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Rangers snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in OT loss to Kings

The Rangers came into last night’s game against the Kings with a post-break record of 1-2, but it was three straight games of positive puck possession and overall solid looking play. The Rangers did that again last night, controlling play throughout regulation, taking a 3-2 lead into the final minute. Adrian Kempe scored in that final minute to send the game into overtime, where Tyler Toffoli ended it less than 30 seconds into the extra frame.

The Blueshirts’ top line of Mika Zibanejad (goal, assist), Mats Zuccarello (assist), and Chris Kreider (goal) led the way for the Rangers. Plus Adam McQuaid inflated his trade value with a goal. The Rangers got a point, but gave two to LA, and who knows, that might help them down the road when it comes to draft odds. Losing in that manner is a gut punch though, that’s for sure.

Rangers 1, Kings 0

This is a tremendous pass by Tony DeAngelo, and a great job by Kreider to get himself into position for the easy tap-in.  This was the first of many sustained pressure shifts in the offensive zone.

Rangers 1, Kings 1

This was a great stretch pass from Drew Doughty. Ilya Kovalchuk still commands attention, especially when he’s teeing it up to shoot. The issue, though, is that Brady Skjei chases Carl Hagelin to the point where he’s out of the play. Kevin Shattenkirk tried to cover, but there’s no way he’s going to be able to stop that pass when he had to change direction last second. If Skjei stays to his side, it’s a 3-on-2 with the pass covered and the trailer a non-factor.

Rangers 2, Kings 1

More sustained pressure from the Rangers. Steve Valliquette did a review of this goal on the broadcast, and noted that Zibanejad’s tap-in was the fourth shot attemptin a short span, although not many hit the net or got through. That’s why shot attempts matter. They create chaos.

Rangers 2, Kings 2

Anze Kopitar found the seam here, between four Rangers. People will be quick to point out Marc Staal backing up, but he’s covering that pass to the back door. Neal Pionk is along the boards, which is fine. I was Boo Nieves who lost Kopitar, giving him that seam to the slot.

Rangers 3, Kings 2

This was another goal that was fed off constant pressure. Vlad Namestnikov provided a timely screen as McQuaid wristed it past Quick, who clearly didn’t see the puck.

Rangers 3, Kings 3

The Kings just got the puck deep, and Kempe beat McQuaid to the post for the centering feed.

Kings 4, Rangers 3

Just seconds after Zibanejad hit the post, the Kings turned the fortunate bounce into a 2-on-1 of their own. Toffoli roofed it and ended it.

Shot Heatmap

The Blueshirts did a good job getting to the front of the net in this game. They also limited –somewhat– the Kings’ chances in front (the blue isn’t that dark). That’s four in a row with good process.

There’s little time to reflect on this one, the Rangers are back at it again on Wednesday. Good process + fewer points = the dream tank scenario. I know, I know, but it’s worth pointing out.

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  1. Ghosts of 2014 but I’ll take it circa 2019.

    They lost to the second worst team in the league and have the fewest row in league. I don’t think anything should be etched in stone as to who has to return as an free agent next year. Hank hasn’t played well enough to dictate that either.

  2. Another useless feel good point, but at least they lost to a team behind them.

    Was at this one, quick game, very little stoppage.

    Zib is on fire.

    DeAngelo looked very mature out there.

    That was a big time elite goal by Kopitar.

    Doghty’s $11M per contract starts NEXT YEAR I believe, lol. Good luck with that. 🙂

    1. Agree, him and Karlson are going to be in for a big surprise. Who is going to pay that? He must be the most over-rated player in the NHL

      1. Someone will give Karlsson the $$. Those players always seem to get it from some team.

  3. The team seemed in control all game long, and they played a very decent game. ADA’s pass to Kreider was a beauty, why in the world is he ever seated, while some of the other d-men get to play?

    Watching the game, it wasn’t until the very end of the 2nd that I heard Kovy’s name. Thank goodness we stayed away from him when he was on the market, the guy is washed up. Better LA be stuck with his contract, rather than us……………………………….

    1. Walt
      We lucked out that Kovy picked the Kings. What was he thinking though? Anyway, glad he saved us from our self.

