2019 Rangers Player Report Card: Alex Georgiev

The final player to receive a report card this year is Alex Georgiev. Georgiev burst onto the scene last season and earned the backup role. This year he was expected to take on an expanded backup role, with an aging Henrik Lundqvist needing rest.  He did just that, starting 30 games and appearing in 33, finishing with a record of 14-13-4 and a 2.91 GAA and .914 SV%. Pretty good considering the state of the defense and overall lack of quality of this past year’s club.

It wasn’t just all solid numbers for Georgiev, though. Georgiev really struggled out of the gate. He allowed seven goals in his first start and posted a sub-.900 SV% in eight of his first 12 starts. He spent a good amount of time in Hartford, mostly due to the schedule, and posted very mediocre numbers there too. In wasn’t until his January 6th shutout against Arizona that he started stringing together solid starts.

Using the same metrics (GSAA and GSAx) we used for Hank, Georgiev finished with a GSAA of 4.15 (25th) and GSAx of 7.22 (13th). These numbers, in addition to his slash lines, were significantly better than Hank’s. This takes into account quality of shots too, so the argument that he faces lesser competition isn’t there. Georgiev had a very good season.

In fact, Georgiev was third among backup goalies in GSAx. He’s earned more starts and, assuming the Rangers aren’t blown away with an offer, has earned a 50/50 split or possibly more for next season. Here’s a comparison of the two:

Both Georgiev and Hank faced equal workloads and quality, just Georgiev had better results. This isn’t to take away from Hank, it’s to illustrate how good Georgiev was this year, and how good he possibly can be with an actual team defense around him. There’s not much else to say about Georgiev except he had a great year. He likely isn’t destined to be the future Rangers’ goaltender with Igor Shestyorkin waiting in the wings, though.  The Rangers have a few difficult decisions to make in net coming up.

Grade: A-

"2019 Rangers Player Report Card: Alex Georgiev", 4 out of 5 based on 10 ratings.
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  1. Thank you David for these, you’re doing a fantastic job.

    Another spot on grade. Sell high!! (Have at me, lol).

    1. Tony

      As you well know we usually are on the same page, but not today my friend. I want to make certain Shesty is the real deal before we move Geogiev. What is the hurry here????? If there is a buyer now, there will be one in a few months…………..

      1. I always get “nervous” that guys like this, being unproven, play more games and decrease their value because of it.

        Georgie does seem like the real deal, but he’s still unproven. Maybe there’s no deal to be made anyway. Not yet anyway.

        1. Kid is hot as a pistol right now my friend…There is nothing not to like about him

          1. I do like him, and I think that he has high value.

            The big problem is though goalie vale in trades is usually not high, and with good reason.

            I am having recurring nightmares that the Rangers draft Spencer Knight at #20.

            1. Hahah hopefully Gordie has been told he’s gone after this draft and that he will not be making the picks in June

    2. We already had at you Tony in the previous blog. Resistance is futile, you were destroyed and Georgiev is NUMBA 1! lol

        1. Hahaha at least you are not suggesting a contract extension for Henrik like they are in the
          “other” place

    3. Trading Georgie now would be the equivalent to what Neil Smith did to us when he traded stud kids away for virtually nothing

    4. He’s the second coming of Antii Raanta (without the injuries). Excellent back-up right now, could be more, maybe not. So we will not get much back in a trade. I don’t see a team like Carolina giving much up for him. If you think getting back our second rounder is worth it, then IDK, I would need more. His potential is pretty great, keeping him, IMO, is the way to go.

      He can be protected for the expansion draft, as Hank will be gone and Shesty will be exempt. And if Shesty proves to be as advertised then we can still trade one.

      1. Exactly, although having the two of them compete for a few years is actually a very good idea. Let them push each other until a decision HAS to be made.

      2. I am not sure why you would trade any of the goalies yet, with the exception being Hank if he requests it.

        If I am Quinn (which I’m not) I come right out and announce that Season 1 of “Game of Hank’s De-Throne” begins in October. Each of the two young goalies can expect about 20 -25 starts each for the NYR, with Hank targeted for 30- 40 starts initially. Things are obviously subject to change based on merit and the team’s overall play.

        Shasty and Goergiev can both ride the Wolf Pack Shuttle and figure out how to divvy up 80 games down there while having one of them in NY at all times.

        There is goalie depth to some degree but Huska has only played 9 pro games, and both Halverson (still only 23) and Nell are RFA and Wall is still in college. And let us not forget the estimable Olaf Lindbom.

