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Rangers get dismantled for second game in a row, this time by Colorado

The Rangers figured it couldn’t get any worse after the 7-2 loss to Pittsburgh. They thought wrong, as Colorado gave the Blueshirts a similar 6-2 drubbing. However unlike the game against the Penguins, where the Rangers were at least in it after the first period, there was no time during this game that the Blueshirts were actually in it.

The defense was even worse against Colorado, yet the same sextet keeps getting trotted out there. Some of the veterans, even some fan favorites, are going through the motions and appear to just be waiting to be traded. Alex Georgiev faced a whopping 47 shots, stopping 41 of them. He did what he could.

Avs 1, Rangers 0

That top line and powerplay unit is dangerous. Adam McQuaid broke his stick, which made it a 5-on-3. He took Jesper Fast’s stick, which made the pass over to Gabriel Landeskog easier to make. That was a great shot, but it looked like Georgiev flinched. Maybe it’s because he never plays?

Avs 2, Rangers 0

Sometimes hockey happens, and deflections like this happen. But it was Marc Staal with the giveaway 20 seconds prior that set this up.

Avs 3, Rangers 0

Landeskog got to the slot uncovered, and Neal Pionk was not in a good position to stop the deflection.

Avs 4, Rangers 0

Alex Kerfoot with another deflection that gets by Georgiev. That’s three in a row, two by Avs. Pionk again just leaving him alone in front.

Avs 5, Rangers 0

Another PPG. Another deflection. Another undefended man in front. Another Pionk miss.

Avs 5, Rangers 1

Oh hey the Rangers showed up. The Avs misconnected on a pass, and Ryan Strome was off to the races.

Avs 6, Rangers 1

Remember Ryan Graves? The guy who never got a shot here and was sent to Colorado for Chris Bigras? Yea, this is his first NHL goal. I’m not saying Graves is going to be good, but with all the improvements he made while in the OHL and with Hartford, the fact he never got a true shot is disturbing and shows the Rangers don’t know how to evaluate defender talent. This time he just cruised in to the point untouched and no one picked up the slot.

Shot Heatmap

I don’t really think you guys need me to break this down much. It would be nice if the Rangers actually had sustained offense.

This is the ugliness of the rebuild we were expecting. However it is now on the coach to start playing the youth in bigger roles and letting them get big minutes in the NHL. The vets that are playing now aren’t even showing up to play. It’s embarrassing.

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  • I believe the Rangers really missed their big pivot on offence last night. Defensively they need to start unloading their Blueline, it’s a train wreck.

    • I don’t know if he’s their best, but he certainly isn’t their worst. Unlike some of them he has speed, his shots usually hit the net, he can pass and he is feisty. Sure he has brain cramps more often than he should, but the cure for that is playing, not sitting in the press box.

  • Best part about this game, it started late, I missed the dismantling…


    Let’s get something brewing Sunday in AZ… if not, Mgt should start seeing the positive benefits of trades and by all that’s holy, rest Henrik more and let Georgie get more game time at the NHL level.

    this morning I heard my wife make sounds that sounded like she feel or was injured, I jumped up and yelled to see what was the matter, “sorry, was watching watching the highlights”, she said.

    • I felt bad for Georgiev. He definitely needs to play more to be sharp. He has talent so they should be honing it not letting him rust.

      • well more games like this and more points out of the playoffs and I would think kids plays more and Henrik watches more games too


  • The fact he (Graves) never got a true shot is disturbing and shows the Rangers don’t know how to evaluate defender talent.

    Or forward talent. Or asset management. Or draft evaluation. Or…..

    • “The fact he (Graves) never got a true shot is disturbing”

      The Rangers keep trying to show that they know better than anyone else.

      BTW, Pionk’s offensive #s are flashy but his defensive #s are horrific. I think he was on the ice for almost every Av goal. Certainly 4 or 5.

      • Pionk is scoreless in 12 of his last 15 games. He had a 6 points in 3 games outburst in that streak. His game in Colorado was laughably bad, he was burned to the outside, the inside, and had poor positioning all night long. When he isn’t scoring he’s a massive liability.

