Rangers sign Joey Keane to entry-level contract

The Rangers have agreed to terms with defenseman Joey Keane, their third round pick from this past year. Keane was widely regarded as a solid pick by the Rangers, and has followed it up with a strong year in the OHL with a line of 8-29-37 in 61 games with Barrie and London. Josh was a fan of this pick.

The three year ELC comes with an NHL cap hit of $809,166.

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    • London will still be playing before Hartford’s season ends, so no worries there.

      Now where it gets interesting is that Kravtsov’s team will likely get eliminated tonight, so do they sign him to a PTO for Hartford or an ELC and give him a handful of games but make sure his contract slides(and yes, his contract would slide if he doesn’t break 10 games.)

      • I like your confidence about the slide. I thought there was some disagreement here. To be clear — I have no idea. But doesn’t Kravtsov turn whatever age this year (20?) that ages him out of the contract slide? Geez, I’m so confused by it that I cannot even ask the question well…

        • He’s a late 99 birthday. If he signed at the start of the season, he’d count as an 18 year old. If he signs between now and June 30th(this is where it gets tricky) the age at which he signed is 19 because the calendar year in which he signed has him at September 15 is 19, but his 1st league year is now.

          Where people get screwed up on all the late birthdays stuff is if his contract was to start next league year or he signed it July 1, he’s considered age 20 under the CBA. They think that a league year and calendar year are the same thing, when the CBA explicitly writes calendar year when they mean calendar year.

          Year=league year=season
          The calendar year would have him 19 and the 1st season is also 19.

          Ages by season for late birthdays:
          Age 18=6 months(July 1-Dec. 31)
          Age 19=6 months(Jan 1-Hune 30)

          Age 20: 6 Months(July 1-Dec. 31)
          Age 21: 6 Months(Jan 1-June 30)

          Age 21: 6 Months(July 1-Dec. 31)
          Age 22: 6 Months

          So here’s the thing: they have his rights in perpetuity. Bringing him in at 19 and not getting him his games is sorta shitty unless they give him a minimum paragraph 1 salary For his ELC, then give him the rest of the 1st year as a signing bonus getting his AAC up to $925k plus games played & performance bonuses. Signing bonus would be around $600k

          What happens when a contract year gets burned is a player doesn’t get his 10 games in, then both the player & club decide not to let the contract slide.

          Joey Keane is age 20 under this contract.

  • If he signs his NHL ELC and doesn’t play 11 PROFESSIONAL games (AHL or NHL) then he’s still exempt for the expansion draft. His NHL contract however wouldn’t slide because of his age so he would become a RFA 1 year earlier.

    Bottom line, if they think he’s THAT close to playing full time in the NHL it might make sense to sign him to his ELC and bring him over to play 10 NHL games, if they figure he probably needs AHL seasoning then it makes much more sense to have him just sign a PTO and play in Hartford — although that may or may not be an issue given what we’re hearing about Hartford.

    • That’s incorrect for a number of reasons.

      1: He can’t sign the ELC and report to Hartford as he wasn’t on the HFD roster as of 3pm eastern on the trade deadline He could go to Maine possibly.

      2: His age under CBA 12.1.c is 20; his age under CBA 8.10 & 9.2 is 19. If he signs before end of league year, he is 19. If he signs in the new league year, he is 20 per 9.1.d(i). The language in 12.1 is clear in intent that player has to play 10 games this season or next to earn pro season; consistency would dictate that the contract would slide if player wouldn’t earn pro year this league year.

      Yet not all contracts do. Why is that? Because the team and player agreed to burn the contract year.

      CBA 9.2.d(i)
      Unless a Player and Club expressly agree to the contrary, in the event a Player’s SPC is extended an additional year in accordance with this subsection, all terms of the SPC, with the exception of Signing Bonuses, but including Paragraph 1 Salary, games played bonuses and Exhibit 5 bonuses, shall be extended; provided, however, that the Player’s Paragraph 1 Salary shall be extended in all circumstances.

      • All that out of the way, it’s terribly complicated as written between 8.10, 9.2 and 12.1(c)

        But look at it this way: a late birthday would be under what people mistakenly believe is as follows:

        Age 18: 6 months
        Age 19: 0 months
        Age 20: 24 months(over 3 seasons)

        Does that make any sense or seem fair to a once or twice passed late birthday player? A late birthday junior player passed over 2x would have his ELC end at age 25.

      • I was talking expansion draft for the most part, 11 games total (NHL and AHL) would mean he’s not exempt — that’s my understanding. As far as the slide, I see your point.

        • And you’d still be wrong: 10 games burns a pro season for expansion, 11 makes the contract not slide.

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