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Rangers “won’t go more than two years on a free agent, unless it’s Artemi Panarin”

Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers are setting their sights on one UFA, and one UFA only. That UFA is obviously Artemi Panarin. Aside from that, Brooks is noting the Rangers will not go more than two years on a UFA.

Worth noting that Brooks hedges a bit, saying the word “ideally” when making this statement. Even with that caveat, it is worth noting because the Rangers are trying to avoid long-term and costly commitments to players that will likely be overpaid and not be worth their contract.

This is pretty important, as the Rangers have kept us on our toes with recent statements that they are going to accelerate the rebuild. They have spent assets to retool that blue line already, and with some big names on forward like Matt Duchene who will command top dollar and term.

For Jeff Gorton, it appears to be Panarin or bust, if Brooks is right on this one. He’s had some missteps recently, but the desire to trade Chris Kreider and Jimmy Vesey, of which would clear space for Panarin, has been corroborated by Bob McKenzie. So there is clearly something cooking with the Rangers and Panarin.

But outside of that, there aren’t many good targets that would make the Rangers better immediately and with an efficient cost. Duchene is no better than Kevin Hayes and will likely command more money. The other sexy names are….Joe Pavelski? Gustav Nyquist? Talk about guys who will get big contracts that teams will regret.

Now that doesn’t mean the Rangers won’t dip their toes into free agency. They still lack a true 2C. They could also use free agency to try to find a veteran presence to help the kids grow. In both situations, a long term commitment isn’t needed.

For now, it appears the Rangers have their heads on straight for free agency. In all fairness though, they haven’t had a big spend in that department since Kevin Shattenkirk. Restrained Rangers are fun Rangers.

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  1. Full disclosure: The opinions of Richter1994 do not reflect the opinions of the rest of Blueseat Blog, as it relates to the acquisition of Panarin. 🙂

    1. Brooks is reporting nothing new. Hell most of us know that Rangers have been keying on Panarin for a while….But can they afford him? And is it worth it?

  2. If Panarin takes 5 years at $11.5, you sign that in a NY minute. Anything else is up for debate.

    1. I agree with the assessment of Brooks especially after his Trouba trade proposals. But….even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while.

      I think the concept has plausibility and matches the measured approach that the rebuild has taken thus far. It is a prudent approach if you believe that Panarin is the only game-changer out there (and he is).

  3. This is a breath of fresh air, if true!!!!!!!!

    For too many years we as an organization have gone after one looser, after another, with the same results. We get a marquee name who is well beyond his peak years, comes to town collects a huge check, and chokes his chicken during the duration of his contract. I’ve gone on with a list of these players many times, the last being Shatty, who were to be world beaters, and were flunkies. At last, ( that was a beautiful song by the way) we have a management team that is saying enough already. Today we are paying big money to Girardi, and will continue for a few more years, because they thought he should stay, even though he was a disaster during the finals vs Kings. That is a classic example of managing with emotions, rather than a brain.

    Please, don’t make this mistake again, we will be sorry when the time comes to re-sign the kids like Kakko, Kravs, and the rest. What damn good is it to draft very good kids, only to have to trade them because we are in a cap hell? For three years, many have been saying that Marc Staal should be gone. Let that be another example of a lousy contract that we had buyers remorse after the ink dried!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I admire that Ranger fans put the fate of the future all on the young players, but the fact remains that no NHL team ever won the Cup without outside help.

      You need elite players. The Rangers currently have one: Zib. Kakko probably will, but he hasn’t played a game yet. Trouba is close to that status.

      The Rangers simply do not have anyone, or many players, that opponents have to focus on, nor to possess the puck for any length of time. Kakko hopefully will become one of those players, but they need more.

      I am in the minority, but if the Rangers clear the contracts that they should, preferably via trade, then no reason to have Panarin, CK, and Trouba all on the team, making the Rangers a contender, IMO.

      1. I’m not sure that makes them a “real” contender, i.e. one that will compete for the Cup for years to come. I totally agree that you need outside help to win a Cup. Where our ideas diverge is on timing. You say we have few elite because no-one has proven it at the NHL level. However, we have a boatload of kids. So, as you contend, none of them or a few may become good players. I say, it can also swing the other way. In two years, maybe 5-6 become good to elite players and it’s clear that paying Panarin all that money was a mistake because of duplicity. My point is let’s wait to see what we have and more importantly save all the cap money we can for when we are really ready to compete. As far as opponents being worried about covering our lineup? Yes, today maybe not, but in 2 years maybe they are pulling the hair out of their heads trying to figure out matchups. It’s going to be tougher by spending so much money on Panarin today. Just not the right time.

