A rant on needing to be right

Disclaimer: I’m aware that I fall into this group of “needing to be right” sometimes. We all do. It’s human nature to want to be right and prove your worth to others around you. This is less a rant about the specific people needing to be right, and more a rant about that mentality.

The Rangers are in a rebuild. It’s unlikely they are going to be competitive for quite some time. The rebuild itself probably came one year too late, as there is a valid argument for needing to tear it down before the 2016-2017 season. There is also a counterpoint for reloading the way the club did, as they were a few bad coaching decisions away from the Eastern Conference Final. But that’s neither here nor there.

However dating back to as far as 2015, there was a small subsect of fans calling for a rebuild at that point. One year after a run to the Stanley Cup Final and in a year the Rangers were arguably one freak Mats Zuccarello injury away from a second. It was this small subsect that was actually rooting for the Rangers to lose so they could say “I told you so.” Rooting for the Rangers to lose in the playoffs. Mind boggling.

The 2016 team was flawed, and was really the beginning of the end of the Rangers as we knew them. We saw the flaws, and they were thoroughly exploited and steamrolled by the Penguins in the playoffs. Again the “I told you so” people were out in full storm. We knew the team was good, but there was again a small subsect of people that were actively rooting against the team to say I told you so. These people aren’t just the Hank Truthers either.

Rinse and repeat for 2017, which was one of those lucky draw in the playoff years. I myself would have been on board for a tear down, even in a 102 point season, because that team was deeply flawed. But not at the expense of rooting against the team to do well. It is ok to fall in the grey area of wanting them to win but also wanting them to realize they are flawed and tear it down.

The Blueshirts finally tore it down in 2018, and the I TOLD YOU SO folks were out in full force, but this time saying they should have done it the year before. Again, there is a valid argument to that logic. However actively hoping for a tear down while the team is putting up a 102 point season and a good draw in the playoffs? Come on.

I guess my point here is that it seems some folks are happier when they are right, even when the team they supposedly love is losing. I don’ quite get how that makes sense. It shows up a lot more this season, as folks actively root for the team to lose so they can get a better shot at the top two picks in the draft.

Would losing help their chances at a quicker turnaround? Absolutely. There is no doubt there. But this is setting ourselves up for another I TOLD YOU SO if the Rangers don’t get a top-two pick and then don’t win a Cup after they start competing. Or worse, don’t even begin competing because they couldn’t turn it around. I am not looking forward to the I TOLD YOU SO group ranting and raving about the 2018-2019 season and how the 9-1-1 run killed their entire rebuild. I’ll have bigger things to worry about, like, you know, life.

Where do I sit on the rebuild? I’m happy when the Rangers win, and I’m not overly upset when the Rangers lose. I’m frustrated by poor play/effort, but I’m not frustrated by a 9-1-1 run either. It’s that grey area in fandom that seems to spawn the happiest fans. I just can’t get on board with preferring to be right over the Rangers winning.


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  1. I’ll speak for myself, I really don’t enjoy paying almost $8,000 per year (and then add dinner to the cost per game) for the 30+ games I go to, to see them lose and be happy about it. I go to the games because I love the Rangers and love hockey.

    What I don’t love is the HORRIBLE business decisions the Rangers make on a regular basis. Some fans here scoff at the suggestions made here, because what do WE know about hockey and managing a team?

    I personally do not manage a team but I do manage a successful small business where EVERY business decision matters and effects other people, called our employees, for whom we are responsible for. So, I do have years and years of experience in running a business.

    So let’s take a look at what we have here, for the Rangers:

    1) And this is everything, $25M tied up into a defense that absolutely sucks. I mean, you want to know the Rangers’ overall problem? Here it is, front and center. There is not one D man that is considered “top pair” and maybe not even “top 4” in this group. Yet, look at the investment. They make the same mistakes over and over: G, Staal, Boyle, and now maybe Smith, Shatty, and Skjei. But Stralman, the best of all of them, was shown the door, for not paying the same money as for Boyle. You can’t make this stuff up.

    2) The “rebuild.” What does this mean? To me, it means building through the draft and allowing young players to develop. To the Rangers, it means “let’s try to make the playoffs anyway because we are losing playoff revenue.” It’s a half-ass-ed method. Either it’s a rebuild or it’s not. So we currently sit at #23 or so in the league, which probably will not get us a top 5 pick. As I said the other day, 7 of the last 10 Cup winners had at least one #1 overall pick. It’s not a coincidence.

    3) Dolan, Sather, and Clark. The “3 Amigos.” The killers of this great franchise. Old thinking that will keep the Rangers form winning a Cup any time soon. Example #1: Staal will be here because Sather loves him, not because he can play, but because Sather loves him. Forget what’s best for the team. Same reason that G was signed to that bad contract. The Rangers, from Dolan on down, it’s about personal feelings and not about good business. Look at where the Knicks are and have been for years, and that’s Dolan’s pride and joy. Horrific that we are in NY and NY sports are so bad.

