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Rangers quit on Lundqvist, fall to Boston after embarrassing third period

David Pastrnak scored the first two goals for the Bruins, then added the dagger for the hat trick late in the third as the Bruins topped the Rangers 6-2 in Boston. Henrik Lundqvist was largely left hanging out to dry on this one, with three goals against as the result of slot line passes. The Bruins owned this game, and luckily for the Rangers, there’s only six games left in the season.

There were very few Rangers that had good games in this one. Hank made some magnificent saves, but stopping three slot line passes from two feet out is an impossible task. Ryan Strome had two points. Brendan Lemieux jawed at Zdeno Chara, which was fun. That’s about it. This was a lot worse than the Monday game against PIttsburgh. Makes sense, since Boston is significantly better.

Bruins 1, Rangers 0

This is a good passing play by the Bruins on the powerplay. Sometimes, you just tap your stick and move on. This is one of those times. Hank had no chance.

Rangers 1, Bruins 1

Great pass by Ryan Strome. Great finish by Mika Zibanejad, who had a step on the defender.

Bruins 2, Rangers 1

I’m aware this is an odd man rush, but this is not a good look by Fredrik Claesson here. He’s relatively static here, and isn’t looking around to see where Pastrnak was. David Krejci was able to get the puck across with a very difficult pass because Claesson’s stick wasn’t in the lane.

Bruins 3, Rangers 1

Get to the front of the net, and good things happen. This time Strome was in front to bury the Brady Skjei rebound.

Bruins 3, Rangers 2

Another pretty passing play. Another play where Claesson was a little rough on the coverage.

Bruins 4, Rangers 2

Pastrnak’s hat trick goal is one that Hank probably wants back. Considering he was hung out to dry all night, I’m giving him a pass.

Bruins 5, Rangers 2

So no one decided to challenge Pastrnak with the shot, or Patrice Bergeron with the tip, or the initial centering pass. The team quit here. No chance for Hank.

Bruins 6, Rangers 2

Charlie McAvoy’s shot went off Brett Howden’s skate. No chance for Hank.

*-Couldn’t find gifs of these three, since the Bruins’ account didn’t tweet anything. I was sick and needed to sleep, so I didn’t stay up waiting for them.

Bruins 6, Rangers 3

Mika Zibanejad’s 30th of the year. First 30 goal scorer for the Rangers since Rick Nash.

Shot Heatmap

The Bs get shots from basically high danger or medium danger areas only. Mid point shots, slot line shots, no high slot shots, but why bother there when the Rangers give you the area two feet in front of the net?

This is the first time I’ve seen the Rangers quit all year. I guess that’s a good thing, considering how often they quit on Alain Vigneault last year.

Six games left in this disaster of a year.

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  • I can’t watch this any more, when is the season over? They looked awful at best. The only good thing to come out of last night’s game, 2 goals from Zib, good for him!!!!!!!!!

    • Well……hope they lose out…we need to move up the draft ladder……looked more like a tank than a quit job..

      • Hahaha. And Brendan Lemieux decided to give Chara a break by not fighting him. Open your eyes, Mr. Myopic…

        • Hey Troll… Lemieux went back at Chara after your reptilian looking, acromegalic freak threatened to go after Zibanegad because poor Bergeron took a body check. Lemieux then threatened back to go after Pastrnak, who if he would’ve tangled with Lemieux would have been out for 3 weeks.

          Go back to your Boston blog

        • They should send Patrice out with a ‘red – no contact’ jersey. The double minor on Lias shows the double standard certain players get. If ‘Patrice’ needs kid gloves – he should find another sport. And to have a clown like Milbury talk about concussions is too much……

        • Maybe Lemieux thought it was embarrassing enough for Chara that Zucc tangled with him in the past. Why add further insult to injury.

  • The league should suspend that gutless @$$hole Backes for literally bashing Lias with his stick. It was a blatant blindsided assault with repeated cross checks. If you’re going to go after someone do it like a man, instead of a chicken$hit wannabe tough guy.

      • You know what, Walt? These Boston d-bags can be that way because their teammates stick up for each other. That’s why you gotta love Lemieux and ADA. Who else do we have? Kreider, Skjei? Ha! Zucc had b@lls, he’s gone, Buch tries. Did you read that Vesey took boxing lessons in the off season? For what??? I know, Walt I’m preaching to the choir.

        • Boston Bruins at home especially are dirty, no matter how you slice it. Rangers have many young players in their lineup and players like Backers felt it was okay to push them around. Early in the season when McQuaid and McLeod were in the lineup when the Rangers were in Boston and the game at the garden, Backers and the Bruin players who play that type of game, where not a feisty as last night…just saying, would not be surprised the Rangers pick up another tough guy for the 4th line next season. Lemieux can play and I have a feeling the Rangers do not want Lemieux being the only guy expected to drop the gloves when needed.