      1. Gorton would have been axed by the Ranger fans had he signed Kova….Age certainly has caught up with him.

        1. Age has caught up with most of the Kings. They are a shell of their former self’s. But if had would have come to NY. We probably would have signed him. I admit I would have been Ok with signing him at the time. And I would have been wrong. We need to stay the course of the rebuild and not be tempted by quick fixes.

          1. The KIngs, Hawks, and Rangers, 3 of the best teams in the last 10 years, all suck, but the other 2 teams have 5 Cups among them during recent history to make them feel better.

  4. That’s a very tough loss. But we have for the past few games looked a lot more disciplined and in control. ADA was solid last night. Not sure what that maturity issue is, but he seems to be very comfortable playing alongside Staal. He really needs to play every night. The D also seems more composed the past few games. I like the pairings he’s been using. Staal-ADA..Shatty-Smith and Sjkei-McQ..

    Zib, Zucc and Kreider have been great. It’s good to see them play well.

    We seem to be a better team when McLeod is out of the line up.

    The points not helping the draft cause. But the effort is much better.

    1. Brooks had a good article, with comments from ADA and DQ, about how they’re dealing with it.

  5. Quibbling with Dave’s post but Toffoli didn’t roof the gwg – in fact he shanked it badly and it went five hole which is why it made Hank look dumb. That tying goal is what frustrates me. Blame absolutely goes to just about everyone on the ice. Yikes. Also the Rangers literally have zero puck luck…

  6. It was a shame to lose a game where they clearly outplayed the other team most of it, but that is the way the puck bounces sometimes. Overall, I liked their effort and their play. I know the Kings are lousy. While the Rangers might not be good at least they are playing a lot more kids.

    I thoughtTony D had a strong game back from exile and lo and behold, he actually played more minutes than Pionk. As a result of the pairings last night, the D looked good most of the time, at least when McQuaid wasn’t getting beat. However, the Kings are definitely one of the weakest offensive units in the league. Hank wasn’t at his sharpest. I was surprised that Georgiev didn’t get the start. Quick kept the Kings in the game early otherwise the Rangers could have scored several goals in the first period.

  7. I think the first moves need to be sending the entire FO and coaching staff into the sun. Sending actual assets for McQuaid is criminal. Icing Staal-McQuaid is just AV Redux, and Quinn really is in over his head. Get them all out of here.

  8. Couldn’t have reasonably asked for a better result given how well they played and controlled this game — it’s a good loser point because they dominated the Kings. They just continue to solidify the thought in my mind that they should be sellers, but no fire sales. This is a team that could be close to competing with the right tweaks — i.e. some added depth up front and some retooling on the back end.

    Once again ADA looked solid, defensively and offensively.

      1. I did say “close to competing”, I didn’t say they could legitimately challenge for the SC … so YES, tweaks. Besides, in today’s NHL going from shitty to good isn’t as hard as it use to be. If they sign Panarin this summer, that’s one more elite player … and no one knows when Chytil comes into his own (maybe in a year, two or three). Add Kravtsov and you have another potential elite player. Sure, the D is a bit more problematic and requires a greater overall, but there are good prospects in the waiting who seem to be ahead of schedule (Miller, Lundqvist …).

    1. Tanto, thanks for the response to my maturity question yesterday. Today I invite you to read Brook’s article on this exact point concerning ADA. You said there was no proof of a maturity issue, well the proof is in this article as ADA admits to the issue. He also says he and DQ are on the same page and he believes he is a better player today. He also says DQ just wants him to be the player his talents can make him. However, he must get his maturity issues under control. So in this year of the rebuild, I commend DQ and his staff for the work they are doing to bring a winning and professional attitude to the NYR. I would rather he nip this in the bud this year, rather than 2 years from now when we are competing or a CUP. Again, this rebuild is a process, and benching the talented ADA, is a part of that process for future returns. I’m all in on DQ thus far.

