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Friedman: Rangers set to sign Hobey Baker finalist Patrick Newell

The Rangers are making their first splash into NCAA undrafted free agents (Jake Elmer came from the WHL), and are set to sign St. Cloud forward Patrick Newell.

Newell, a Hober Baker finalist, had a superb senior year at St. Cloud, putting up 21-26-47 to lead the team in scoring. It was a huge jump in scoring for the senior, whose NCAA highs before were 7 goals (freshman year), 21 assists (junior year), and 27 points (junior year).

Newell is listed at 5’10” and 150 lbs, but I highly doubt that weight is accurate. A college senior at 150 pounds? Either way, a player can always add muscle. That’s not too hard.

I couldn’t find much on his scouting report. But free assets are free assets.

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  • Along with Newell and Jack Hughes who is 5’10 we have the SMURFS back,,,So we can get bullied knocked around the rink…

    • Jerry

      I have to agree, there is a reason he wasn’t drafted right????? He will play in the AHL, that’s it.

  • If he’s 150lbs as a senior, he ain’t adding but another 10 lbs, which is still well under weight.

    They *do* need bodies in Hartford.

    • Reen

      Everyone was talking the other day about us needing some size because we get pushed around too much, and now we want to sign Papa Smurf’s kid, brilliant isn’t it????????

      • If you think of him as a top 6 C in Hartford it’s fine; anything more than that is gravy.

        I’m not expecting gravy.

      • Not everyone, I’ve never been a proponent of size over talent. Talent reigns supreme — and toughness comes from determination, character and strength, more so than size. Oh and as a side note, I loved the smurfs from the 80’s — you know, smurfs like Mark Pavelich who was a blast to watch play!

  • In looking at his stats he had a big jump in goals this season. Was reading in the St Cloud paper he’s a pass first kind of guy, but they wanted him to shot more. Looks like that may have worked. He seems under sized but effective

    • 1st time he ever broke a PPG. His next closest was in tier 1 for the jr Kings. The year prior, the top 2 scorers were a kid who got drafted by the Blues and Rod Stewart’s son.

      Hartford bound.

  • Not sure on the weight but his coach calls him the most underrated player in college hockey, very cerebral, fast skater, great shot, quiet intensity … says he sees things differently on the ice (which I interpret as “creative”). Sounds a bit like Zucc.

    Search out this vid on youtube: St. Cloud State Men’s Hockey Coach Brett Larson talks about Patrick Newell

      • I said a bit like Zucc. I’ve seen the kid listed at 155, so technically 24 pounds — if these numbers are even valid. I know you’re just going to be obsessed with his weight now and never give the kid a chance. I would be more interested in his STRENGTH, his willingness to go into traffic and elusiveness … and don’t say Zucc needed EVERY ounce, Zucc didn’t always weigh 179 pounds (if that’s even his true weight).

        PS: Johnny Gaudreau use to weigh 150 pounds. Just saying. Same for DeBrincat. Both now play at 165, no reason to assume this kid can’t add 10 pounds.

        • The players you mentioned have scored at obscene rates at every level of hockey, this guy barely scraped good for a level his last year of college.

          He’ll provide value filling out the top 6 role for Hartford for now and have a chance to show he belongs at that level.

          That out of the way, I don’t understand the reflexive drinking of the Kool-aid. Optimism vs realism, the realist wins 9 out of 10 times.

          • Actually you were reflexive — maybe not of the kool-aid, but the minute you heard 150 pounds you had him at best in the AHL. This kid was the top scorer on the best college hockey team in the country. Sure the odds are clearly against a 155 pound senior having any impact in the NHL … and yet there are many players who battled the odds to find some measure of success. Just saying that before you banish him off to a career in the AHL at best, keep an OPEN mind. He can add 10 pounds, get to 165 and if he doesn’t lose his wheels and his skills are good enough. then maybe he could be one of those surprise players. If he turns out to be half the player Gaudreau and DeBrincat are, this will be a great little depth signing.

            Some other considerations, the vast majority of his points came 5 on 5, he’s a pk guy, plays on the 2nd PP unit … the knock on him until this year, aside from size, was that he didn’t shoot enough … a pass first player. Something changed this year …

            IF the Rangers thought he was destined to only be at his best an AHL player then they would have signed him to a nice fat juicy AHL contract, surely no one else would offer him more. 😉 The game is changing.

          • Life is full of IFS Walt. Maybe one should wait and watch the kid play before dismissing him out of hand.

          • Tanto

            I hate repeating myself, but if 31 NHL passed on this kid, there had to be a reason. We seem to get all these Hoby Baker guys to work out for us, Gilroy comes to mind, he was wonderful wasn’t he????? How about Vesey, at his size, he turned out to be a functional 4th liner. You keep dreaming about this kid as the next savior, while I look for bigger guys who have skill to play for me!!!!!!!!