    • Andersson’s double minor on the Bergeron play was absurd. They should issue Patrice a ‘no hit redshirt’ if he goes into the corner that fast not expecting contact. Clowns like Milbury and Olczyk think that these kids should be skating around with a list of who have had concussions…….Good for Mika. Think Buch is really coming around too. There is always next year. LGR

  • We never want them to look bad in losing, but we do want the regulation loss. Hank seems to be really feeling the pain this season. He won’t open himself to a trade, so I suspect one more year from him.

    Can 3 to 4 additions make a difference on this team? We will need at least 2 additions on the backline (dare I say lots of room for improvement) and 2 scoring forwards. We need to see where the ping pong balls land and then plan for an active draft day. I am thinking we need to hit a homerun at this draft, whether it be getting a top 3 pick or making a deal to acquire assets from a CAP strapped team.

  • Hank “Then at the deadline trading [Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello], two of our three top players, left a big blank on our team.”

    Poor Hank, his last two years will end up being surrounded the drafts top 5 picks. SMH

    • Why poor Hank, this is what he said he wanted. He had his opportunities in the past with some damn good teams … all he has to do now is call Jeff Gorton and say “trade me to a contender”. Hank is the past, Georgiev and Shesty are the future (hopefully), I’m more worried about them being subjected to all this.

      • Hank really should go to Gorton next season and waive his NTC, he truly deserves to be on a contender. The Rangers blue line is the biggest part of this rebuild, and it is going to take some time. The Rangers can get a nice haul for Hank, if they’re is any player in the NHL who deserves the cup, is Hank, to think Tom Wilson has his name on the cup and Hank (if not accepting to waive his NTC next season) will never get a cup if he stays with the Rangers the next two-seasons.

        • He isn’t the FACE of the franchise moving forward, hate to break it to you but we’re not winning the Cup in the next 2 years and Hank will be long gone by the time we are ready to go on another 7-10 year crusade after the elusive Stanley’s Holy Grail. It’s a shame he didn’t win one while he was the face of the franchise because he was a great symbol of what it means to be a New York Ranger … but that was then and this is now a new era of rebirth.

          • I am talking about today. Who is the future face of the franchise? You do not know because they may not even be wearing our jersey yet.

          • … and this has to do with “poor Hank” how? That was the issue here. I don’t think “poor Hank”, he must have had an idea of what he was getting into this year after seeing most of the core get traded in the last year and 10 months. It started with Stepan and ended with Hayes — well maybe not quite “ended”. Hank is probably the only player to really know what’s going on — and what is to come (to some extent at least). If he wants to remain in NY for the last 2 years of his contract he’ll have to suffer the growing pains along with the rest of us.

  • Generally favorably impressed with the coaching change to Quinn, but wtf is it with all the too many men penalties? We have been plagued with them since the start of the season (2 last night). Do we need a special coach (with good math skills)?

  • Have been a coach since 1973 (basketball, softball,baseball,soccer, football, ice and roller hockey and lacrosse) and when players make repeated mistakes it falls on the coaches to figure out a solution. That it is still an issue with 5 games remaining in the season is concerning as it indicates a lack of attention to detail and/or an inability to get your message across.

    • It seems to come though in spurts Rick. They’ll go 3-4 games and take 2-3 of those type of penalties … then it stops for a while but always seems to return. I’m sure Quinn is just as miffed about all these stupid penalties as you are.

  • We have the best coach for losing. He says, its my responsibility, bla bla, bla. He is doing his job. Hope he doesn’t suck next year.

  • A little too gloomy for me today Dave and my fellow commenters. I don’t know if they quit as much as a much better team wore them out and flustered the some last night. Considering the effort they have shown all season I’d attribute it to something other than quitting. They have struggled since the trading deadline, no doubt. But I am not among those who look forward to the end of their season. I’ve enjoyed watching them and watching some of the kids starting to blossom.

    • Peter – The only reason I’m kinda looking forward to the playoffs is because we are in a bit disarray right now – what with all the injuries and vets out – and I don’t want discouragement creeping in. No doubt the win Toronto was such a high and seeing the kids get into it emotionally was awesome. Gerogi said it was “like winning Stanley Cup” – good for him – let it be so. I felt like we won round 1 of a playoff series! That attitude is the one I want them to remember going into next season. I hope they win some games and I’m not one bit concerned about draft position as much as I am who they select (as it turns out, Wahlstrom and Kravstov went opposite routes this year) but please don’t repeat the Anderson (I’ll get to that) selection of two years ago. I’m also looking forward to the assessments, NHL Draft, and the fresh start of Fall Training Camp.

