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Free agency is almost upon us, and the Rangers are likely going to be more active this year than in the past. Clearly their main target is Artemi Panarin, but there are other needs on the roster. Some can be addressed via free agency, and others cannot. I have a few wish list items.

1. If Panarin is the target, and seven years is the must, then please keep it under $11.5 million. I know that’s a big ask, but that’s a big contract and I’d like to keep the cap dollars down as much as I can.

2. Even if they land Panarin, I want the Rangers to keep Chris Kreider. Dump Jimmy Vesey and Ryan Strome for futures. Neither are worth keeping around at those contracts. Trade Kevin Shattenkirk at 50%. Do what you need to. Of course I’m being a little biased here, but keeping Kreider at five years and $6.5 million while also adding Panarin is a big step in the accelerating the rebuild direction.

3. Find a stopgap 2C on a short term deal. Jason Spezza is my preference here. One year deal, cheap. That way Filip Chytil isn’t thrown to the wolves as the 2C. I think he’s the 2C of the future, but there’s nothing wrong with letting Spezza start there and let Chytil assume the role halfway through the season. Spezza can be a great mentor for Chytil and Lias Andersson, whom I hope will grow into that 3C role.

4. This is probably cheating, but trade one of Staal/Smith/Shattenkirk please. Free up space on the blue line. You have the ability to retain salary on three trades again, instead of two. Use it.

5. If you can’t land Panarin, stay away from everyone else that wants more than two years. Three if you think they can be useful as expansion draft fodder.

It’s a small wish list folks. It’s reasonable, right?

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  1. Panarin-Zib-Kakko
    Lemieux-Brian Boyle-Fast



    Make it so.

    1. And if anyone is wondering, getting rid of the players not listed above (Names, Vesey, Strome, Shatty, and Smith) gives the Rangers more than enough cap space to spare going forward. To sign CK with no problem at all for net year.

      I did a GM armchair roster on Cap Friendly. And I would love for the Rangers to sign Brian Boyle to a one year deal for the 4th line. Another well respected player in the locker room and a known commodity.

      1. AND, I just saw that Girardi’s buyout cap hit is $2M less after this coming year.

        Cap space IS NOT an issue.

      2. And a great faceoff man. His PK skills are also a plus, if they’re still in tact.

      3. Yes sir – Brian Boyle would be a wonderful add. Awesome person, player, leader, etc.

        Glad to see your are a convert. I got thumbs down for saying so earlier this week. But hey, you got to go with your convictions.

        1. Move on God please with bring by old aging players. Boo can more than hold down the 4th line center spot. The other week people were talking about Cally. Shits ridiculous. This room filled with young guys have NO connection to BB. It’s not like he’s a Leetch or Graves. Move on already

      1. Derrick Brassard is another stop gap center that the Rangers could get for a bargain basement price. But frankly, I am in the stay the course camp.

        Cap space is your friend it should be treasured. It gives a GM great bargaining power when dealing with other GMs. Further, hockey players in the decline who are on a huge contract are almost impossible to move. The most effective way for a club to deal with that situation, is not to be in that tough spot in the first place.

        1. Bloomer

          The most effective way for a club to deal with that situation, is not to be in that tough spot in the first place.

          No smarter words have ever been spoken on this site, agree 10000000000000% !!!!!!

          Teams that are in a cap hell have to try to unload players, trade them, buy them out, all for what turned out to be short term gains. I say, like you, stay the course, give yourself flexibility to maneuver around, and stay in the drivers seat. Nothing like being in control of our own destiny!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Your first and fourth lines are great, but the middle six looks like a catastrophe. I class Andersson with Sean Day – unlikely to ever be NHL quality but too much talent not to try to develop. Kravtsov’s KHL numbers suggest a bright future and I am quite high on him, but he did score 1/2 point per game in a league where Nigel Dawes is a star. I put the chance that he belongs in the NHL the first half of this season at less than 50%. I also like Chityl’s talent but he was awful last year. I don’t know if he needs more physical stamina or mental stamina, but what he doesn’t need is a prominent role handed to him on a silver platter. Howden is perhaps the third best of your set and he is not as good as any of your fourth liners.

      The Rangers absolutely need more competent forwards. They must deal one or two of Names, Strome, Vesey to get under the cap, but I would not deal all three and I might be looking for 1-3 other veterans to compete for slots at a cost of less than $1.5M per (hopefully much less).

      Your defense is the defense I would like to field, BUT I would like at least one more veteran in case Hajek and/or Fox is not ready. [Smith maybe, but even better if they could land somebody like Claesson]

      1. Guess you didn’t notice on what percentage of his team’s goals Kravtsov was involved. The issue for Kravs was that he was on a very bad team, one that he got into the playoffs — also you need to compare Kravs to his contemporaries or at least comparables, like Kuznetsov … not to a vet.

        1. First of all, I am making a forecast. I don’t need too know how good his team was. I don’t need to compare him to the right players. And I doubt you compared him to Kuznetzov either – or else you would not have made such ridiculous comments.

