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Alex Georgiev makes 44 saves, Ryan Strome gives Rangers OT winner against Toronto

Ryan Strome scored the overtime winner, as the Rangers bested the Toronto Maple Leafs for the second straight time, and their first win in March. The Blueshirts were once again dominated by the Leafs, surrendering a 65% shot advantage. However Alex Georgiev, the Bulgarian Brute, stood tall again. For whatever reason, he has the Leafs’ number. He made 44 saves in this one, which was less than he had to make in the prior win (54).

Pavel Buchnevich scored in the first minute of the third to break the scoreless tie. Zach Hyman answered eight minutes later. But it was Georgiev, especially in the third, who was the difference maker. He made 19 of his 44 saves in the third, with the leaves getting a whopping 78% of the shots in the third period.

This was not a close game at all, but sometimes goalies steal one. Or in Georgiev’s case, he always steals one against the Leafs.

Rangers 1, Leafs 0

Brady Skjei took a sharp angle shot that Freddy Andersen left in front for rebound chances. Chaos ensued, and Buchnevich found a seam to the loose puck after both Mitch Marner and Zach Hyman missed him on the coverage. Buch also clipped Marner on the way in, sending him to the ice. Incidental contact.

Rangers 1, Leafs 1

Mike Reilly’s shot took an awkward bounce off Georgiev, and the Rangers couldn’t clear the elevated puck. John Tavares got there in the confusion as Hyman cut to the slot. No one picked up Hyman and the passing lane was open for the easy goal.

Rangers 2, Leafs 1

Strome and Boo Nieves had a great 2-on-1 that Andersen made a terrific save on. But with so few bodies on the ice, Nieves was able to get the rebound to Strome behind the net, who tucked it into the empty net.

Shot Heatmap

If I told you nothing about the game other than the shot differential, this is probably the heatmap you would have drawn. Toronto has a scary offense. The Rangers do not defend well. Nothing new to see here.

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  • Never thought they’d pass nj but now passing Anaheim is in jeopardy.

    Side note : how has john gilmour been in the ahl this whole time. that was the best I’ve seen from him.

  • Actually I didn’t think the shot discrepancy was necessarily that indicative. In the first place I’m leary of so-called SOG totals at some “home” arenas. Secondly I thought Anderson played well himself (not up to Georgi’s play, but pretty well). Yes the Maple Leafs overall had the better of play, but the Rangers played well.

  • Oh … and what’s up with Buichnevich?! He looked glum and almost disinterested for about 50+ games, now all of a sudden he’s smiling and celebrating … I think I even saw him laugh once … and in the game before he looked downright upset and ready to burst into tears when he didn’t come through. It’s like he’s the poster child for mercurial Russian forward. lol He’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma … either that or he took some happy pills. 😉

    • I think that Quinn’s coaching has a lot to do with it. He takes the time to talk to the players and explain what they need to do to improve. If they don’t seem to get the message, he sits them for a period, or a game, but he also makes it clear to them why he’s doing it, and he gives them another chance to show that they can do it. Buchnevich is playing the best he’s ever played for the Rangers, and he’s enjoying the hell out of it. Tony D is playing the most consistently he’s ever done, and showing his talent, too. Chytil is starting to use his size and strength instead of tippy toeing around. Let’s give the coach credit when he deserves it.

      • Except DQ was doing that during the first 55+ games as well, that hasn’t changed … but now when Buch scores I see excitement, for his first 10 goals or so he was reserved, almost matter-of-fact about it. Maybe he sees the opening now with Zucc gone …

      • I think you are spot on Joe. I have warmed up to Quinn’s style now that I understand it better. Buchnevich and DeAngelo were two players who needed some intensive coaching and both tough love and a little TLC. It seems to have paid off very well. Do you all remember the mess the team was at the outset of the season in AV’s last year? Quinn would never ever let a squad go out as unprepared as that. I like this guy a lot.

        • Agreed about Quinn, it’s worked out well with those two — now I wish he would try a little of “that” with guys like Pionk … but whatever it is that turned Buch it seemed to coincide with Zucc sitting out/getting traded — and I’m not talking about how he’s playing, I’m referencing his MOOD, his animation. He’s played well before in stretches only to be bumped back to the 4th line after a mistake (mostly AV) or he’s gotten injured. Maybe it was something said to him around the trade deadline.

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