Rangers recall Connor Brickley

The Rangers have recalled forward Connor Brickley from the Hartford Wolf Pack. Brickley, acquired one month ago from Nashville for Cole Schneider, has a line of 2-4-6 in 13 games with the Pack.

Brickley is best suited as a bottom-six/fourth liner, so it makes sense he is the recall. There’s no harm in limiting his ice time or scratching him. Whereas keeping a Vinni Lettieri or a Ville Meskanen in the press box would hurt their development.

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  • We keep lowering our standards. This shows the good kids, work hard, but you will never make the big club

    • No, like Dave said this is about a bottom 6 player who doesn’t need to “develop” with the proper amount of ice time — something neither Andersson or Meskanen would be able to get while the Rangers play 11F and 7D in order to showcase their excess d’men.

        • See the list below. One name is clearly performing lower than the rest.

          NHL draft 2017: First-round picks, scouting reports
          New Jersey Devils — C Nico Hischier. …
          Philadelphia Flyers — C Nolan Patrick. …
          Dallas Stars — D Miro Heiskanen. …
          Colorado Avalanche — D Cale Makar. …
          Vancouver Canucks — C Elias Pettersson. …
          Vegas Golden Knights — C Cody Glass. …
          New York Rangers (from Arizona) — C Lias Andersson. …
          Buffalo Sabres — C Casey Mittelstadt.

          Oh look, it is the bust Lias – or maybe we shouldn’t have wasted our first round pick on a guy who clearly would have been available 20 selections later. Thanks Gordie and Gorton.

          But listen, you can still believe he is top 6 material. Wanna buy a bridge?

          • Makar and Glass aren’t in the NHL yet, Mittelstadt is unimpressive, and Nolan Patrick is the worst 2nd overall pick in about the last ten years. On your list the only legit top 6/top D pair players at the moment are Hischier and Pettersson, so you’re not making much of a point.

            Your prolonged hissy fit on this post is getting a little tiresome. Why not just out yourself as a Devils fan and be done with it.

          • remember, we drafted 7, so none of the players above Andersson were available to us. FYI..this statement won’t be resolved for a relax…

      • Yeah yeah, a 20 year old who has shown us some glimpses of how good he could be is a BUST. Guess this is why they’re called FANS (from fanatics).

  • Hunting for secondary scoring – while in a development / evaluation / “re-tooling” season… and we get this guy.
    Doesn’t even matter if he plays, so why call him or all people up from the minors.
    That answer is simple. There aren’t any players in Hartford worth calling up. That team stinks to high heaven and the coaching staff is highly questionable. WTF is Drury doing down over there in Hartford?
    Really like Chris Drury. what a great player. We could use 15 more of him, only at 22 years old.

    • We are a lifeless club with NOTHING in the pipeline. Get ready for the cellar-dweller Rangers for years to come. You can choose to think that Chytil, Kraftsov and Andersson are going to be legit top 6 skaters, but no one has shown superstar ability yet at the NHL level. Not even at the AHL level. The Ranger brass is selling us an empty promise! Might as well sell Krieder and Zibanejad at the deadline too. We can play more guys like Conner (who is he) Brickley. 2026 we may get lucky with our 2019/2020 picks. We are a doomed team. Let me go watch the 1984 ceremony again because that will be the last Cup we ever raise.

      • Boy, you sound like a hell of a Ranger fan! Awesome how quickly you give up on everything, I bet you’re as demanding of success from yourself as you are the NY Rangers. Kravtsov hasn’t even played in the NHL yet but you already know that he’s no superstar. That’s really going out on a limb, considering there’s what—5 to 10 actual superstars in the entire NHL?

        And what ceremony in 1984 are you talking about for the Rangers? The one for John Vanbiesbrouck’s callup to the NHL?

        • A Manchurian candidate is a person, especially a politician, being used as a puppet by an enemy power. The term is commonly used to indicate disloyalty or corruption, whether intentional or unintentional. So it figures that you play the puppet to the NY Ranger brass. More koolaid?

          • Aside from being a loudmouth, you must be new here. I’m not a fan of the Ranger coaching staff or of Glen Sather or Gordie Clark. I’m not sold on Jeff Gorton but I think he’s certainly not a terrible GM given what he’s had to work with. And I’m on record on this site several times saying as much.

            I smell a Devils fan in your approach here, however. I assume that you’ve got a Brodeur jersey in your closet somewhere.

          • And also it appears you don’t read well—your analysis of my username ignores the info contained within it. A Mancunian is a person from Manchester, England. Manchester is a city that’s been compared to NYC in terms of its pugnacious nature. False Manc = Yank, as in an American.

  • Real issue is that we have so little talent in Hartford, other than goaltending – which we have covered elsewhere anyway.

    Our best forward prospects there all have a realistic high end of bottom 6. Our best defense prospect Hajek may be a 2nd pair, but is off to a terrible start. Lindgren is likely bottom pair. Our best prospects are in Russia and the NCAA.

    Really need some good trade deadline deals to restock.

