Rangers ink top prospects Kravtsov, Shestyorkin to ELCs

Jeff Gorton has been busy this week. After trading for and then signing defense prospect Adam Fox, who instantly became a top defense prospect for the club, they have signed their two top prospects today. Signing Vitali Kravtsov (1st, 2018) and Igor Shestyorkin (4th, 2014) were givens once their contracts were up, it is closure on their KHL careers and just the beginning of their NHL careers.

Kravtsov was a controversial pick at 9th overall last year when Oliver Wahlstrom was still on the board, but with each passing day the Rangers are looking very smart with this pick. Kravtsov has top line, elite level potential and there’s a solid chance he makes the club outright next season. Even if he doesn’t a short adjustment period in the AHL never hurt anyone.

Shestyorkin put up stellar numbers in the KHL, and is the heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist when The King decides to hang em up. It is expected he will spend a year in the AHL, as the Rangers figure out what to do with Alex Georgiev.

Both have three-year ELCs, but details have not been released yet.

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  • Keep Georgiev, that should be the plan. At a minimum he pushes Shesty to be his best. This will turn out to be the 1A and 1B situation that we saw back in the late 80’s with VBK and Richter. Let the play of one of them make the decision for you in a few years.

    My hope is that after next season Hank decides to voluntarily retire a Ranger for life and make way for the two kids. Give him a cushy job in the organization, whatever he wants.

    • Agree – time for an exit strategy for Hank that correlates well with the rebuild. Georgi and Shesty might both be keepers (no pun intended) and it would be unfortunate to have to trade one to accommodate the twilight of the Kings great career. Also don’t want to see the King end up like Luongo – who seemed to be aging like fine wine until it all fell apart this year.

    • Good chance Hank will already be the third best Ranger goalie next year. My fear is that he will want to play beyond 2021 and Ranger brass won’t want to offend the fan base.

      • Truth be told the last 3 back-ups – Talbot, Raanta & Georgiev – played as well or better then the King during their tenure. A little bit of the Emperor has no clothes going on here.

        That said Henrik carried the franchise for so many years so he is due quite a bit of consideration. But at some point enough is enough.

        • One thing to keep in mind is that those backups put up good numbers… as backups. They played great, but putting up solid numbers for 15-20 games a season is VERY different from doing it for 60+.

          • Except if you keep both Georgiev and Shesterkin neither has to play 60+ games — and your statement that they only played 15-20 games is a little off base. Cam played 36 games his last year, when Hank got injured. Georgiev played 33 games this year … Raanta played 30 his last year with NY. Not that it proves they can handle 50+ or 60+ games, but 35-45 games each seems pretty feasible until one of the two wrestles the #1 moniker and the other possibly gets traded.

          • It might be true that the backups couldn’t necessarily carry a full load. Raanta has not been able to stay healthy and Talbot fizzled out. However that is not the main point of the comment, which is: Lundquist is not the player he was in his prime. HIs statistics bear that out, as does the eye test. The point being that we shouldn’t lose (trade) a Georgi or Shesty for the fools gold that we could finally win a cup with the King. That ship has sailed. Time to rely on our increasingly impressive hoard of high end prospects, let the 4 crappy contracts run out (all in 2 years) and then, hopefully, contend for the Cup in Year 3..

  • EXCITING TO BE A RANGER FAN AGAIN!!!! Hey Walt, finally light at the end of the tunnel, I like the leadership of Gorton & Quinn!!

  • read while hearing the wizard of of tune when the characters got their makeovers at the Emerald City Boutique…

    Sign Sign Here, Trade Trade There, and a couple of ECLs

    that’s how we start to lift the cup in the merry o land of ours!


  • Wonder why Rykov hasn’t been announced.

    Guessing that Euro return clause, games played bonuses(both in the NHL & AHL) are sticking points. Player wants to get paid like he would in KHL, but protected if he has to spend an extended period in Hartford.

    • Looks like he’ll spend 1 more year in the KHL … let’s be honest, we don’t have the room now for all these defensive prospects, we need to lose some contracts.

    • He may have decided to stay in the KHL. Which is a mistake because if he ever will make the Rangers, this year would give him the best opportunity.

      The following season Miller and Lundqvist come, so it only gets more competitive from here.

      • It might be mutual Richter, I don’t see how he makes the Rangers unless Gorton has a plan to get rid of 2-3 d’men (Shattenkirk, Staal and Smith — hey lookie their, the 3S’s dilemma). As it stands I don’t see how they even have room for Claesson who was “ok” there for a while.

        • Agreed that a spot would be have to be cleared, but those are the tough decisions (actually they shouldn’t be that tough but they make them tough) that should be made to keep reshaping the team.

          IMO, there should be no place for Staal, Smith, Vesey, and Names (cap casualty). Shatty, maybe with a better team he plays better. I would would put him on top pair with Skjei.

          • On the right side it’s either Shatty or Pionk and on the left side it needs to be Staal and Smith so we can bring in Fox, Rykov and Hajek. Maybe Lindgren is the 7th d’. Now that’s cutting it close because a couple of injuries and we’re stuck using d’men that probably aren’t ready for the NHL just yet. Then again a part of the year (or full year) down on the farm for Rykov is probably a good thing, assuming Hartford gets “fixed”.

            I’m not sure we’re making the decision tough, I think the market conditions for Shattenkirk, Staal and Smith are making it tough — and I think buyouts are a last resort that should probably be avoided.

    • Another reason to keep Kreider – he’s fluent in Russian! He should be the captain.

      Once Ovy retires the Rangers will be Putin’s favorite NHL team.

  • With the offer sheet compensation numbers out, it suggests that there‚Äôs a 4% growth in average salaries.

    So bar the NHLPA using the escalator clause, the salary cap for next season should be a little over $82mm.

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