      1. Again, it’s short on details … it’s vague and amorphous … and we started having this discussion BEFORE this latest gem from Larry Brooks. Now of course he has to keep himself somewhat in check and control his behavior, but what ADA admits to is as follows:

        “It’s an emotional game, I’m a competitor and sometimes I can lose control a little bit, but I’m working on it,”

        This tells me it’s an on ice issue, but have we seen any negative repercussions from any of his actions ON THE ICE? Very little in my opinion. To tell you the truth I would rather have a slightly more emotional player playing than an emotionally dead fish … and I’ve seen other Rangers (and NHLers) in the past struggle with this issue, but didn’t see them get benched over and over again for seemingly minor maturity infractions. Again, I have no issues with benchings or even the occasional scratch, but from my vantage point I feel ADA’s treatment is a bit harsh compared to other younger players on the team (same for Buch).

        1. At least this from Tony D. and the article sounds positive:

          “We have had good talks. I know exactly what [Quinn] thinks of me, expects of me, and what he believes my career can become,” said DeAngelo, who played an impressive 17:49 paired primarily with Staal and set up Chris Kreider for the first goal with a centering feed from the right corner off a neat dash down the wall. “He explained that he’s trying to do what’s best for me over the long haul. We did talk about the big picture and what he wants for me as a player.

          “There’s no problem between us. We’re on the same page.”

        2. ok, fair enough, we will have to agree to disagree. To me, I think there is plenty of evidence of an issue and not just while he is here in NY. I mean he admitted it. So far, yes, not much in the way of negative repercussions on ice. Again, I say lets get this done now, rather than later. Would you prefer not to turn him into a real Pro and than in 3 years in the cup final he takes a 5 minute major unsportsmanlike penalty to hand the Cup to the other team? Not me, this is the time for teaching. Perhaps the Rangers think very highly of ADA an because of that hold him to a higher standard than some of the other players. I mean, it’s certainly plausible, no?

          1. I can agree that DQ is holding ADA to a higher standard — but that isn’t what has been said in public, I would prefer the honesty. Again though, I’m not necessarily arguing against the claim of immaturity (as most 18-22 year olds are), I’m arguing against too much tough love as opposed to more positive reinforcement — I’m also arguing against the vague and amorphous claims of immaturity, let’s just be straight and air it out. Let Quinn explain the TRUTH of the matter if it’s just “I want him to better control his emotions (or mouth) on the ice — instead we’re getting a lot of innuendo which is being fostered in part by the FO and in part the media. This only damages the perception of ADA by both the fans and other teams (the latter in case they want to trade him).

            He was benched the other night after the “barking” incident, in my mind that was enough to signal displeasure with the incident. To then go and not dress him the next game seems to ME overkill. Listen, we all have different ways of dealing with these types of issues.

            1. The knock on DeAngelo coming here was that he was a knucklehead and had temper issues. Quinn is doing the one thing to get to him, sit him. No one on a blog sees all the practices or meetings. If he is not mature and doing the work there it doesn’t help to keep playing him. Have him learn how to be a pro so he can put his skills to work next year and beyond.

              1. On the whole I stand by Quinn and Gorton, I just prefer a little more carrot and a little less stick … and maybe my timetable is a little more “advanced” than Quinn. For example I read that Pionk will be a healthy scratch for the game coming up, GOOD … but Pionk being a scratch should have occurred long ago based on his defensive play, no matter how hard he works and how “mature” he may be.

        3. It is not really about what we think is happening, but what is actually happening. At first glance, we may not like what DQ is doing with ADA. However, the reality is this. DeAngelo really seems to be progressing nicely. And job one is developing the young players. In fact, rather than being a mark against Quinn, the development of ADA is really Quinn’s biggest claim to fame. Think about it. Pionk has progressed not at all. Chityl has advanced a bit, but really not as much as I had expected. Quinn did not really do anything for Andersson or the other kids sent back to the minors. Howden has stagnated.

          Maybe playing ADA a little more could have gotten an extra win or two, but that isn’t the point. And while we may suspect that the way DQ seems to be jerking him around is messing with his head. Well, the indications are his attitude is good and the effects are positive.

          1. I have been very critical of Quinn’s handling of ADA, But, the article and what Tony had to say about it is reassuring. You’re right, Tony has progressed under Quinn, far more than he was able to when AV was in town. So, I probably should bite my tongue (or fingers?) when tempted to rant on Quinn benching Tony. But dammit, seeing McQuaid suit up and the kid on the bench bugs me to no end sometimes! It is probably a maturity issue I have!