          Kravtsov turned 19 last year and, unlike Nigel Dawes and Christian Thomas, is likely to get better. In fact, he may very well get much better – we all hope so. But there is no reason to believe that this is all going to happen in one year. Kravtsov will only turn 20 next year and my comments concerned whether or not he will be NHL caliber before his 20th birthday. The fact that he was nothing compared to Nigel Dawes is not irrelevant when assessing how good he is and what we can expect in the next six months. Similarly, that Christian Thomas scored more points per game with the same team is relevant.

          Now about Kuznetsov. At 19, he scored 40 points in 49 games. Even so, when he was nearly 22 and joined Washington, he could only muster 9 points in 17 games – and only 37 in 80 games the following season. In his age 23 season, he was a star. If a more than likely better player took that long, why would any reasonable person presume that he was a cinch to be a starter at 19.

          Don’t get me wrong. I like Kravtsov and think he was a good draft pick. But I don’t see an NHL player come this October AND, while I may be wrong and you are entitled to disagree, ridiculing me reflects very badly on you.

          Oh, and I had compared him Buchnevich and Panarin.

  2. Dave

    Reasonable wish list, but not with Spezza, he’s washed up, we don’t need him at all!

    At about this time tomorrow we’ll know what we’re dealing with, then we can plan accordingly. There is plenty of tie for all of us to buy Tums in anticipation of tomorrows signings!!!!!!!

      1. Not getting any UFA on a 1 year deal; but if they go 2 years, frontload it; bonus year 2 for July 1 keep year 2 paragraph 1 salary below $1.1mm and you can flip that player to Ottawa for a 2021 2nd

    1. Spezza is done unless he gets closer to 205 than 215, but even then he’s still only slowing down his Algernon moment.

    2. Reality is though there’s no need for any of these players. The only possible reason to sign ANY UFA other than Panarin is if you think they’re flippable at the trade deadline for something significant, otherwise just pass pass pass.

    1. Strome played well for the Rangers and he has top 6 talent. He wouldn’t be on the top of my list of forwards to move out.

      1. Totally Bloom…That kid should go nowhere …EVERYONE on that “other” clown site wants to run him out of town…kid must like Trump or something

    2. it’s not about hating Strome, it’s about asset management. we got Spooner as a throw in from the Nash trade and we got Strome from trading Spooner. (thankfully) He’s a UFA next season. I’m not really sure he fits into our longer term plan. And I have a hard time seeing us sign him to an extension beyond this season. He’s fine to fill in for the 2C role next year to help Chytil along. He also had a very high, and not very likely repeatable, shooting percentage last year. (22.5% vs an average of 10% for his career) Add in a reasonable cap hit, so he has some trade value. Do trade him or let him walk next year? Is more likely the scenario.

      1. Trading him for a 3rd that will take years if at all to replace him is silly…He loves it here and the team loves him

        1. Nah, if you did get a 3rd you package it with another draft choice and move up to pick an even better player. 😉

    3. It isn’t hate, it’s the suspicion that his shooting percentage with us (22%+) was a total aberration and more than double his career numbers … that plus the fact that other than his personality in the dressing room he doesn’t bring much else to the table in terms of possession metrics, face off % etc.

  3. Quite a reasonable list. Agree on 1. Agree with the sentiment of 2, but I did a computation of ES points per minute among Ranger forwards. Namestnikov was far behind the less expensive Strome (comparable to Buchnevich) and much less expensive Vesey.

    On 3, I like the idea of an inexpensive 2C, but don’t think Spezza is the right guy. His ES point numbers were only better then the truly awful Rangers (McLeod, Andersson, Chityl). I do strongly believe however that the idea that the 2C spot is Chityl’s to lose is wrong. It should be about kids winning spots and not about them losing them.

  4. I’ll just be reading the next few days. Enjoy the start of Silly Season, ladies and gentlemen.

  5. Poor Tony “over” there …Anti Panarin Anti Trouba Anti Strome Anti ADA…But melt the internet down when Claesson wasn’t QO’d…Pionk just needs sheltered minutes….Shattenkirk is our best D man

  6. Point to Point Hockey

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    More on podcasts with sources: We hear from a second reputable source that Panarin is set to sign with the #FlaPanthers tomorrow. Expect 7 years and 11-12m AAV.

    This source is telling us Sergei Bobrovsky will sign with Florida as well. Expected deal is 6 years and under 10m AAV.

  7. Bob McKenzie

    Verified account

    5m5 minutes ago
    It doesn’t appear as though Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky will be signed as a set. Signs point toward Bobrovsky ending up in FLA while NYI appear the favourite to land Panarin. Both players are repped by the same agent, Paul Theofanous.

    1. Was just about to post the same tweet from McKenzie. I’m guessing that for Panarin to go to the NYI, the number starts with $12M per. Fine. Let them be the team in salary cap hell by the time the NYR are ready to really compete for a Cup in 3-4 years.

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