Rangers sign Adam Fox to entry level deal

As expected, the Rangers have signed newly acquired defenseman Adam Fox to an entry level contract. Details of the deal have not been released. I believe it will be a three-year ELC, since Fox is 21 years old as of February of this year. I also believe he will be exempt from the expansion draft.

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  • Well then, it’s a done good deal for both Adam, and the Rangers. Again, welcome to the family Adam!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes Dave, believe …

    Hats off to JG, I can quibble here and there over the value received in some of the trades, the value paid, etc., but overall he gets a solid A in my book for the last 2 years (going back to the Stepan trade). Now go DALLAS, win another round and sign Zucc to a contract. 3 1st rounders this year and two next have me extremely excited.

  • Team is going to be a major force to be reckoned with in 2 years. Gorton and Quinn are on the same page.

  • Elliotte Friedman made an interesting point. Rangers made the two draft picks trade with Carolina and signed Adam Fox right after the U-18 tournament. He wonders if the Rangers assessed what they had overseas and decided that he was the better option. Still in all, size-wise Fox seems to be a smaller version of Tony D. Not physically imposing, maybe not as good a skater as TDA. Asking here, not advocating, does stockpiling defensemen coming in at under 190 lbs fit Quinn’s purported approach to playing a “heavy” game? What does bringing in Fox portend?

    • I don’t believe a heavy game necessarily involves SIZE, it involves attitude. Sure everyone would like the attitude packaged in a 6’3″, 215# frame but the game has evolved beyond size to some extent.

    • K Miller is 6’4″ 190,
      Hajek 6’2″ 200
      Rykov 6’2″ 205
      Lindgren 6’0 198
      Reunanen is 6’0 180
      Nils Lundkvist 5’11” 175

      we have 2 smaller D men(Fox and Lundkvist) and everyone else over 6’0″ and 180 and up. So not so sure we are stockpiling small defenders. ADA is not that big, but ask Kyle Okposo if he wants to mess with ADA?

  • Interesting point about size vs. attitude in respect of that so-called “heavy” game. Brenden Gallagher of course comes to mind. I was watching the Canes Capitals series and I was shocked at how skittish Hamilton was when his back was to the play behind the goal line. Of course I guess having Ovechkin coming down on you would make anyone look twice. But he shied off the play so often I was wondering if he is playing injured. At 220 lb. (?) It got so bad, I think he was finally taken off the Ovechkin matchup. Bottom line, its gotta wear on anyone to be continually be giving up 30 lbs or so against your check night after night. Canes blue line is awesome.

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