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And we are back

I apologize for the site being down this weekend. It looks like we were targeted in a malware attack that brought the entire site down. It would certainly explain why the site was getting blocked by work filters lately. I appreciate you folks reaching out to me to let me know that the site was getting blocked recently.

I don’t know what caused it, but I do know we were specifically targeted, as this was an isolated incident to just this site, and not a larger scale issue across multiple sites on the same hosting platform. That is rather frustrating. It also came at a bad time, as I was traveling when the site crashed and had limited resources to be able to fix it. Naturally, I had to shell out a decent chunk of change to get it fixed. But that comes with the territory of owning my own site, and not having a bigger content hoarder site like SBNation at the helm.

We lost a week’s worth of content, including my 1,000 word post on Glen Sather and his impact. I can’t sum it up in one tweet, but this one seemed to work:

This was very frustrating to deal with, and I thank you all for your patience while I worked to get this site back up. We will be back with regularly scheduled content tomorrow.

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    • WB Dave I sent a comment earlier but it didn’t make it on the board. Anyhow, yes the Ranger organization could of done a heck worse without Slats at the helm during the last 19 years. All the best Mr. Sather.

      Next up the draft lottery and a chance for the Rangers to pick up a formidable Giant Dman who can booster their Blueline.

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