cut just to play here. I am just saying, winning the cup can be a realistic goal in due time. Bonus to kreider if rangers win the cup, LOL!!!

    This team right now reminds of the blackhawks, penguins, kings that won the cups this past 10 plus years. Meaning, the pieces are coming together rangers are a playoff bound team, in time a contender.

    I think back to jagr, gaborik, nash deals/signings. Those players were good for us but it always felt like one line wonders, the opposing team shuts down the top line game over. Its not about the rangers top line, its about their top line 2nd line, players that can protect our youth, also protect now more than ever panarin. Now we can roll out good solid 3 lines makes the world of difference.

    I am so excited for this season to start. Kudos to gorton for showing he is a decent gm for now, we got younger, faster, strong, our core group is better. I wonder how david quinn will react to this team, if he can get the players going, get them to believe. On a side note rangers PP can/should improve as well. Gorton can get some cup winners on this team as well to help mentor the kids. Imagine a justin williams type player on this team. Once the team can gel its going to be quite fun to watch rangers games.

    • That’s where the Panarin contract throws on the handcuffs, clearly what I had alluded to all along. However, the man is here and we have to revel in it.

    • No worries, they just need to get over the hump this summer (if they’re keeping Kreider). Need to move $6M — and guys like Strome, Namestnikov, Smith, Vesey (bye bye), etc. are expendable. Next season Belesky’s $1.9M comes off the books, Girardi’s hit is $2.5M less, the salary cap will increase … year after no Staal, no Hank, etc.

  • TYPE 72 SHINY TOY SYNDROME different year SOS. what happens when (if) the K kids need huge raises ? where is the center depth (largely unproven if that). win now move for a still fledgling group.

    • You could say that but he’s the only under age 30 elite UFA for the next 3 years (including this one). In that light it’s strike now or just never strike and we all know the draft can only take you so far. Money-wise the crunch is about $6M this summer, but after that it looks like the Rangers barring any additional crazy deals are actually in real good shape to continue to build this team from within.

      JG has done GM OF THE YEAR work in the last year and a quarter (2 1/4 if you count the Stepan deal as the true beginning). He’s totally changed this team top to bottom aside from Hank, Staal, Fast and Kreider and 2 or 3 or 4 of those 4 are goners in the next 2 years.

      Every UFA signing seems crazy cap-wise when it gets done, but not down the line if the player produces appropriately. In a couple of years someone will crack $13M+ and so on.

  • Wow, so I have soo much to say, but now is not the time. eating crow right now, I was WRONG, I thought they don’t go there.

    Again , though, JD, Gorton and DQ, know a whole lot more than me. I have to say, now that it is done, I am cherishing another playoff spot. And…….with the team we now have, we have a real shot at the playoffs. And what is the most important factor in any playoff run??? Proven this year…A HOT goaltender., What say Henrik is ready for this challenge? Anybody here, ready to say he is not? Well, how great would that be. Big Day, I’m happy about the acceleration ….so Let’s Go RANGERS!

  • NHL Network just started their 9 PM show listing from best free agents first …. They started with Mr. Panarin ( as the #1 FA ) .And they only thing they are talking about (unanimously) is this good off-season Rangers are having …….LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!

  • Guys go here, a Russian documentary with English subtitles on Panarin … I didn’t know any of this stuff, it’s a damn good story that makes me feel even better about Panarin.


    connect the www TO the rest of the link.

  • Sorry to disappoint all you guys who want CK back, but it’s not going to happen. While Hayes’s contract is 7/50, and today Anders Lee’s signed his new deal for 7/49, there’s no way CK would sign anything less than 7mil per year. I guess CK’s new contract would be btw $7-8 mil a year, 6-7 years. There’s no way NYR can keep CK under the cap with these figures, don’t forget they still need money to sign Trouba for a long term deal which could be $8mil per year.

  • For anyone who says Panarin’s (7/81mil) deal is too expensive, take a look at Mark Stone’s contact which is 8/76mil, 9.5 mil per year and John Tavares’s contract he signed with the Leafs last year (7/77mil)… I think Panarin’s deal is not expensive, it’s fair.

  • If it takes $7-8mil per and 6-7 years to sign CK, then the NYR has to trade him to get some draft picks back.
    To me, CK is a very good player but he took too many games off both in the regular season and playoffs, and he is going to be 29 when the new contract starts next year.

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