        1. “Duchene is no better than Kevin Hayes”…. I’ll just leave this here and let you digest this statement and then assess the source. Now, if you truly believe this then by all means please let me know your drug of choice. Once again our esteemed NYR bloggers & writers are living on planet “Never land”. While no fan of Larry Brooks his typical 99.9% correct and at least is based in reality, whereas the majority of other NYR writers are punch drunk in overrating NYR players value while decreasing everyone else, think every other GM is as dumb as a box of rocks, and rarely spewing anything other than hyperbole. Fact is if any of you were as good as you say you are with all your solutions you’d be employed by any number of NHL teams but you aren’t. Speculation is fun but to sell it as fact is silly but not nearly as silly as saying “Duchene is no better than Kevin Hayes”.

        2. The Rangers have many prospects and some will become very very good, but truly how many will be elite. The Rangers have exactly two prospects that could be elite without surprising me (Kakko, Chityl) and it appears increasingly unlikely that Chityl will rise to that level. And I ask, how many “surprise elite” players are there. Thinking of the Rangers, yes, there was Henrik Lundqvist and Sergei Zubov, but I had to go back a long way just to find two.

      2. That’s exactly right. You need a good young core and add to it through trades and free agency

      3. We are in total agreement here, said far better than I could say it.

        The Ranger problem is not spending too much money on elite players, it is pretending players are what they are not. Ranger history is full of stories where they want to sign the Panarin (of that time) and when they fail, they sign some other “elite”, a Duchene or a Nyquist, to a huge contract. And of course it ends badly.

        In a perfect world, this is not the ideal year to sign an elite forward. But it is not a perfect world and this is the year when a true elite forward is actually available.

  4. Staal buyout

    With the veteran Staal, the Rangers have few options due to his no movement clause and low trade value. According to CapFriendly should the Rangers choose to buyout Staal, his $5.7 million cap hit would be reduced but a residual amount extended beyond the current contract term. The Rangers would gain $2.8 million in cap space for this upcoming season and $2 million in next.

    Marc Staal current cap hit – $5,700,000 (2019-20, 2020-21)

    Contract clause – full no movement clause

    2019-20 cap savings – $2,800,000

    2020-21 cap savings – $2,000,000

    Extended cap cost (2021-22, 2022-23) – $1,200,000 per year

    cap savings – $1,204,167

    Extended cap cost (2021-22, 2022-23) – $1,145,833 per year

    Shattenkirk buyout

    The buyout for the 30-year old Shattenkirk provides the highest cap savings toward this upcoming season’s number according to CapFriendly at $5.1million, but the savings is short lived as $6.1 million comes right back on the books next season. Shattenkirk has a ten team restricted trade list which moves to eight teams next year. He has perhaps the highest trade value among the three and is the only right shot defenseman which are in high demand among contending teams currently. Trading him before the season makes sense as the Rangers ability to spotlight Shattenkirk’s power play prowess during the season is hampered by their inability to give him ice time with the man advantage.

    Kevin Shattenkirk current cap hit – $6,650,000 (2019-20, 2020-21)

    Contract clause- limited movement ten team trade list

    2019-20 cap savings – $5,516,167

    2020-21 cap savings – $566,167

    Extended cap cost – $1,433,333

    Before we commit to any long term deal, consider the above. To me that’s the end of this discussion, let some other foolish GM get themselves painted in a dire situation called cap hell!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am happy to hear this although ill believe it when I see it. Are we solidified at #2 center? no way. however the organization needs to let youth grab the opportunity. there are already vets on the team who fill in there.

    re panarin, Im not 100% sure hes the right investment right now. 1. he is more playmaker – if you are looking for 35-40 goals you will be looking in the wrong place. our wings are already primarily playmakers (other than Kreider). 2. if you just look at the PP, he plays the zib spot – so are you gonna put a 12 million guy on pp2? and who plays the front of the net ?

    you hear some saying oh talent is talent – you pay for it, yeah but before you invest in a 12 million mansion you make sure it meets your specifications right?

  6. Dave,
    Loved that line “restrained Rangers are fun Rangers” I might add ‘restrained Rangers are intelligent Rangers’.
    NY has a city and State income tax. If, as reported teams like the Panthers, no State income tax at all, offer him the reported $11MM annually for seven years, just to match that contract in dollars we’d have to offer about 11% more annually.
    We’re building a team. At this point we don’t even know just what we have in our group of forwards.
    For sure Panarin is better than any rookie we have at this moment. Panarin is the wrong move at this point and time for this team.
    Just remember what that shinny new free agent Tavaras did for Toronto. It put them in cap hell, and let’s also remember what he didn’t do. He didn’t bring them the Stanley Cup.
    Restraint JG and JD, restraint!

    1. Jerry

      Great point about the taxes, and I made that argument a few years ago about another player. The contract for Panarian will be more like $11.5 million per year, and at 15% taxes, both NY State, and NYC, he pays some $1,725,00. Over the life of the contract it cost him $12,075,000. That is some chunk of change, and some will say it’s worth it living here????? I say that if he runs the numbers, he signs with Florida, because money talks, and BS walks!!!!!!!!!

      1. I believe that when people make that much money it’s not about the actual money, but ore about status, in the sense of I’m worth more than…

      2. If he gets a minimum paragraph 1 salary and is domiciled in FL, any bonus pays out at 25% tax and only the $750K would be subject to city & state taxes.

