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Rangers trade Adam McQuaid to Columbus

The Rangers have made their third big trade, sending Adam McQuaid to Columbus for 2019 4th and 7th round picks. McQuaid was acquired by the Rangers this offseason for 4th and 7th round picks (and Steven Kampfer). In 36 games, he put up a line of 2-3-5. He was always going to be a stopgap for this season.

This is actually a net negative for the Rangers, as they move back in both rounds in exchange for 36 games of McQuaid.

The Rangers also got Julius Bergman in the deal, a 23 year old RD who was just acquired by the Blue Jackets in the Matt Duchene deal. Bergman, a Swede, has a line of 0-6-6 in 33 AHL games this year. He was San Jose’s 2nd rounder in 2014.

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  • Cannot give Gorton kudos for this move. Just opening up the backline from 8 defenders down to 7 for more near-AHL quality picks.

  • I’ve got to disagree Dave. Dealing McQuaid is a positive because it frees up space to play Claesson and DeAngelo, perhaps bring back Lindgren or one of the other Wolfpack defensemen. I’d like to see Smith moved too even though his play has improved to free up roster space for young players, but his contract is probably too rich.

    • I agree … at worst this a small step back, at best it removes any issues on the right side as to who should play … and I agree, we need to open some space on the left side, especially from a cap perspective where we have circa $15m tied up.

      • A small step back unless Bergman eventually turns into the prospect he was projected to be at 23 years old there’s still time for that to happen.

  • Back to being the most abused team in the NHL. They have no one to drop the gloves . I hope he resigns next year.

      • Hi Pete, I am a Tony D fan, but can you visualize him going toe to toe with the Tom Wilson’s or the Ryan Reeve’s of the world??? I know the bully days of the NHL are over, but just having the presence of McQuaid on your bench kept the opposition honest!

        • Go watch Brendan Lemieux on youtube, Bobby—I think you’ll be pretty pleased with how well Lemieux can handle himself. Kid can flat-out throw knuckles.

          Of course, I’d rather there were no fights in the game, but if they’ve gotta happen, Ranger fans will be happy with Lemieux.

          • I went to see some Video on Lemieux via google. Of the first 10 videos, 7 we’re fights, two were a suspension for hitting Trocheck and 1 was a goal…that’s his top 10 videos on google…he’s just like his dad…

          • He appears to practice the dark arts of hockey, exactly like his dad. If he’s half the scorer Claude was, the Rangers will have gotten a good agitator who can back up the trash talk with physicality.

          • Lemieux is an agitator. Still need an enforcer like McQuaid if this relatively small team is going to play with the bite that DQ demands. Asking guys like Namesnikov and Buch to play with the aggression they have exhibited is unfair if there is no one to back them up.

            Good to trade McQuaid and free up the space for the prospects for the remainder of the season. Let’s us see what they have and helps the tanking for a better draft position. Just the same I hope they sign McQuaid for next season. They can then trade him again at the TD. Guys like him are always in demand from the teams looking to add grit and depth for their playoff run.

          • Enforcer for what? How many of those players are left in the league? Why waste a roster spot?

            Now if it was someone like Simmonds who can fight and play, then ok. I’m tired of the McLeods and Glass’ being on the Rangers.

          • His numbers are actually intriguing. In 44 games (basically half a season), playing 7-1/2 minutes a games (half time player), he somehow has scored 9 goals. A really high scoring rate for someone who does not play on the power play. That isn’t a McLeod or a Glass. And while he is on the ice, his teammates have also scored nine goals while the opponents only 8. These are superlative numbers for a fourth line player.

            It may be a fluke. He may accept a role as a pugilist rather than a hockey player foolishly by design. But just maybe the Rangers actually got someone decent. AND, if he can play quality hockey while eliminating the Ranger FO quest for the next Tanner Glass, he serves two roles.

            I am not looking to defend Gorton. Goodness knows, I would have fired him after the Zuccarello trade. But this trade might actually be decent.

          • I have zero problem with getting tough players that can play.

            If this kid is anything like his dad, without the real cheapshot nonsense, then we might really have something, to get production out of the bottom 6.

            All the deals for forwards were about the same as Zuc’s, nothing to be pissed off about.

          • Rangers traded their best player over the last six years and going forward for virtually nothing. Resigning him was a no-brainer. And forget the crap about contract length. The Rangers refused to negotiate with him for a long time and they just exchanged opening offers. When JG could not get much for Zuc, he had no fallback plan. Forwards who can play 25 minutes or more a game – and Zuccarello can – are worth their weight in gold.

            Mark my words. Neither you nor I will see another Ranger Cup.

