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Canes blank Rangers on 1994 night

The Rangers celebrated their 25 year anniversary of that special 1994 team last night, bringing all members of the club out on the ice to be honored. The current Rangers team was out to honor them as well, and then promptly went out against the Canes and got blanked. This is a little expected when there are ceremonies like this, as the Rangers sit and wait instead of staying warm.

The coolest part of this game was the 1994 throwback intro and graphics, and then the player interviews and guests in the booth throughout. Plus we had a Sam and JD reunion! The tribute to John Amirante was touching as well.

Canes 1, Rangers 0

Greg McKegg dishes the puck off to Saku Maenalenen at the blue line, then promptly cuts to the net. Adam McQuaid’s attention is draw to Maenalenen, which it shouldn’t be as he should be covering McKegg going to the net (Ryan Strome had Maenalenen from a not-threatening area). Since he doesn’t that job goes to Brady Skjei, which leaves Warren Foegele open in the high slot for the slot line pass and goal. It’s a nice play by the Canes,

Canes 2, Rangers 0

Andrei Svechnikov empty netter.

Canes 3, Rangers 0

Brock McGinn empty netter.

Shot Heatmap

For the first time in a while, the Rangers didn’t control the game tempo. That could be because of the ceremony lag, but Carolina is notoriously good at controlling the tempo. They just don’t have the high-end skill needed, both up front and in net, to take that next step. There were a decent amount of slot chances as well, with the Rangers giving up 14 high-danger chances and 28 scoring chances out of 50 total shot attempts. That’s not a great ratio. Oh well.

The next two games might get rough, with the Rangers hosting playoff bound Toronto on Sunday then flying to Winnipeg to face the playoff bound Jets on Tuesday. All but one game for the rest of the month (Devils) will be against teams in the playoff hunt. This could get ugly.

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  • All I did in the pregame is to reminisce and laugh. Wonderful memories. Fast on the 4th line? Wow!

    • Fast blew his coverage to help with a goal against. The trailer should have beeb locked up the minute Strome broke off to cover on the other side of the slot.

  • We may not have controlled the tempo and the game as we have in the last 5+ games, but we didn’t play badly … so, positive sign nonetheless.

    ADA continues to impress, dare I say he looks like the best d’man on this team. If he continues to play like he has the last few games I think it’s safe to say he makes the Stepan trade look like a winner — even without the 7th pick.

    • How much are Skjei and Shatty making? Like 10-11 mill? That alone could pay for a impact top 6 forward. Add in Smith, Vlad and Vesey and I think that’s another 12 mill.

    • “ADA continues to impress”

      I like ADA a lot, but he’s far from perfect.

      Guess you didn’t see the sequence in the first period where he gave up the puck, errant Cane’s pass went back to ADA, and then he gave it up again. So he was “2 for 2” in less than 30 seconds.

      • Tony..AKA Godfather…..I really hate to see fans being negative about Coach Quinn. As you know privately, I know a little bit about Coach Quinn and Coach Oliver personally through Robert. When Quinn benches a player like Tony D, Buch, Pionk, it is not punishment like Coach AV did and other Veteran old school coaches do. Quinn’s approach is to bench young players and allow them to watch a game or so when he feels they reach a point where their burning out. He gets on the ice and has one-on-one practices sessions and watches film with them. It is not coincidence, we have seen players like Buch and Tony D get back in the lineup and contribute.

        Another key point which is important to Hockey players, Quinn will inform a player he is not playing the day before so they know how to approach their day on game day. Coaches like AV and Badcock, watch the 12F, 13F’s go through warm-up’s and then make a decision. I know personally that players hate that crap, they feel more respected when they know ahead of time what their expectation is. Robert worked on this with Coach Quinn and Coach Oliver a few years back when we were down in the minors at Lake Erie.

        Now, we do not know 4 years from now what Quinn record will be with the Rangers or still here, but he is a really good dude and good coach developing young is much more than working on skill development in practice. Many small details that is not reported in the media.

        I mentioned this to you during xmas at dinner, Cody McLeod was brought in to give the young players some space out on the ice and be a voice in the locker. As much as Cody is not a good hockey, for 19 year old like Chytil was needed for a half-season. Quinn was on the Canty and Diperto ESPN radio show and said exactly what i told back in Dec which Cody told my buddy back in October. Sharing this info because social media truly shits on players and coaches for truly not knowing (and understandably so) what goes on behind the scenes and why some approaches are taken. I feel both the Rangers and Knicks finally are headed in the right direction, we all have to be a patient. Last point, I strongly feel the Rangers current state is due to Glen Sather trading so many picks ( 4 straight 1st rounders), 2nd rounders and missing on the few picks he had from 2010 to 2016. Last year draft might be one of the best the Rangers have had in a really long time, something to be excited for the future to come.

        • Thanks for sharing that for us all to read. It clarifies a few things and itโ€™s appreciated.

        • I agree with you Gene. I think the Quinn criticism is over board. its his first year on a rebuilding team. Give him time. As to the benchings. In the game against the Bruins Shattenkirk and Smith both had turnovers and were benched for a few shifts and were then put back out on the ice. That way you show them that those plays are unacceptable and you let them show you that you get the message.

      • Tony D will definitely sometimes be an adventure, but there is little doubt about his skills and he has definitely improved greatly in his own end. But yeah, there are times when he will make you shake your head too.

        • Oh, I like him a lot Peter, he’s been one of the better ones, which isn’t saying much.

          But just pointing out that the coach is not always wrong. But I do (and did) question why ADA was out for all those games while others were out there to look like the Keystone Cops.

          • While Quinn is coaching to win now, despite blog commentary begging for a tank, he is benching ADA and putting Buch on the 4th line to win next year and beyond. Everyone knows ADA has talent the knock on him has been attitude, temper and preparation. Buch has not played a 200 foot game and his offensive game doesn’t offset not playing in the D zone. Benching and 4th lining these guys is for a reason, making them better in the future.
            It’s a rebuild, let him rebuild.

          • If that’s the end result, then that’s fine.

            Wins like the one against Boston are feel good wins but do nothing for them in the long-term, other than to mess up their draft slot.

      • Compared to the other 5 d’men he continues to impress. You want perfect, go live in a different world because this one is far from it. lol

  • absolutely…eye test says ADA is our best D man….Smith has been good too last 3 games…just needs to be consistent

  • The game was pretty even I thought, the Rangers had their chances but couldn’t capitalize. Both goalies played well. Carolina has really improved their game and I wouldn’t be surprised if they captured the last wildcard spot.

    Again the others team 4th.line out played the Rangers. In other words the Rangers don’t have a lot of forward depth. This should be consider before Gorton jetisons a bunch of forward at the trade deadline.

    You can’t rebuild by subtraction.

  • Carolina seems to be developing a nice team. They need more scoring punch but they look a lot better than when I last saw them play.

    • Thing is, we’ve see them play well before and go on these little mini-streaks … so the question is whether this time is different, whether this time it’s sustainable. Every year I hear how the Canes stand a good chance of making the playoffs and each year they find a way to not meet expectations — of course their goaltending has seemingly been borderline NHL ever since they won the Cup.

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