  • Well AV was the worst coach ever according to so many around here. Then Quinlan is hired and the new narrative is that just because he was a college coach this automatically makes him better than anyone at developing young NHL talent. So now the Rangers are awful halfway through a season they are supposed to be hot garbage and the new narrative is that he’s overplaying the franchise goalie and is treating the kids like garbage.

    The more things change the more they stay the same. If the team loses its because the coach did something wrong, not that the actual talent on the ice is more AHL ready than NHL ready.

    • Who’s talking about Vigneault? Why even bring him up? You really think he’d be any better than Quinn? As unimpressed as I’ve been with Quinn I’d still rather have him as coach than that glib, arrogant, gum-chewing gasbag Vigneault.

      And for someone who consistently functioned as an excuse-maker for AV, what’s your take on why no NHL team has gone near him since the Rangers canned him?

      • You obviously don’t understand the point I’ve been making for the last half decade. Take any problem that the team encounters and everyone points at the coach. Whether it’s AV, Tortz (were you on here then because trust me he was tarred and feathered just as much as AV on here) and now it’s Quin. Everyone was so happy that the last coach was dumped so they could hire someone fresh. Well what do you think happened? It took 3 months for everyone to start turning on him because the team sucks!

        And to your point of AV not being hired by now? I really don’t have an opinion on the matter because we have no clue what the situation really is. Maybe no other team wants him. That’s entirely possible. And If that is the case than good for you. I wasn’t in love with the guy. I would just respond to the dumb AV bashing that was running rampant. Remember when this blog would get 100+ comments because “AV refused to give Mcilrath a shot”? It was dumb crap like that that I would respond to. Not professing my undying love for the guy as so many assumed I was doing.

        I posted last season that I was sick of all the coach bashing so they should just fire the guy so they can hire the “next worst coach to ever work in the NHL”. And I think a lot of the comments around here support my prediction.

  • Looks like the team has quit on Quinn already. I don’t know about anyone else but it’s pretty clear Quinn is either a puppet taking FO orders on lineups every day, or he’s over his head at the NHL level in terms of evaluating talent. I’ve not seen a game this bad from a Ranger team in terms of effort and discipline since the Bryan Trottier days.

    Adam McQuaid has to be one of the worst players in the whole NHL. It is astounding that a coach at this level dresses him at all. Neal Pionk is also terrible. I’m sick of hearing about how he’s gonna be a player in this league—he will be nothing but a 3rd pair defender, with 2nd PP unit skills. Given that Staal, Smith, Shattenkirk and Skjei are also awful this year, I’m expecting Hank and Georgiev to ask Quinn to dress an all-forward lineup soon.

    This current corps of defenders is so bad that it’s almost impossible to put into words how bad they are.

    • Adam McQuaid has to be one of the worst players in the whole NHL. It is astounding that a coach at this level dresses him at all.

      I’m not sure he is one of the worst in the league but it is astounding that we GAVE UP a draft pick AND an NHL player to get him.

      • The Rangers are “showcasing” McQuaid. LOL

        What a mess this team is. I don’t know what it will take to blow it up the right way and start over, starting with getting a real franchise player at the top of the draft.

  • First person I would trade is Shattenkirk, like yesterday. He still has some value but underutilized by this coach. ADA needs to be in the line up and play. Quinn is not the coach if he is making the line up decisions. This is inexcusable in a developmental year. Remember I said this was the worst thing that could’ve happened when we went on that winning streak?

    You want to tell me teams don’t tank? Los Angeles is in full tank mode. St. Louis against us…yeah. Time to sit Lundqvist so he’ll accept a trade. He needs to go for everyone’s sake especially for himself.

    Kreider, might be time to trade him too. He has tremendous value right now and most likely at an all time high. I would like Kreider to stay however with his having a year remaining and his goal scoring, well trade him. Man Zucc, boy oh boy…he needs to go now too.

