Rangers send Marek Mazanec to Vancouver for 7th round pick

The Rangers have acquired their second 7th round pick of the trade deadline, sending goalie Marek Mazanec to Vancouver for a 2019 2020 7th rounder. The Rangers had previously acquired an additional 2020 7th rounder from Nashville for Cody McLeod.

Mazanec played two seasons with a dreadful Hartford team, making 20 starts in each of those seasons. He went from backup to starter this season, though. He was called up a few times to the Rangers, but mostly as a warm body on the bench to backup Henrik Lundqvist while Alex Georgiev was getting minutes in Hartford.

The 7th rounder in this deal replaces the 7th rounder that the Rangers sent to Boston as part of the Adam McQuaid deal.

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  • Getting a 7th round pick is close to putting him on waivers. Shows you how bad the goaltending at Hartford is.

    • Halverson has actually gotten better of late; amazing what a dedicated goalie coach can do for prospects.

      • This deal is sort of a win-win. As you say, Halverson has looked a bit better and they want to give him some playing time at Hartford to see if it is worth keeping him next year. So there really was no longer room for both Mazanec and Tokarski.

        Started this year with 48 signed contracts. Amazingly now down to 44. Can they get to 40?

  • Rangers stacking up the 7th rounders in 2020… man, it’ll only be like 4-5 years before we lean if we landed another elite player or more likely than not, forget their names entirely. either way, can’t wait.
    Maybe the Rangers think 20 years after drafting Hank will bring some 7th round magic. lmao

    • What could there possibly be to complain about??? The fact that they got anything more than a bag of pucks is a huge win for a guy in Mcleod who you all hated and an AHL Goalie that had ZERO chance of ever playing for the Rangers…

      Sometimes I think people here just want to bitch for the sake of bitching….

  • All in all, getting a 7th rounder for the goalie was a good deal. Georgiev will solidify his backup position with further play and Igor is not far away. Hank’s contract is winding down but he will be here and play well for the duration barring injury. The Rangers seem to be in good shape in goal.

  • Wow, I knew there might be a purge but I didn’t think the Rangers would go this far.

    The locker room must be in turmoil.

    • Canucks called a kid up from junior because all their other goalies were down

      Found money on this deal.

  • With Igor coming here (Hartford or NY) next year, well there was going to be at least 1 goalie too many. Pretty sure Nell will be dropped as well … maybe even Tokarski. Think they will keep Halverson around.

    I’ll take a 7th pick, you never know — besides, take two 7th rounders and you might turn it into a 6th rounder, take two 6’s and maybe you get a 5th … you can find a player with a 5th

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