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Lundqvist saves the day as Rangers play spoiler in Raleigh

The Rangers are officially in spoiler mode. The Blueshirts came into last night’s game against a Carolina team needing a win and came away with the two points the Hurricanes needed. Henrik Lundqvist was the story of this one, stopping a flurry of shots in the third period to preserve a 2-1 lead, including a final two minute firing squad with Curtis McElhinney on the bench.

Connor Brickley got his first goal as a Ranger on a goal that was overturned by video review. Vlad Namestnikov got the game winner. Aside from those two goals, the entire game was played in the Rangers’ end, with Carolina getting a whopping 74 (!) shot attempts -half of them legitimate scoring chances– to the Rangers’ 42. Lundqvist made 43 saves in this, so he had more saves than the Rangers had shot attempts.

That’s how good Henrik Lundqvist still is. Let that sink in.

Hurricanes 1, Rangers 0

Jordan Martinook made the cut to the net, beating Kevin Hayes by a step and getting the inside track to receive the pass from Dougie Hamilton in the slot. Lundqvist got Martinook’s first attempt, but Martinook’s step on Hayes allowed him to get to the rebound and put it over Hank.

Rangers 1, Canes 1

This is what happens when you charge the net. Filip Chytil got the puck on net, and Brickley was there to have a lucky bounce go off him and into the net.

Rangers 2, Canes 1

This isn’t a powerplay goal technically, but it is for all intents and purposes. Tony DeAngelo made a nice fake before getting the puck over the slot line to Pavel Buchnevich. His shot was stopped, but the rebound chaos wound up on Namestnikov’s stick for the winner.

Shot Heatmap

This is basically what you’d expect from a 74-42 shot attempt game when half are scoring chances. That’s a lot of shots from in close.

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  • Hank was amazing.! ADA was fun to watch last night. Out of position on the Canes first goal, that said he sure made up for it. He didn’t get an assist on the second goal, but he keep that play going. He’s our most dynamic D man and he needs to play nightly.

    • Andy

      I’m glad that the kid is getting the recognition he deserves. The guy has shown how he should have been playing all along, rather than some of the others!!!!!

      • I agree Walt. He’s really stepped his game up this year and he’s a lot of fun to watch. The kids a keeper in my view. and I know he’s had some issues and that makes me route for him even more!

  • Do you know what day it is? Hump day! What a game and even playing with a First line, a half a second line and two forth lines. Connor Brickley is better than Fast already. Players are playing hard. Whats up with Hank and no soft goals? You know Carolina sucks if they get beat by 2 fourth lines and a coach is trying to play with one hand tied behind his back. You know this is funny stuff unless you think there is no truth of what I said.

    • You think he has one hand tied behind his back now, I suspect both Zucc and Hayes sit out against the Devils, making us play with 8 defensemen.

      • Yes, by his line up. Flip on the 4th line. Fast on the other 4th line. Why do you think they will sit? There is contract negotiations.

    • Your Fast comment is just stupid. There’s no other way to put it. A journeyman forward knocks one in off his chest and all of a sudden he’s better than Fast — how many times did Fast win the player’s player award? Right, 3 times … in a row.

        • i wish I could add a GIF of Wile e Coyote(super genius) GIF of an anvil dropping on his head…that’s a little derogatory their for a genius…

          • I am 7 percent American Indian. Don’t tell me I hate myself. Anvil Me? No anvil you! I lowered myself to a level of understanding after he said my comment was stupid. Your comment wasn’t much nicer, wanting an anvil on someones head because you disagree with me. You are too serious. I don’t think I am a genius. I know it, just joking.

          • You take wildly untenable positions. This isn’t about disagreeing with your opinion, this is about having no respect for your crazy ones. If you post a even remotely tenable one I promise to be nice(r).

          • Zero goals and Zero assists in 1 month this pat month is fact. From October 4th to December 1st he had 1 goal. While you don’t like what I say, you should look yourself in the mirror and be angry at yourself. Tanner Fast may be hurt and may have excuses, but that does not mean I will join you in telling myself he is doing well when he is not. Marx Brothers saying “Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?”

          • How in the name of Jay Silverheels do you even calculate 7% Native American? Unless you’re a member of the Wannabe Tribe, in that case it makes sense!

          • Thank heavens for Ancestry .com. Its in the blood. Then your going to tell me I am not 16% black if I am not living with black people.

          • 100% unpleasant was for you Genius. It’s ok to disagree, but no point in being mean spirited and derogatory to Tanto or anyone. We’re all Rangers fans, we love the team and we have our ideas about what works. We may not agree on the players or the best route to get there and that’s fine but no need for personal attacks.

          • Andy Andy Andy! Sorry you feel that way.
            The way I look at it is I was cross checked with “Your Fast comment is just stupid.” And you know Genius can not be stupid. Ralph Waldo Emerson said,” To be great is to be misunderstood.”
            I there by cross checked back with speaking Indian lingo translated for you to keep cool. Nothing more nothing less since I know I am Indian and Indian language. And you called a penalty on me but not on the first cross check.
            I may not be pleasant for you and many, because I am rubbing your Idol the wrong way. I tend to smash idols and I make no apologies for that. I will take the 2 minute penalty.

      • I don’t think the players award is an award for the best player. Its more like a c+ player who tries so hard, an effort award. Its like give an award to someone that sucks but tries in this occasion. Its like Tanto, you try so hard to defend Fast but this year he is not up to it. The math, the goals the not scoring for an entire month, but he tries so hard. For an entire month I was complaining and no one was able to refute me because he did nothing.
        The Players’ Player Award is an annual award given to the player “who best exemplifies what it means to be a team player” as determined by his teammates.
        You don’t have to be good but liked.

        • Resident, it is for the player who plays the game the way a player should. Whatever Fast’s lack of offensive skills may be, the players and the coaxhes all admire his effort and his ability to do the little things right. Sure, he should be a 4th liner, but the Rangers are lacking wingers so he gets bumped up the lineup.

          • Peter, Fast has lack of offensive skills. That’s heretic. No one will agree with you. Why is Filip on the 4th and not Fast?

  • From what I remember from the game, it seemed that they didn’t play the entire game in the Rangers’ end. Rather, they played the entire first period in the Rangers’ end with Carolina crashing the net, and the latter part of the third period in the Rangers’ end with Carolina again crashing the net. I thought the 2nd period and first half of the 3rd were not bad for the Rangers.

    No matter what, they did play hard again and that is what I think everyone wants to see from them.

    • That is very astute of you. You could not give him away for a bag of pucks, though that’s not what you think.

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