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Report: Tanner Glass to join Rangers as a scout/adviser?

Per a French website, it looks like the Rangers have offered Tanner Glass a position in the front office.

Good ole Google translate gives us this:

At age 35, he focused on his post-career career, where he was offered a position by the New York Rangers to accompany and develop the newly recruited recruits to the Draft and he will follow them until their the prestigious NHL! He will continue to travel the world to watch over his young prospects, and who knows, maybe he will stop by Bordeaux during a future trip to Europe?

Glass played in France last year, and this article is stating he is retiring from playing and will continue to be a scout. I know there are people saying front office, but this rough translation reads scout to me, not front office.

Or perhaps he’s one of the guys pegged by the Rangers to be the “advisers” John Davidson was mentioning. The description is a blend of scout and development, so my bet is that. This isn’t confirmed yet, though.

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  • On a side note, AV has been seen crying in Philly, but there has not been an explanation. I wonder . . .

  • Well, this cements it, JD is an analytics guy through and through.

    This hire proves it.

    But seriously, I would love to know the thinking behind this one.

    • Who do we have in the front office that possesses the proper amount of sandpaper to protect JD, Gorton and Slats from the fans … and maybe most importantly, who will protect Dolan? Tanner “Frickin'” Glass, that’s who!

    • Hey pal! I see some people up in arms about this. I don’t know why. He is clearly smart having gone to Dartmouth University. This isn’t about him as a player . It’s essentially an entry level management job in hockey. Who knows, he may turn out to be a great hockey executive. If being a good player was a pre requisite, Craig Berube would not be holding the Stanley Cup today.

      • Good points pal, and yeah, the guy is obviously intelligent, but on the surface, it looks ridiculous, lol.

      • BTW, I give Berube credit, unlike other fans who think coaches do not matter, but Binnington had a lot to do with this too. Probably a lot more than Berube.

      • LOL, you and me pal. I would love to work for the Rangers.

        Would we get to make deployment decisions? lol

  • Glass will lead the office in hits, but alas, won’t score many points in the front office and fall short of goals.

  • I told you he would be back though I thought he was going back to AV. Welcome back you Goliath of a brain. No grudges of you as a player even though you sucked, but no one can’t say you did not play hard. Just like last years team. They played hard but sucked. Again good luck.

  • Great players do not necessarily turn out to be great coaches or managers (See Gretzky, W.). Less talented players have to learn to make the best of the skills they have, and don’t get anywhere unless they put out 100% effort all the time and are a “plus” presence in the locker room, things that it’s sometimes necessary for young players, even young and talented players, to learn.

  • TG is a fiesty, give it all you got type of player. Every coach likes this type of player. What he lacks in skills, he makes up for in effort. Hopefully he will show the same tenacity in his new role. Besides, JD needs to start changing the scouting department sooner or later, so why not add somebody who is way different that the suits they currently have in there.

  • Say what you want about Glass’ game, but the guy is an Ivy league graduate. He went to school at Dartmouth.

    JD is starting to build or his front office. This is a great move! Ivy League educated guy, former NHL player, European playing experience too. Just imagine AV’s face when he saw the headline, “Glass returns to Rangers…”

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