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Georgiev shines, but Rangers can’t solve Bishop, get shutout in Dallas

The Rangers went into Dallas last night with a bit of an emotional reunion on their minds. Even though Mats Zuccarello was not playing, he was the focus of interviews for both clubs. It didn’t seem to impact the Stars much, who came out like a team fighting for their playoff lives. They controlled even strength for the most part, especially in the third period (before the absurd Mika Zibanejad ejection).

Alex Georgiev shined again in this one, making several fabulous saves while Dallas poured it on in the third. This game shouldn’t have been 1-0 by the time Zibanejad was ejected for boxing out. He was also marvelous on that 5-on-3, keeping it a one-goal game. But in the end, the Rangers could not put one past Ben Bishop.

On the bright side, Libor Hajek was solid again. It’s only three games, but he’s been much better than he was in Hartford. He looked much better and confident with the puck as well. The Stars really shut the Rangers down, though.

Stars 1, Rangers 0

The gif only shows the very nice shot by John Klingberg, but this starts with Marc Staal unable to clear the zone on the clear. This led to Miro Heiskanen getting the puck over to Klingberg with room to shoot.

Shot Heatmap

This is what you expect when the Rangers aren’t able to generate anything sustained. Not much available in the high danger areas, leading to more shots than usual from the points. Dallas focused their attack from the high slot.

The Blueshirts now fly to Detroit for a big #tankathon game on Thursday.

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  • “On the bright side, Libor Hajek was solid again. It’s only three games, but he’s been much better than he was in Hartford.”

    In the three games hes played in the show, looks like the game he played in Hershey, and that was good. The call up proves that we are in deep tapioca if the problem in Hartford isn’t addressed. I’m glad JG insisted on getting him in the trade with Tampa.

    As for the game well we did play with hustle in the first, but once Dallas scored to open the second, it appeared to take the wind out of our sail.

    • Let’s see if we can get lucky and get rid of one or 2 of our bad vet D-men this off season Out PP and PK has to improve as well. Add two pieces up front and maybe a D or two and we’ll be headed in the right direction!

      • Agreed … we have no 2nd line right now to counter-balance the 1st and the old warriors back on d are just that, OLD. If I have to witness egregious mistakes back on D it might as well be by players under 22-23, not players on the north-side of 30.

        • Tanto I’m not sure how long vesey can pull off that #1 line play. He’s been good so far but do you think he can go 82 games ?

  • I don’t think the coach was too happy with Kreider last night…. news flash Rangers fans Chris Kreider is good but he’s NOT THAT GOOD! I was really hoping for this huge haul at the deadline, but alas. Now we have to pay him after next year… yep 7 or so million per for a guy that seems to disappear on frequent occasions. 26 goals for our resident superstar. Will he even break 30 goals this year? Will he break 30 goals EVER! Gee… and we all seemed to be thinking this was his 40 goal season.

    • Well that is a little overboard on conclusions after one game where their offense was bottled up pretty much the entire night, don’t you think? Oh, and he played in a new line too.

      • Nope… and him playing with different line mates was because DQ wasn’t pleased with him. So here’s a guy with 14 whole points more than Jimmy Vesey, with nearly twice the pp time, better line mates, more TOI in general. He’s never broken 30 goals in a season, MIGHT do it this year. Has a reputation of dubious hockey IQ AND disappearing from time to time. Plus he doesn’t have the greatest playmaking acumen… he’s never had more than 25 assists in a season.

        He’s a great talent when he wants to be, but I feel the ship sailed this past deadline. IMO he’s not worth what he’s going to get on his next contract.

        • Kreider is always stuck in front or off to the side for deflections. Tough to amass too many goals from here. Quinn is not punishing him. He’s trying to jumpstart the rookies.

    • 16 games remaining….I see a record of 6-9-1…..will that be enough to get a crack at a top 3 spot?

      • Best we can do is probably 6th, but I wouldn’t bet on us falling that low. 5th if Anaheim gets real better real fast.

      • Bad news. If all the other teams above the us stay at their current records, not only won’t the NYR crack the top 3 spots, they’ll stay exactly where they are this morning: 8th. We need the teams above us (especially VAN, CHI & ANA) to play better and we need to get fewer points if we want to even get to #5, which is about the best we can expect.

  • Thing is we have NO 2nd line right now, we traded most of it away. We may not have a TRUE 2nd line for another year or so and that will mean a lot of pressure on Mika, Kreider and [insert name].

  • I repeat!
    I propose that the coaches get 3 challenges for the whole year, to challenge the awful non existent penalty calls. If you are wrong you get a 5 min penalty. If right you don’t lose the challenge.


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    I must say 5 knuckle benders wit no brilliance.
    Haters hate no matter what.
    I don’t hate Fast, he just sucks or is hurt.

  • Game 6 2015 ECF, the Rangers dropped 6 on Bishop.

    That Friday, before Game 7, I said to my friend, that to solve Bishop, yo make him go side to side, that merely throwing shots at him straight on is useless, because he’s too big. I also said that if the Rangers do not score in the first 10 minutes of the game then they would lose.

    Allowing Bishop to square himself to the shooter means he stops the puck almost every time. Cross or diagonal passes and crashing the net is the way to beat him. Or, what they did in Game 6 of the 2015 ECF.

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