  7. If you can’t live on 11 million dollars you don’t deserve it. You don’t have to live in the 5 boroughs… F Deblasio

    1. Hi Mikey
      I’m not an accountant, however, it’s my understanding of the NY tax code that regardless of where you live, if your employment in within the 5 boroughs you are subject to NY City income tax. And if you reside anywhere in NY State you are subject to NY State income tax. Which is precisely why, I move from NY immediately after retiring from the police department.
      So if my 11% figure for anyone living in NY and working in NY City is correct, then he would have to receive an annual contract of $12,210,000.00 to match Florida’s $11MM annually.
      So is the ability to buy fresh borscht in Brighton Beach worth paying $1,210,000.00 a year ?

      1. Hey Jerry….I worked in the city and live in the suburbs. NYC income tax is only for those that live in the 5 boroughs

          1. You got it my friend…. I used to live in Westchester and Dan Girardi lived down the street….Im sure my coop was not as nice as his house lol

      2. Of course it is. If you had a choice between $50M and $80M, how much would you give up to get the larger amount? I mean what diffference does it make really! It is just too different sizes of more money than you will ever need. Would you give up a Cup? Would you give up living where you want to live? The big factor in salary is ego – and when it comes to ego, taxes don’t factor into it. Having a higher salary than Erik Karlsson is impressive, having higher net pay not so much.

  8. Panarin would obviously make the Rangers better-if they don’t have to trade Kreider to do it. But, Trouba is going to get a big contract, Kreider is going to get a nice raise if they retain him and Panarin will be in the $11 million+ realm. Will he make the club that much better that it justifies becoming that much worse off regarding the cap? I tend to think not. I’d rather a cheaper option, but I understand wishing to obtain a player of his caliber.

  9. I wouldn’t mind Panarin at a fair price, but we cannot go all in on him. While we need a veteran presence on this team as well as an elite player, this would put us back in Cap hell for 2 years. What happens when we need to add a player at the deadline? Not sure we can compete with Quenville and Florida on this one.

    We do need a good 2nd line center, and I think Strome can be that player. I also feel Names and Vesey are nice players that we can do without. Really getting surprised that we have not made any deals yet.

  10. With all the draft choices we had now the past 2 years Gorton has done a nice job restocking our minor league system with nice prospects. What are the odds we can trade one of our bad contracts along with a future draft choice(s) as a salary dump to get rid of Staal, and or Smith?

    1. Sweetening the pot to rid of our contract problems is a must… I can’t see anyone taking Smith or Shatty out of our hands without some candy in the deals….Shatty IMO has some value especially if he is healthy… could stay and then be dealt during the season if he is healthy and skating with a purpose.

    2. Just say no, their contracts are already sweetened if we retain 50%, that’s the better way to go unless we’re talking some 4th or 5th round picks. Next year’s draft should be deep.

  11. Shatty and K’andre Miller for a 2nd round pick. We only eat $1M this year and next. Do you make that move?

    1. I do that move in a heartbeat. Miller is going to be good, but ridding ourselves of the Shatty contract opens a lot of doors.

    2. In other words, give up a solid first round pick to get a second rounder, just in order to get Shattenkirk off the books. No thanks.

    3. Is this a serious comment? You’re trading K’Andre Miller just to get rid of Shattenkirk? Lunacy.

        1. I don’t care about the hype, I care about what I see — and he’s a beast. Everybody knew, like Kravtsov, that there was perhaps a risk drafting him high — I think in both cases it looks like the risk was a good one.

      1. LEADERSHIP VERY HIGH ON K’Andre and could be a monster D man in the making….Scouts love his game…..

      2. The Rangers have huge plans for K. Miller and not a player named Keith..Scouts rave about his game..This kid will be a beast.

  12. Well Duchene is relatively one dimensional … and he’s inconsistent (still good). Before last season’s 70 point effort he hadn’t even cracked 60 since 2013-14.

  13. Let’s talk logical. We have an abundance of young defensemen and also an abundance of over-priced less than stellar defensemen on the roster. Knowing that it takes 2 teams to make a trade, how would you approach saving Cap space and lessening the logjam in defense? For this example, buyouts are not an option. What do you do?

    For someone to take Shatty or Smith, we will probably have to eat contract, but is that enough? I am guessing we need to include players or draft picks to make this happen. Look at the PK Subban deal? Big player, big contract, little return. We may have to make the same kind of deal for Shatty or Smith.

    1. Little return? Management would probably accept 2 Shooter Tutor and a baker’s dozen of pucks to move a few bad contracts. lol

  14. The least surprising idea ever.

    I’ve been pounding the table since the last expansion draft that the needed to plan the roster around the next EXDraft and by him, that’s what they’re doing.

    Find some guy as a gap filler, frontload a 2 year deal, July bonus year 2 and you can flip him if the role gets filled internally.

    But you got to find Vesey a new home

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