    • King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!! says:

      There’s like 10 that need to go my friend ( Staal, Hayes,Zuc, Smith, SIeve , Skjei, Shitty,McQuiad,Names )

  • Hajek down in Hartford is better than any of the blue lines players, not even joking when it comes to playing a sound game. Everyone has to know and understand that Glen Sather is still pushing buttons, if anyone does not believe me that Glen is informing Gorton and Quinn this team can make the playoffs, just trust me on this is all I can say…..Glen left Jeff alone last February and Gorton gained some nice returns, I mean a prospect and a 2nd rounder for Grabner who is only effective on the PK? come on that is not a bad job within itself.

    Dolan needs to sell this team , he is not invested and leans on Sather for over 15 years to run the show, Glen and Gordie think they know what is best and let their ego get in between what is best for the organization. Dolan needs to sell to an owner who will retire Sather and his cigar buddies, and allow Gorton or whomever who understands the concept for NHL teams need speed on the blue line mixed with a solid defensive minded d- men paired with. You need right wingers on the roster and in the system, I can go on here. Objective is Sather is still getting in the way and a couple of more loses like this, Sather will once again turn it over to Jeff to wheel and deal……..Hayes no matter what all the know it all’s know on Twitter is being traded, Zuc- bags already packed, Shattekirk and Vesey might follow them to contenders.. Just sit back and watch all this unfold in the upcoming 6 weeks.

    • I disagree on what aspect. Dolan is actually, the perfect hockey owner. He doesn’t meddle, he doesn’t dictate, and 9 days out of 10 he probably forgets he owns a hockey club. He gives you an open checkbook to spend anyway you need it, allows you to bury or buyout contracts etc.

      Sather is the problem, nor am I convinced that Gorton is anything more than a marginal GM. Some will argue that we’ve drafted better than average, but many more teams than us have managed to find better talent after the first round than we have. I remember back in the day our Scouts found Tony Amonte, Darren Turcotte, Sergei Zubov, and other elite talent after the 1st round. Besides Hank, what elite talent have we discovered after the 1st Round? Maybe it’s what the scouts are looking for? Quite possible. But the organization needs ONE plan and ONE design for a team. Not this half assed “leadership” “gritz” “character”.

      • Agree with your post until you mentioned “Darren Turcotte” and the word “elite” together. Turcotte’s only brush with elite-ness was when he played against Gretzky or Lemieux or maybe had a beer with Brian Leetch, he was a slightly above average player at best who feasted on the dregs of the NHL in his day, and couldn’t produce against good teams. I didn’t like him as a Ranger.

      • Or perhaps time has passed by the acumen and methodologies of the Gordster and his merry band of draft evaluators. I don’t know that, but things are bit different than during the days of Amonte, Turcotte, Zubov.

        Maybe they are not utilizing all of the new-fangled analytics and fancy stats. Like I said – I don’t know that and neither do any of us.


        I know this – there has been only one player that was drafted by the Rangers that actually led the team in scoring since 2000-2001 and that was Brandon Dubinsky in 2010-11 with a whopping 54 points. Exceptions being Zuccarello who was a FA and Stepan in the shortened lockout season. Certainly not a stellar draft track record with forwards.

        I also know that Gordie is Sather’s boy and nothing is going to change with respect to how the Rangers draft until Sather is put out to pasture

      • Actually John, Dolan does mettle. He keeps that old fool Sather in power and running the team, because Dolan “likes” him.

        How can Coach Q, who has won 3 Cups be fired, and Sather, who has been here for 20 years, never drafted a franchise player outside of Lundqvist (and that was pure luck), never won a Cup, and has made this team a complete mess, continue to keep his job? With no end in sight?

        To me, that’s worse than interfering.

    • Hey pal!!!! Hope all is well with you! I completely agree as always. This team goes nowhere as long as Sather has any say in anything

  • Chytil is not a full time center at this level and he probably won’t be one within a season from now. Colorado has sneaky good depth that should pan out in few years but they are a one line show until the younger guy’s fully developed. There are teams who would be running right down the Rangers throat night after night if Zib is the only center for this squad. You don’t bring in a top prospect for this circus. They need to split from Skjei right now and fix the defense.