      Lias was bullied in Boston. ADA and Lemieux stepped up – ADA ran over and shoved Debrusk before the face-off when he gave Lias the business. Debrusk backed off and the crowd “oohed” – ADA had a few unpleasant words for him called him a p*ssy and challenged him – Debrusk declined. Lias can and must address this himself. I was astonished that a smaller ADA had to come to his rescue – twice. Lias also needs to punch Backes in the face when does those two handed chops. At least shove back or give him a face wash. I am not concerned about Lias’ hockey ability here, but he needs to show some toughness and self-preservation. Knowing Backes well with the Blues, he was a good citizen and mentor so I was surprised he picked on the young kid instead of having some words of wisdom for him, unless something else transpired seconds before that I did not see.

      • ADA is a feisty piss and vinegar type of player. Not surprised at all since he’s been doing this for months now … he’s our best d’man right now.

    • I agree with you Peter. The 3rd period didn’t go their way and a few inopportune penalty calls kind of broke the game open … in particular that phantom high sticking call on Smith deflated them (it looked to me like the stick hit Coyle in the upper chest area). At worse Coyle should have gotten a penalty for “embellishment”.

    • It’s coming. I can’t predict to what extent but he’s been involved and come close a lot lately. He’s doing the right things, the points will start to come — but again, I’m not suggesting he’s going to break out and score 50+ points but you can see more involvement in the dirty areas. I’m betting this summer he works his arse off as he’s gotten a stiff dose of the NHL reality this year. Patience grasshopper.

      • I believe that Lias will make the team eventually. He is showing improvement. I think that his lack of scoring is partially due to the team wanting him to be much better defensively than he was when he arrived. He is accomplishing that slowly. The points will start to come. So I don’t get the rush by some to call a 20 year old who is adjusting to the NHL game from Europe a “bust”. Likewise I am not worried about Howden’s lack of scoring. We will see next season what Lias and Howden and Chytil can do.

        Regading ADA, I was a big booster of him when they made the Stepan trade. I had seen what he can do offensively when he was with Arizona. I am happy that he has improved his game in the defensive zone and believe that he will get better there too. You’ve got to love his take no crap attitude too. He doesn’t back down from anybody. Obviously still will make a boneheaded play at tihmes. He wouldn’t be ADA if he didn’t! But, I am optimistic about him too. I think that Pionk has played better recently as well.

        Patience grasshopper indeed. Next season will tell us much more.

        • Realistically, I don’t think we can jump to conclusions regarding the young forwards. Present tense: Lias is terrible and does not belong in the NHL. To some extent, we can say the same about the other two. They are at an age where improvement is quite reasonable and some here say they are improving. But long term value depends on just how much they improve and we just don’t know yet. I still hope Chityl turns into something special, but am less optimistic than I was eighteen months ago.

          • Ray I’d agree that Lias does not belong up with the Rangers in the NHL if the Rangers’ farm, the Wolfpack, was a well run organization that has a strong development staff. They don’t and so the best place right now for him is with the big club. As I said in my post, we will know better next season what we have in the three young centers.

        • Peter

          I have to agree, there are some who will bury you in your rookie year if you don’t win the Calder award. Like the Rolling Stones once sang, “Time is on my side, yes it is”!!!!!

          • Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…

            Welll, I might have the taste part nailed down, but that is a matter of opinion!

    • Yes. That’s not to say Lias is a “bust”…but if we are being honest with ourselves, he was projected to have a limited ceiling by most evaluators outside of the Rangers, and so far it looks like he will. The general consensus on draft night was that the Rangers should have taken Middlestadt, and there was a reason for that – that early in the draft, you take skill/ceiling over NHL-readiness/character/intangibles. No hindsight was necessary to see that the Rangers weren’t doing that in selecting Lias there.

      • Just a personal opinion but I would rather have a top 3rd line center than a middling Top 6 winger. I don’t know what the future holds for either Middlestadt or Lias, but I’m not overly confident that Middlestadt will turn out to be anything more than that.

      • I had an additional thought on why selecting Andersson was a mistake. If you use the 7th pick to choose the consensus 7th pick, you get a player with the trade value of a 7th pick. If you use the 7th pick to choose the consensus 15th choice, you get a player with lower trade value, at least at the start.

        Middlestadt starts with a higher trade value than Lias and if both disappoint and teams want to move on, one expects to be able to get more for Middlestadt. Obviously it is more about getting the right player than optimizing trade value, BUT if it is a close call, it is something to consider.

  • boy watching last night they seem to want the end as much as i do. hate boston made it worse.
    hank needs a trade he look lost like the rest of them.

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