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Stolarz steals one for Flyers in colossally boring game

The Rangers played pretty well against an equally bad Flyers team last night, but could not solve Anthony Stolarz, falling 1-0 in possibly the worst game I’ve seen all year. This game was just bad all around. Sloppy, uninspired, lazy hockey. By both teams. But hey, #TheVision is still intact with the regulation loss. So there’s that.

Alex Georgiev played brilliantly as well, and was only beat on one goal in which he had no chance. Brett Howden left the game in the first period with a knee sprain. Still almost beat out Cody McLeod in ice time. In a game where they dressed 11 forwards. And Howden’s injury knocked them to ten. Unreal.

Flyers 1, Rangers 0

Four Rangers down low in a frenzy, leaving Oskar Lindblom alone to circle around and roof the loose puck. There’s not much else to this.

Shot Chart

Oh hey a game were the Ranger controlled the action. That’s a novel concept. I guess with the Flyers being just as bad, it was bound to happen sooner or later. But hey, I’ll take it.

The Rangers are back in action Thursday against the also bad Devils in another #TheVision game. This is game two in the Hayes watch, Zuccarello watch, Kreider watch, and well basically everyone watch.

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  • The Rangers not solving the Flyers’ vaunted back end resulted in a fight in the stands being the most exciting thing that happened last night.

    Oh, my Sambuca at dinner was really good too.

      • Why ruin a perfectly good espresso by putting Sambuca in it? In the alternative, why ruin a perfectly good Sambuca by putting it in an espresso?

    • I was there. You are spot on. Most intensity, dedication and focus exhibited all night. But for the fan fight, no Ranger Flyer game should ever have such a docile crowd (or team!). Can’t be good for league or the game long term, but this is the style of the game now…”couples only” as they say. “Riveting”…

        • interesting, I find the black smoother, but to each his own, if you ever see blue, you should get it. Top of the line, I had it once in Boston, can’t find it much.

          • blue? wow, I never heard of that.

            I don’t dislike the black, I just prefer the white. not as syrupy IMO.

  • Get that top pick position and go from there…. finishing at 500 puts us in the middle of draft position which is useless…….as much as losing sucks…’s necessary at this point in time.

    • Love your name, lol.

      They will win just enough to get a 7 to 10 pick, rendering this season useless, because, obviously the “development” part is lacking badly. Whether it’s the coaches’ and/or the players’ faults.

  • King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!! says:

    Guess it was a brilliant idea to sit Buch. Ran into another 3rd string Vezina Goalie! Smith was confused playing D and Wing.

  • Buch is being shopped around, I can almost guarantee it. Zucc & Buch for picks and sticks. Hope someone is doing damage control with the Russian media.

    • You know this sounds like a silly comment, but not really.

      With the Rangers making a big play for Panarin, this type of thing makes FA players choose other options. Expect the Isles to lure Panarin as a nice alternative to the Rangers, as they have a real coach, and they are still in NY.

      Krav and Shesty coming as well. It’s a real issue, for sure.

      • So you agree that the College coach should go back to college? And you are saying we don’t have a real coach?

      • This whole, we will never get another Russian again because Buch isn’t being played is BS. This is now multiple coaches so there has to be something behind the scenes. It’s also not like Buch is a leader among Russian players like Ovi or Kovalchuck. It also had no impact on Ovi or other Russian players when the Caps shipped out Semin, a more talented but lazy player years ago.

        • “This whole, we will never get another Russian again because Buch isn’t being played is BS.”

          No one ever said that. But if you think that players don’t talk to each other, especially when they are making a decision to stay with a team long-term, then you would be wrong.

          So if the Rangers and the Isles offered Panarin the same deal, and Russian players bad mouthed the Ranger coach, you don’t think that such comments would be considered by that player?

          • I don’t disagree, I have mentioned that he is very mentally weak.

            BUT, if you put him in the top 6 and scored 50-60 pts, would we care?

      • This is actually complicated. With Krav and Shesty coming, it is very important not to have players, especially Russian players with bad attitudes. So if Buch truly does have a bad attitude, getting rid of him is actually a plus.

        As for Panarin, I think that the future competitiveness of he Rangers is more important than whether or not Buchnevich is on the team. Trading guys like Zuccarello and Hayes may have more negative impact. If the Rangers finish with the fifth worst record in the NHL and have traded away some of their best players, they would not appear to be a team going to win.

        • Again, FAs have a lot to consider, and it’s completely possible that the coach of a team may have some influence on where the player signs, all else being equal, like $$ and term.

      • Panarin doesn’t even know that Buch exist. I don’t think Buch carries that much juice with his fellow countrymen.

        • Yeah, players don’t notice other players when they play against each other. As Panarin and Buchnevich have already done, for years, both in the KHL and NHL.

          Even for you Mint, your post was punishingly stupid. Imagining something is much different from it existing in reality. Maybe you should ask yourself if your posts are really even necessary at this point.

  • Its amazing Smith was playing up front at times. D’Angelo should be the only Dman playing up if its necessary. He is all out effort all the time. He is like a bull in a china shop hot head and makes mistakes but going back to Quinn yesterday talking about Intent. His intentions are always to help the team and be a team player. He plays with a lot of heart. As he ages I think he will get better at picking his spots to be a hot head. But man he can really skate. We need more guys with talent and ability to grow.

      • That could work too. He seems like a modern day Shatty. He shlould play sheltered minutes and be on the PP. He’s young and cost controlled. We need to rid ourselves of one of Shatty, Smith or Staal this deadline. How that happens who knows. Maybe we can retain salary and package them with one of our better assets.