  • Conner Brickley is just as good as Lettieri and Andersson. Sounds like we’ll need 8 first round picks to be any good in the years to come. CONNER BRICKLEY! It won’t be long before we see 10 forwards and 8 defensemen dress. In fact, we should play 2 forwards and 3 defenseman every shift – can it make our defense any worse. Quinn is lost, Gorton is clueless and the fans are still paying to see a poor team on the ice. We are the NorthEast version of the Ottawa Senators.

    It is embarrassing! The NY Rangers have fallen so far, so fast. You can continue to drink the MSG koolaid, but this is now just a joke.

    • I think I’ve seen enough of your “comments” to realize that you’re not a Ranger fan, it’s either that or you’re a miserable idiot. One of the two, not sure which yet … well maybe both.

    • CONNER BRICKLEY is 26 years old and was drafted 8 years ago. He is not better than Andersson and Lettieri because he is a player who is in his prime and will never be better than he is now. Your comparison is nonsense and certainly not truth, “Truth”.

    • Yes, Gorton is looking to acquire as many 7th round picks as he can.

      “Look, the Rangers are corning the market on 7th round picks, let’s get in on it.”

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing us pick up Eeli Tolvanen from Nashville and/or Kristian Vesalainen from the Jets … if there’s a way to move Hayes and Zucc plus another asset or two (like a Namestnikov or a pick – not a 1st) to get those 2 (plus perhaps a draft choice or two) I could be happy.

    • I agree with you Tanto. We need near NHL ready prospects. I would also like to use to a run at Niku or Fabbro as well. Not saying we can get them, but Nashville is starting to sound a little desperate. To get Tolvanen or Fabrro (I have not heard his name out there, but you gotta ask) we would need to offer someone with term. And probably something like Kreider and Namestnikov. Namestnikov no problerm. Tougher to say on Kreider, but Tovanen and Fabbro from Namestnikov and Kreider and I would do that deal. Fabbro most likely not coming but Allard and Carrier are options too and then maybe add a 1st.

      If we can get a deal with Winnipeg first like Hayes and something for Vesalainen and a first or Vesalainen and Niku for Hayes and Vesey, maybe Buch if you can get both. You get Winnipeg to do a deal and Nashville will feel forced to do something and more vulnerable to over pay. If you trade Hayes to Winnepeg we’ll have a decent shot to sign him as a UFA since Winnipeg will be in cap hell down the road with all their RFA’s, so they most likely won’t be able to resign Hayes.

      All ideas and I am not saying you can get any of them done. But if you could get 2 of these 4 prospects mentioned( 1 D and 1 F minimum), we’d be in much better shape for the future.

      • Andy If we’re moving Kreider someone better give us TWO grade A/A- prospects, or one grade A and a 1st rounder. It’s the trade deadline, GMs almost always end up overpaying for the privilege of competing for Lord Stanley’s Cup and Jock Strap. 😉

        I say the trick with Hayes is to not look for a 1st rounder, just the best prospect plus a 2nd or 3rd … the minute you toss a top prospect and a 1st rounder then you’re entering Matt D. or Mark Stone territory. We need quality, not quantity.

        • Totally agree Tanto. From what I’ve been reading Niku could be available but Vesalainen is not. Tolvanen could be available but Fabbro is not. Most likely posturing, but if Niku and Tolvanen are available they should be players were targeting. If there’s a way to get Vesalainen and Fabbro too even better. But doubtful we could land all 4.

          • Better a bird in hand than 2 in the bush. At least with prospects you have a better idea of how they might develop, drafting late 17 year olds or 18 year olds can be tricky. If we can get two bona fide grade A/A- prospects out of Zucc and Hayes, plus a couple of 2nd rounders … then some decent draft picks for Namesnikov … followed up by signing a top flight UFA like a Stone, Panarin or hey, even Hayes and Zucc, we’ll be much closer to completing the renovation (I don’t care for the rebuild word, it sounds like you have to literally tear everything down — you don’t rebuild in 2-3 years, rebuilds take 5-6). The trick with the UFAs is to limit the NTC, limit the term as much as possible and front load the contract so that in the last half of the deal they are more easily tradable.

  • Just curious about what is so wrong with wanting to fire Sather/Gorton?

    Why are you guys so loyal to them? Even with the runs we made at the cup…no one ever expected at the beginning of each of those seasons to even make it past the first round. To say we outperformed those years wasn’t exactly a stretch in anyone’s eyes outside the hardcore fans and management. Consistently considered a playoff team by Vegas but never a sure winner. we never had great odds. And the odds are never that exact but even teams like Tampa flop and teams like Vegas come out of nowhere. No one bet the capitals we would last year. Those teams were not as good as you think they were.

    Reel back your fanaticism a little bit. And realize this team has been overachieving for nearly a decade. Nothing outside of Hank becoming pedestrian and losing a few core guys dropped this team into the cellar. That is not exactly ripping a team apart. I am not talking about this year. Last year and the one before that is where I am looking. All we lost was hagelin and brassard. If that is all it took then obviously there were serious deficiencies before this.

    • No, teams don’t OVERACHIEVE for a decade … maybe that argument holds water for a year or two, but when you constantly “overachieve” then it means you’ve been UNDERESTIMATED. Vegas likes shiny objects, sexy objects. Substance isn’t their strong suit. So leave Gorton alone so he can do his job and let Sather run out his life clock as a consultant, the bottom line here is that Gorton and Clark are running the show.

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