            1. yea, but how happy will you be if the Rangers unload McQuaid by the trade deadline for a couple of picks and then Tony plays the rest of the year, grows up, and becomes a star on broadway? With all due respect to everyone on this blog, this scenario is as likely to happen as all the doom and gloom you guys post. The problem here is no one wants to give the team of Gorton and Quinn a chance to do what they said they would do. I am going to….rebuild year 1

              1. Joe, actually I don’t post a lot of doom and gloom at all. I am all for playing the young people, even the young people that have been struggling. My frustration previously has been with all the press box time Tony D was getting and I thought that they should have either kept Lias with the Rangers or left him alone in Hartford for a while instead of jerking him back and forth.

                But, the Brooks article with the interview with Tony makes me feel a lot better about his situation. I was concerned that the kid was having his mind messed with and not getting enough playing time. Then suddenly last game he plays over 17 minutes as the playing time was spread around more evenly. So. I am happier over all.

              2. The doom and gloom comment was to the blog as a whole, not you Peter. Apologize if I offended you. I try not to offend anyone, but sometimes people misread my intentions, as is apt to happen with the written, not spoken, word. I took the opportunity to address the fact that there is too much negativity here in a year one rebuild. I am really enjoying the ride, it’s different so it feels right, and also the reason it is scary.

  9. Quail didn’t inflate his value,, he diminished it when he simply stopped skating and let Kempe go for the tying goal.

    1. He got high sticked in the face on the play. Might have distracted him a bit.

    2. still…Hank is paid to stop pucks and that was a very weak shot that should have been stopped…..yes McQ lost his man, but it was a stoppable puck….I guess Hank is doing his part for TANK…..LOL

  10. Again. Why do we only want 1 good line? This is the 3rd game with Fast on Hays’s line. Zero production! OK Hays was on the ice when McQuaid scored and Fast was not on the ice. The Strome line looked ok and so does Boo. There is 1 glaring problem, I wonder what it is?

  11. Boy that last period……i knew they were gonna blow it. is it me or do we have the most un athletic group of Dmen?

  12. King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!! says:

    Quick’s foot work is amazing. He was busy for sure.

  13. Austin Matthews, 5 years, $11.5M+ per. Takes him to 26 years of age. Very risky, meaning for such a short term.

    1. King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!! says:

      Perfect …. hopefully we can get Staal resigned for under 9.5 a year for 5 years! ?

  14. Hey you guys …been a minute. I want to say I am not sold on Quinn. I truly believe there is more behind the scenes because a guy who hasn’t coached a winning team in 10 years is his forced on him. Ruff is horrible and has been for a while and yet there he is. Good coaching shows it head in long island in Barry Trotz. Lets all remember the islanders lost taveras for nothing and yet here they stand in first place in the metro after the all star break. Simply amazing! I don’t see any of this progression in player development in these kids aside from the strides they made on their own. ADA is still taking the most penalties for TOI on the team. Chytil is now been pushed to the wing. And Pionk is now stuck to the bench. So I don’t see any development. Has he kept the team from folding? Who knows maybe they are doing it in spite of him? They have stopped taking so many too many men on the ice penalties so there is some progress. But they still can’t lock down the game when they have a lead late in the game. Hank is playing way to often. As is most of the over the hill defenders.

    I love optimistic people but truth is we are bad and nothing is really changing. The only reason in recent games we are competitive is cause Quinn is overplaying Zuc Kreider and Zib. And they are just on fire. We lead the league in OT / lead in 2nd period with 4 losses. So I guess the good point is we can make it to OT. ? Fewest wins when leading after 1 period. IF we lead after 2 periods there is a 70% chance for a win.

    1. The answer is simple. Most of our defensemen are below average. Staal always seems to be on ice when we give up a deciding goal. He’s done. Skjei needs private tutoring on game situations. Pionk is weak along the boards. And on and on…And please don’t trade Hayes and Zucc!

      1. Sadly, Zucc has to go, he is not going to be part of the rebuild and will age out. Therefore, we must obtain assets for him.
        Now Hayes, I have changed my mind on him, he’s playing well and can be part of the rebuild. However, he is not doing anything for us this year in terms of playoffs/championship. So….perfect world, trade him for assets and re-sign in July. Of course, I think we are all aware that this world is a little less than perfect.

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