  • Poor coaching job by Quinn last night. Really put his team in a bad position with the 11F/7D idiocy. Dressing McLeod should be a guarantee against the Flyers, I get that—but dressing 11 forwards against the dirtiest franchise in the East is a recipe for trouble. And sure enough Howden got hurt.

    I don’t think the team played hard last night either. A mail-it-in effort with the exception of four or five players and Georgiev.

    On the plus side though, this must’ve taught Buchnevich a lot, sitting out against a divisional rival while the coach willfully sabotages the team’s chances of winning. You can just sense the development that went on last night.

    • Lessons are learned over time. Buch needs to understand his shortcomings so he can be an all around better player. It isn’t always the coaches fault when players don’t deliver. Case in point – Tony D – benched early on as he wasn’t doing what coach wanted. Seems like he learned what is expected and now is not only playing every night, but doing good things every night.

    • How many times do you have to see Buchnevich leaning on the boards instead of stepping in front of some player, any player, on the other team before you say enough is enough? Yeah, he makes the occasional great play, and, just as often, he looks disinterested in the game.

      • What point are you trying to make? What does “leaning on the boards instead of stepping in front of some player” even mean?

        Buchnevich is a good player. It’s time he played for the N.Y. Rangers, instead of this dimwitted idea of 11F/7D. Quinn lost the game last night trying to make some point to Buchnevich. If you want to call that good coaching, feel free, I won’t. Scratching Buchnevich was unjustified and it immediately came back to bite NYR.

      • Hahaha, it’s ok—capitalists all smell kinda funny to me anyway, a faint scent of blood mixed with money…

    • Beginning to wonder if the crazy pairings, the game day scratches of younger players, the showcasing of Smith and a few others that are not worthy of minutes is just a master disguise of an actual tanking….I mean who really inside of the organization really thinks this team can make the playoffs?…Do I think Quinn is a terrible coach? Absolutely too early to tell and not fair to be honest with you fine gents……But with Ranger nation headed towards the edges of ranting binges and alcohol dinners, my take is clear………..sooner or later leadership needs to make a clear-cut decision on which side of the boat that we are headed to…Clearly the current state is confusing to most Ranger fans….The Optimist will stay optimistic until the Islanders beat us to the cup and then will I change my name to The Pessimist….;)

      • And I think I have heard this about 59,834,034 times since the beginning of the season…..Sather is in charge…No, it’s Gorton….Wait a minute gents, it’s Clark or Sather……New one is that Dolan is really calling all the shots……Could it be possible that internal bickering is present? Happens with most teams quite frankly…It’s not always a pretty picture inside the inner circles, especially when a team is usually in the playoffs and is now looking at a second season of non-postseason play. Leadership…make your decision….Is this truly a rebuild? Or is this an attempt at rebuilding on fly, which looks ugly at the moment…..

    • M.C .u mentioned that the team did not give a good effort last evening, but if we had finishers, we win the game 6-1….Clearly we have no super snipers on this team….And that gents is what we lack in a huge way…The Flyers are not a good team and were there for the taking…..I counted at least 14 super scoring chances…..

    • *sarcasm alert*

      Buch scores two goals on the PP one night and the next day Quinn says about his play “hey they were PP goals, not even strength”. Huh? I know, right? Who needs ONE more guy who can score or chip in offensively, we’re overloaded with those types of players.

      *end of sarcasm alert*

  • I believe everyone in the Rangers organization is reading the blogs. I have spoken about certain players and put them down and watch how the player responds in a game. Fast for an example, I do not complain about him every game because he is a good guy and he has 17 points in 44 games. After some of my complaints Jesper has played quite hard and scored some goals. No one want to be talked bad about and I like Fast on the 4th line. I just don’t like the way the coach uses him and other players.
    The coach doesn’t seem to get the message. Is the organization trying to ruin the young coach or does he have free reign to mess things up? I am still not sure. You know for sure the assistant coach does not want to help the coach do well. He wants his job and he is doing a fine job destroying the defense.
    Almost every game is competitive in the pros and the smallest decision can make or break a team . AV was the biggest ass in the league and did not want to use basic judgments and put the best players on and we see an example of a rookie coach doing the same thing so again is the coach being forced to play players in a certain way? Or are you a tough guy and want to show your team the decisions you make don’t stink or your so full of yourself and that you are the greatest developer while you are just a destroyer? What does it take for you to change? The team turned you off already once this year, do you want to see it again? How long will you continue with lack of basic logic? Do you believe in math?
    You don’t even know how to tank properly. As a rookie coach I am not able to give you respect because you did not earn it and your logic is that of the loser before you. Do you hear the people complaining on this web site? At this time you give me no hope.
    Maria Antoinette was the last queen of France before the revolution. We don’t want cake we want logic.

  • Since when does every forward in the league have to be a 200ft player? Centers, yes, Wingers, no! Buch is being used far too often as an example and we are going to end up doing one of two things: 1) ruin him, or 2) ruin his value in a trade. DQ is obsessed with the North American ‘College Style of Hockey’.

    And DQ is like the antagonist of AV. I hate both styles as it doesn’t allow you the versatility within games to adjust. AV “Kreids, keep looking for the stretch pass, Staal is bound to hit you by season’s end.” DQ (in a heavy Colonial New England accent), “Booch, when I was 19yrs old and the top American Defensemen in college I could skate through walls of college players and international players. Next time you have a 2on1 I want you to test yourself by dumping it in and see if you can dig that out of the corner from Charra, and then feed your sniper buddy Vesey! Got it? Com’n this is North American hockey kid.”

  • I went on Left leaning hockey and they have the stats on line combinations and percentages.
    Lo and behold The Kreider line were together for 28% of the time. Fast was on 4 different lines but a majority with Chytil and Hays with 17% and a total of 30% WTF!

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