Baby Rangers get a point, fall to Washington in the shootout

The Rangers dressed 13 players this afternoon that were 25 years old or younger, the most number I can think of in recent memory. Those baby Rangers gave the defending Stanley Cup champs a run for their money, playing spirited hockey in a 3-2 shootout loss. Four of those 25 and younger players recorded points in the game, so the future is looking bright.

As for the game, the Caps pretty much owned the puck from the start of the second period, and it was the Alex Georgiev show, stealing a point for the Blueshirts. Georgiev made 37 saves, including 20 in the second period for a stellar performance. In the end, Washington’s skill won out, and Georgiev’s fun attempt to stop Alex Ovechkin’s shootout winner at least made us laugh.

Rangers 1, Caps 0

This was some tenacious forechecking by the entire Ryan Strome, Jesper Fast, and Chris Kreider line. Matt Niskanen lost Strome as he cut to the net after the puck wound up on Kreider’s stick. Easy feed to the slot and Strome finished.

Caps 1, Rangers 1

Carl Hagelin’s centering feed got stopped by Libor Hajek, but with Georgiev already moving to his right and the puck staying put, Hagelin was able to put the bad angle carom into the net.

Caps 2, Rangers 1

There really isn’t a defensive breakdown here. Marc Staal pressured Andre Burakovsky after his cut to the middle and ensured he didn’t get his shot off from the high slot. Instead his shot from the top of the circle beat Georgiev through a screen. It happens.

Caps 2, Rangers 2

This is some effort by Filip Chytil in front to get the rebound over to Pavel Buchnevich for the tying goal. It looks like John Carlson lost Buch in the process.

Shot Heatmap

The Caps owned the puck for the most part, peppering Georgiev from a lot of high danger areas. The kid stood tall.

The Rangers travel a lot coming up, with a game in Dallas Tuesday as the starting point of seven games in 12 nights, all of which require lengthy flights to get there. This is basically what Western Conference teams do regularly. Let’s see how these kids hold up.

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  1. Great game for Georg. Felt truly sorry for him when he “threw” his stick. Must be taking lessons from Hank. ?This team is tenacious (except for the horrific 2nd period). I’m ready for the season to end…

    1. Not me, I’m enjoying this. Feels like we’re starting to build something here. Glad the deadline has passed, having fun watching this now.

      1. I don’t mean to suggest that this team isn’t entertaining and hard working. Just that I’m exhausted by all these overtime losses. Would love to see them get rewarded for their play.

        1. Seen the Shootout clip , definitely a goal….. stuff happens I guess , sux for him but he’s learning !

  2. They battle, scrap, claw, whatever they need to do. Great to watch.

    I’ve given up on the top 2 picks, they’re picking around 10 so might as well get used to it.


    1. Hey Richter – trust me, in this 2019 draft, bro, having two 1s is a beautiful thing even if you are not named Hughes, Kaks or Pods! Let’s see how the lottery simulates, too, the ‘Canes lucked out last year. Rangers working hard, love the attitude, good things will follow…hard work pays off, man, it just does, now and at the end of the season, too.

      1. Love the picks bro, for sure.

        I hope you’re right, but the Rangers usually do not get that type of good luck. So I am just preparing myself, lol. But, as you said, you never know.

  3. Four games without Zucc and Hayes and they seem to have become Quinn’s team to an even greater extent. They play hard, honest, physical hockey. They stick up for each other and are a pain to play against. All the qualities he’s been preaching. And they’re really fun to watch. Sporting News has the farm system ranked 9th (they had to be like 30th just two years ago) and after this draft they’ll be top 5 at least.

    The top quality of the draft seems to go about 11 deep so we’ll be okay, even without tanking (4-11 are pretty interchangeable in the mocks). If somehow we can drop to 6-7, all the better (and that’s a difference of just a few points) All I know is what I read but Podkolzin (yet another Russian) seems perfect — skilled and “abrasive”.

    There’s much to be optimistic about. A solid foundation is being built in front of our eyes. Now we need to fill it with the right parts. But, for now, we have a coach who knows what kind of team he wants, we’re developing a distinct style and personality, and we’re on our way to getting him the kind of players he needs.

    1. When Buchnevich dropped the gloves a couple of nights ago I nearly fell off the easy chair. This afternoon Fast was hectoring Tom Wilson. Lemieux and DeAngelo are like sandpaper all game long. I could not agree with you more Rod, Quinn and Gorton are building a very good club that is always fun to watch and holds the promise of becoming a very good team.

    2. it sucks that even though weve technically lost 4 in a row we have made up like zero lotto ground. still stick in the 9 hole. however I am not overly concerned – as you mention the draft is really interchangeable from 3-9. for example some have have dach as the next best after kakko and some have him going as late as nine. plus there are always guys that drop for whatever reason. add in that thst doesn’t include guys like newhook or kaliyev who are having monster years that I can see a top ten team “reaching” for. (most have them in mid teens) . main issue will be getting that top pair D – I don’t think byram will reach us where we are now.

    3. Rod

      The team is fun to watch again, real effort by all, and still improving.

      I’m of the impression that AV set this organization back a few years with his style of coaching. Funny how there are openings, and will be more, we never hear of AV being in the mix. Geeeees I wonder why?????????

      1. I didn’t approve of some of Torts’ shenanigans (although he almost always kept me entertained), but the team we’re building is the team Torts always wanted — he had less potential talent to work with, but he got 100% out of the talent he had.

  4. They need to consider signing some of the younger guys long term this summer while the pricing is low … ok, ok, I mean sign DeAngelo this summer long term. He’s a huge keeper in my books.

  5. Team has an identity again. No elite studs, just a bunch of lunch pail guys who work for 60 minutes. Hoping that we add more talent at the draft and over the summer. We are competitive, just not a playoff team yet.

    1. You don’t know that for certain just yet. Just because a 19 year old doesn’t come and establish himself as an elite presence right off the bat doesn’t mean he can’t do so when the light bulb goes off in a couple of years. So a guy like Chytil, Kravtsov, Shesty and/or Miller could all turn into that elite player you so desire. It’s not like the talent for that isn’t there, whether it gets actualized over time is another issue.

  6. Fast played like a checker and played well enough to have 3 checks. Again ZERO points. Yes his presence in 1 check resulted in a bad defensive play. Man that guy really sucks.

    1. LOL. And for the second game in a row, whose forecheck forced the turnover that led to the first goal?

      1. I did state that above. I still think he should be on the 4th line. Other than the 2 other checks what did he do? My suggestion is People that live in glass houses should not throw checks against Wilson. Word of wisdom, why go out of the way to antagonize Wilson. Wilson can tear Fast’s head and spit down his throat. Wilson is a cheap shot artist and will likely retaliate and I don’t think Fast needs another shot to the head. Fast sucks enough right now and don’t need brain damage. Do people see that when Fast is taken off a certain line, the line then produces. Look at Chytil or Buch. Fasters you have no clothes.

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