          • Walt, are you doing drugs today? Can I have some, please? lol

            Savior? What did I say that even remotely suggests I think he can be some sort of savior? I merely stated that we shouldn’t dismiss the kid as a potential NHL player out of hand because of his size. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, must you resort to such hyperbole to justify your disagreement with a pretty non-controversial statement. Have you ever seen the kid play? I haven’t, I will suspend judgment until then. Sure, he’s small … but as the game changes the old “rules” about size have changed somewhat as well. Would I prefer the kid be 6’2″, 195 and possess all the skills his coach talks about, you betcha … but I won’t sheet on a kid because he isn’t.

          • Tonto Don’t get personal schmuck, with the drugs crap. You have your opinion, and it runs counter to what I think is right. Don’t go around with your BS remarks, it only shows how shallow you are putz!!!! Hows that from a druggie………

          • Walt, how could you possibly have taken that seriously? Aside from the fact that it’s a well known “saying” like “are you high” meaning simply I find your comment rather unbelievable, but also asked for some and tagged it all with an LOL. I would say “take a pill and chill”, but you might take that the wrong way as well. 😉

            Plus re: your 31 teams passed on the kid, 31 teams passed on Zucc and countless other good NHL players. Not being drafted isn’t the end of the world nor is it an indication that a player can’t play — especially when you consider the poor % of players drafted that actually play in the NHL.

            PS: I’ll tell you what is personal, calling someone a schmuck or a putz … but I take no offense, you’re just engaging in hyperbole again like with the “savior” comment. I can handle it. 😉

          • If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

            You miss how fine the levels are for players in general for the NHL, let alone players below average in height/weight.

            Half the player of Gaudreau would be lucky to play in the ECHL. 90% of Gaudreau would be a fringe AHL player.

            Guys at that age & scoring rate for that level, for that size are the Andy Miele’s of the world.

            If you have to ask who Andy Miele is, it proves my point.

          • I don’t have to ask actually, I saw him play at Miami of Ohio a few times. Sure, the kid might turn out like that or worse, but I see no reason to completely dismiss a player’s potential on the basis of size … not any more. The collective here (we) don’t know enough about the kid and whether he can overcome his size. “We” can look at stats all day, but whether he can play at all at the NHL level will ultimately be determined by his play moving forward, not purely on his “stats”. I wasn’t here suggesting the kid will ever play in the NHL, I just don’t believe in dismissing that possibility until I see the kid play some games for myself. Sure the odds are stacked up against him, but if size ends up being the only knock against him then let’s have a look. Determination, smarts, skating, etc. can trump size. Don’t worry, I’m not delusional at all. Height doesn’t worry me as much as his weight — he’ll need to beef up no doubt, if it’s even possible.

          • Where has he killed it at any level of hockey to even show a scintilla of skill to even sniff the NHL?

      • Have you been following Cole Caufield at all? Looks like an easy top 10 draft kid. Might be 155 pounds, but he looks awesome.

        • His weight for his height is appropriate *AND* he scores at an obscene rate.

          2 things Newell doesn’t have in his favor.

    • Wow, a coach talking up his player. Next thing you know, Ted Drury is going to be doing cartwheels on how he couldn’t believe he found an undersized UDFA Hobey Baker nominee begging for a bowl of porridge outside the Garden and noticed he was carrying skates.

  • I used to play with his Dad, and I can tell you any kid who can claw his way to where he is now from Thousand Oaks, CA has to be super-incredibly dedicated. If given a chance, he will make the most of it.

  • OFFICIAL: Rangers Sign Hobey Baker Finalist Patrick Newell

    Well it’s official, let’s all see where he goes from here!!!!!!!! I bet straight to Hartford at best………….

    • Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman.

      Newell, 23, is a left-handed winger who just completed his senior season at St. Cloud State. He led the number-one team in the nation in both goals (21) and points (47) over 39 games. He likes to shoot from everywhere in the offensive zone and puts the puck on net with frequency. From a bird’s-eye view, Newell is an intriguing prospect.

      There are some questions about how his game will translate to the pro level, however. As great as his senior season was, his production in the prior three was somewhat underwhelming. He is (generously) listed at 5’10 and 150 pounds, which is tiny even by modern NHL standards. That in itself isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s not certain that he is a dynamic enough player to compensate. His skating and puck skills are just okay

      That is the scouting report, underwhelming at best……..

      • Just another opinion … and the Rangers state he’s 5’10, 170 … so who really knows aside from his physician. lol

  • The problem with many (there are exceptions) college kids is that they are at a certain level when they get out of college and they are already 22 or 23 years old. Before you know it, they are in their mid twenties like Vesey. . Sometimes they develop later in their mid twenties into decent NHL players, but sometimes they reach their maximum potential quickly and don’t get much better skill wise or develop in the NHL. It’s kind of a crap shoot.

  • It would be nice if we could sign his St Cloud teammate Jimmy Schuldt now.,there was reportedly over 20 teams trying to sign him last year,we don’t really need another left dman,but I believe he”l be a good one.

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