Hartford Wolf Pack fire head coach Keith McCambridge and assistant coach Joe Mormina

The Hartford Wolf Pack have begun addressing their horrible situation, just one day after finishing one of their worst seasons in club history. Head coach Keith McCambridge has been fired after just two seasons. Assistant coach Joe Mormina is going with him, as the club has declined his option. Mormina also joined the Pack two seasons ago.

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  • From prior thread:
    He didn’t have a lot to work with, but you can’t rack up a record like that and keep your job.

    The funny thing was that after they dealt their captain, the team went on a pretty good run of games until they signed and played Huska. He needed to play for sure, but it didn’t help him either.

    The Rangers really need to put resources towards coaching up the coaches, on top of the minor teams and prospects. I know it’s gotten better over the last year or two, but they’re just starting from so far back. The players who went to Maine came back productive players and were productive when sent down.

    Considering what they’re adding from the reserve list(or is available), Drury is going to have to beat the bushes to get enough buys on AHL contracts, let alone somebody worth grabbing for the 50 man roster.

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