        My point is there is not that much to deal and why would we at this point. Let – Game of Hank’s De-Throne Season 1 come to a conclusion before making any Goalie moves. I would also fully expect Gordy to grab another goalie at the draft. Hopefully it is not too early in the draft.

        1. Guys like Huska and Halverson have yet to prove they’re even viable AHLers at this stage, same for Wall (Nell is done). Before making any decisions on the goalies you want to make sure at least one of them is truly NHL material. I really don’t see Georgiev dialing back his number of games, what might make more sense is Hank 40-45 games, Georgiev 30-35 and Shesty getting the remaining games up to 9. Sure you can send Georgiev down for a few games in the AHL but more as a tune up than a shuttle IMO.

          Of course the best solution is that someone gets a little injury, nothing serious just something that keeps them out of the lineup now and then. I don’t wish that on anyone, but it isn’t far fetched to believe it might happen — in which case the ISSUE kind of resolves itself.

  2. Jerry

    Thank you for such a special note, I got teary eyed over it because it struck a note that I can never, or will ever forget.

    As you l now I stated that I was on the back lines, in the Air Force at Da Nang, and had enormous respect for all the grunts in the field who more times than not were the ones who were impacted the most. To this day I still have a POW/MIA ribbon on my car to remind me of how lucky I am to come home sound of body, and mind, while some pilots never did. Well Maria may argue that last point, sound of mind, LOL, but there are still some who are unaccounted for, and I’ll always pull for them.

    I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday, I did with a bunch of friends at the house for a cook out, with me manning the grill, with my Grill Sargent apron!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for your service, Walt, and to all who served. I couldn’t be more humbled and thankful to you all!

      1. Joe

        We all did our job, nothing more than that. Thanks for the kind words just the same………

    2. Thanks Walt.
      Although I am in DC on business often, I still can’t manage to work up the courage to visit The Wall.
      I don’t care what anyone did while serving, all deserve credit. We all had our jobs from special operations groups to those who typed up orders, and everything in between. Unpopular as that war was, all I know is that I was privileged to fight alongside the men I served with.
      Thank you my friend, and now back to hockey………….

  3. I wouldn’t say they faced the same quality. It would be the mark of a blind man to say the team’s effort was equal between lundqvist and alex’s starts. we all know they weren’t

  4. Georgie was the reason we finished 6th and not more tanker. MSG should be burned down if he is traded. Benny is the goalie Whisperer so its time to shape Georgie into a monster just like he did to Henrik

  5. No, the two goalies did not face equal workloads. Hank was the goalie of record in 51 games, 23 against teams that would make the playoffs. Alex the goalie of record in 31, 22 against teams that would make the playoffs. Georgiev faced much better opposition. Of course, shot quality may tell a different story. Clearing the puck from the defensive zone is a six man job, not a two man job like so many here seem to think. Lundqvist is relatively useless in this department, which is why year after year he faces tougher shots than his backup does.

    Fun fact: During the great Ranger November run, Hank faced exactly one team that would make the playoffs.

  6. Again, I think the move is to trade Hank. Let one of Igor or Georgy prove they’re the guy. All Hank is at this point is a stopgap to the future.

    1. Check out the other BSB and the Hank report card….Folks over there talking contract extension for him

  7. Now is the time to dangle Georgi at the draft. If someone wants to give up a first rounder for him (say 20th pick) I think you have to make the move. This is Hank’s swan song. We have other goalies who can play second fiddle to the king for 30 games.

      1. You could have Ken Dryden back there, until the defense gets better, it doesn’t matter

        1. Kakko will keep the D from having to work so hard in a fire wagon hockey sense.

          He’s the kind of guy that if he gets the puck deep, the other team is gonna have to dump the puck to get a shift change. Possession numbers will flip most nights.

  8. Talbot, the guy many still argue should be the Rangers number one, is at the bottom of this list. So so are they both bad? Are the stats bad and they are both good? Or are the stats misleading and one guy is good and one guy is bad, whichever one you wanted to argue for in the first place? 🙂

  9. I think that the Rangers would be wise to keep Georgiev at least until Shestyorkin has some time in the AHL under his belt.

    If Shestyorkin proves to be as capable as we have heard, and if Hank would retire after next season, then the Rangers could have a tandem of Georgiev and Shestyorkin in order to sort out who their main guy is going to be. I like that possibliity.

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