Rangers to pick second overall

The Rangers have won, in part, the 2019 NHL Draft Lottery. They moved up from 6th overall to 2nd overall. Assuming Jack Hughes goes first, the Rangers will be drafting Finnish winger Kaapo Kakko. He is a clear cut elite prospect. He’s not a generational talent, but he and Vitali Kravtsov are just a crazy 1-2 punch.

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  • Holy sh*t we got the second pick overall. I posted that the odds were slim to non, I’m elated to be dead wrong with that post, Kakko here we come, I love it!!!!!! This makes the season, as bad as it was worth the wait for this pick.

  • Holy Freaking Crap Batman – Rangers guaranteed one of the top two studs and even better do not have to be burdened with which one to pick. Kakko would arguably be the better fit as the roster becomes more international. But who cares?

    This changes things a bit. The NY Ranger Rebuild Timetable is now on the clock…

  • I have but one question, who are these dumb bastards with the thumbs down on such great news, must be either Fishstick, or Devils fans!!!!!!

    Now you ass holes have a reason to give me a thumbs down for this post!!!!!!!!

  • I’m honestly torn between the two top picks despite the fact we NEED Kakko, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the Devils go with Kakko 1st? Paranoia has started to set in … lol.

    • If they do. then they pick Hughes. The decision is out of their hands. Its the Devils who have to make it…we just have to take the “other one!” Now lets root for TB and Dal, and for Wpg to lose in the first round. We could package the extra #1’s and maybe even move up into the top ten, and get another stud. Pinarin, Hayes, maybe Fox, Kravtsov, Shesterkin….things seem to be looking up! First—-lets get a real, NHL Defense before we get too far ahead of ourselves. But still…it was a really good night!

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