          • Again Raymond, if Kevin Hayes is your 2nd best skater, then the team is going no where.

            Prediction: The 2nd year of his new contract starts the agony for whichever team he signs with. Hayes wanted a 7 x 7 contract. You want to give that to him? Seriously?

          • Brendan is a Quinn pick….kid is tough and fearless…good bottom six addition.

  • “Sweden calling. Belleville Senators’ defenceman Julius Bergman is slated for home, according to Swedish media outlet Sport Bladet.”

    same guy? hopefully someone at 4 Penn Plaza googled his name before the trade, and has a plan 🙂

    • New organization, perhaps he’ll give us one year … but I suspect that year would be in the AHL, he’s a righty.

    • Because of injuries, Hartford has a shortage of bodies on defense. It makes sense that the Rangers would acquire a competent AHL defenseman who will leave at the end of the season.

  • Looks like NYR are done moving parts today. Now let’s hope we lose most of the remaining games, with the kids brought up and playing well.

  • Go to and we can see Lemiuex get pummeled by a guy named McIlrath….Anyway I hope we can flip him for some value at the draft. I was hoping we would be able to move some salary guys like Smith or Shatty. But all in all we got some future value for our UFA’s.

    • I am thinking the overall plan might be to acquire 3 first round picks, see where we select in the lottery and give away 2 (plus another asset or 2) for something in the top 5 picks. Guessing that 1 and 2 are non-starters, so we would have to be chasing picks 3, 4 or 5. This may yield a near NHL-ready player. I can dream that we make such a deal to add to our youthful assets.

    • Watch Lemieux fight against actual NHL players, not AHL lifer Dylan McIlrath. He does just fine.

    • And yet…Lemieux is headed for Broadway, while that obscure “guy named McIlrath” is, well, I really don’t know where he is. Just that he’s no closer to the NHL than he was 2 seasons ago.

  • Fun fact: Brendan Lemieux is one of only two NHLers this year with 2+ goals scored and more goals scored personally than by opponents when they were on the ice. The other is Connor Garland of Arizona. He might actually be a hockey player if the Rangers don’t obsess about him as a fighter.

  • Ottawa sold the farm and Columbus bought the farm. Sorry Sittoo , they didn’t like my new name ?

  • So, overall, I think the Rangers did ok. These trades were not meant to restock the org in one fell swoop. It was to shed players that would not be here a year or two done the road, and clear cap space.

    As much as I complain, I still hold fast to the idea that we cannot assess the GM until next season when the 2019-20 Ranger team is set. We still have the draft and the offseason to go through. Now, somehow, find a way to dump Staal and Smith.

    And even with my detailed issues with the coach, I still think they we have the right guy for the job going forward.

    • You do complain a lot. 🙂 Change your name to Richter2022. lol

      I would take it at least to 2020-21 because the reality is we won’t see a guy like K’Andre, Nils or Kravs have a meaningful impact for a few years. Even Chytil may need that time to become the type of player most of us think he’ll become. That also gives us enough time to dump some more of the dead weight on defense, especially the left side.

      • You keep me in check pal. You and MC, lol.

        I think that Gorton becomes aggressive this offseason. I still think that Panarin and Trouba are targets.

        If, and this is a big IF, the Rangers can get both, or say Panarin and Hamilton, added to what they have now and what is coming next year, they could definitely be a playoff team.

        It’s very possible and doable.

        • I don’t think we want to trade anything of real value for Trouba or Hamilton (you know why everyone wants to trade this guy), if I’m the GM of either Carolina or Winnipeg I want Chytil and DeAngelo to start with … or Kravtsov and Miller, Sheshty and Nils Lundkvist … one of those guys and 1st rounder … no, get Panarin if you can … shame that Stone is off the market.

          • Admittedly I have had a man crush on Trouba for a long time, Rocky and Geno AZ here know that. But the reality is that the trade cost will be very steep and I do think that it would gut the talent pool of the Rangers.

            Unless the Jets accept picks, but even then, I don’t know what the Rangers have that the Jets would want.

            But how about this? Conspiracy theory time, Hayes went to the Jets with a wink wink deal for Trouba down the road.

          • I had the same crush on him when he was playing at Michigan with Boo … but he’s never really fully realized that Norris Trophy worthy potential — now that could be Winnipeg’s fault, especially in his early years and the way he was played, but I suspect that maybe he isn’t quite that good — of course still good enough to be a 1RD but not an elite game changer. The price would be too high and I suspect any deal with the Jets would be lateral at best.

  • Why is Chris Kreider still with the club? His max trade value is right about now, going into this year’s playoffs with 1 full year next season remaining on his contract. If we are going to rebuild, then rebuild.

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