    Btw Vesey is pretty much useless unless if he is finishing off from someone else’s great hands or work ethic. Chris Kreider captain?? Yeah right, it won’t happen. His overzealous celly’s and tapping guy’s on the butt doesn’t make him a realistic candidate. What he did to Nathan MacKinnon was real d bag move. I don’t think stars around this league even know or care for what Kreids stands for.

    • What does your boy Hayes stand for? Cheaply priced rolling paper and Boston Red Sox hats?

  • The problem with the coaching is that they’re not adapting to the adaptations.

    Giving up the blue line to keep shots outside isn’t working. They’re trying to keep shots outside, so they send size inside to dominate Pionk. Need to get better gap control to make zone entry harder, even if it means 3F has to get on his bike to cover for the D challenging the puck holder.

    • Agreed. This surrendering the blue line tactic is driving me crazy! ?

      They need the forwards to helping.

  • All in for Quinn.

    MGT has a plan and goals … they are waiting and playing a numbers game before they move into other positions.

    Quinn has already made players better…

    stop typing the letters AV and Q in the same sentences…



  • I expect the younger players to screw up in their first few seasons, but for guys like Staal, McQuaid, McLeod, Smith, Zucc, etc. to play like horse manure is unacceptable — if they’re waiting for trade, trade them … if they just can’t hack it full time, trade them, etc. Every now and then they’ll look decent, but their game overall is shite and bringing this team down. Sweep them all away, get whatever you can … even a late rounder for some of these guys. Addition by subtraction … but keep Hayes, Kreider, Mika, Namestnikov (maybe), Fast, Shattenkirk (maybe), Strome (at least he tries), Vesey (maybe) … and insert Hajek, maybe Bigras or Gilmour, play the snot out of ADA, insert Andersson, and some combination of Fogarty, Gropp, Fontaine, Lettieri and/or Meskanen.

    It can’t be worse, I repeat it can’t be worse.

    • Great post Geno……Let’s hope the team keeps losing so we can unload the vets for beer and chips…

    • And yesterday you chastised everybody for overreacting to the dire situation this team is clearly in right now. What a difference a day makes, eh Tanto?

      Out of everybody in the AHL forward group that you mentioned I’d say Meskanen is the only player who deserves a look, Lettieri and Fogarty had their chances and did little with decent 4th line minutes. Would like to see Hajek and Bigras right now in the NHL, no question about it. Gilmour as well is better than Staal and Smith. Bring him back up.

      • MC, just because I believe in what they are doing and the future of the team … and just because I don’t mind them losing, doesn’t mean I like some of the older vets playing like crap and don’t want them traded for assets just like everyone else here.

    • King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!! says:

      Real teams are starting to loosen up and line the ducks up. We have no ducks.

        • King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!!King Sieveqvist!! King Sieveqvist!! says:

          Very true

  • It is really disgraceful that New York sports are run so badly, in general.

    If Jimmy Boy Dolan were not the son of a brilliant businessman, then he would be playing his guitar out on the streets of NY, looking for cash, which I suspect, would not go very well.

    Sell the freaking teams and cash out Jimmy, which would be the best thing that you could do for the fans of MSG. Then maybe we can get owners who will make their employees accountable.

  • I said right after they fired AV that any coaching change will be as effective as the change in personnel. the easy part is done. now its time for gorton to put up or get out.

  • Can’t disagree with you on Dolan but Sather just has never brought any value whatsoever.

    What is truly needed is someone in the mold of Shanahan/Lamoriello who can come in and draw the boundaries and take charge.

    Unfortunately there is not much out there except retreads. I think John Davidson would be worth a shot as he has had some success but I fear his ties to the NYR organization would set him up for the same old meddling.

    I wonder if Theo Epstein is available….? ?

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