    I will end it here. It’s FRUSTRATION that, supposedly, smart business people can be so dumb. I go back to what Sather said years ago: “If I had the Rangers’ bdget then I would win multiple Cups.” Well Mr. Sather, yo have been here for almost 20 years and we are waiting for Cup #1, with a HOF goalie in nets no less for most of those years.

    1. No offense intended Richter, but sometimes you sound a bit like an ingrate (of course there are some real ingrates who never have anything positive to say). The “3 Amigos” gave you 6 or so years of SC contending hockey. Have they made mistakes? Sure, every GM/FO does … but we had a long stretch where we were one of the more respected and feared teams in the League annually. Were these teams flawed? Sure … again, like most every team in the League … and they did this without the benefit of anything better than a #10 pick and sometimes no 1st round picks at all — just to try and satisfy a fan base that thinks the only measure for success is winning a SC.

      Re: the “rebuild”, it was always meant to be a renovation, not a tear down of the whole team … and despite your insistence about the the FO being concerned about playoff revenue, I think they just want to establish/reinforce pride and the desire to win. To deliberately look like they want to tank sets a bad example and I for one am glad (and proud) that they don’t accept losing to speed up their plan —- besides, with the lottery there’s no guarantee —- unless you want to purposely stack the odds in your favor by being dismal and incompetent for multiple years (and look where that has gotten teams like the Oilers).

        1. Thanks Ray, I just get sick and tired of all the “nattering nabobs of negativism”. Every armchair GM is perfect, everything Sather, Gorton, Clark and Dolan do is flawed. Every armchair GM will draft the absolute best player available because they can look at an 18 year old and easily predict their development … and let’s not forget, every armchair GM can trade for another team’s best elite prospect without giving up too much — in fact they can get other GMs to give up elite talent for too little.

          Ironically I’m not an overly optimistic person in general, but in the face of such venomous negativity I feel obligated to shed a little sunshine.

      1. That is solid thinking Tanto, especially considering the the early stages of the process. Also, I just can’t understand, and I have said this for years, the fan base that “embraces a tank”. To me, I is mind boggling to the nth degree.

      2. Thank you for the response, I appreciate your bluntness.

        I’m not going to respond to your points because obviously you don’t get it and my explaining it to you will not matter one bit.

        So I say this to you and to others here, thumbs up means you have no problem with my posts and thumbs down means that you do. If the consensus is that my opinions are too much for the group then I will not post here again, because posting flowery opinions that do not reflect reality are not part of my make up.

        1. I don’t agree about thumbs up thumbs down. To me, thumbs down usually means I disagree with what you said, not that I disagree with your decision to say it and certainly not your right to say it. Someone proposes a trade; I don’t like the trade; thumbs down – doesn’t mean that I want them to go away or shut up.

          It is just a quick way to say yes or no.

    2. Tony, I love you brother. A reference I can post that associates to your rant in regard to how the Rangers front office is run by means of decisions makers is valid. We live by choices and if one of your favorite things in life is go to 30+ games at the garden than that is your choice and you have every right to vent your frustration if the team is not meeting you or all Ranger fans expectations.

      My reference to your point regarding Sather/Clark and Dolan making decisions over Gorton, I will share is pertaining to Lou Lamoriello when he was in charge of the Devils.

      I told you this story briefly through text with the boys, when my friend was the Strength coach for NJ back in 2000 ( during their Stanley cup year), my friend told me, everyone from the top down, knew Lou was in charge. There was nobody undermine or over power another front office personal person by what would move had to be made, what players they liked better and who they preferred to be drafted over another player. Lou had the structure and foundation in place and everyone knew it. If a player left, the Devils brought in a similar type of player to fill that void without losing a beat.

      A dysfunctional front office was when my friend was back in Colorado and Greg Sherman was the GM, had no clue and everyone was on their on agenda from Sherman to Coach Sacco all the way down. So my point is, Dolan is focus on his entertainment ventures now and has been for a long time, allowed Sather to run the Rangers. Sather ( who my buddy has known when he was in the NHL) is an old school hockey mind. From what we were told in smal bits is the Gorton/Jim Schoenfeld/ Chris Drury/ David Quinn ( Would include David Oliver when it comes to evaluating young players who was the GM when Quinn was coaching in Lake Erie years back) know what they are attempting to create by means of the Rangers foundation and bring in their type of players.

      Sather and Clark seem to allow Gorton to execute his plan but still intervene when they feel they’re 100% spot on with a player. Kravtov was a Clark pick and my gut tells me Clark might have hit a solid pick in Kravtov but other picks were Gorton and tried really hard to no avail to get Clayton Keller in the draft and had his eyes on Peterson (VAN) over Andersson in the draft in 2017.

      I (we) are not employed by the Rangers so who truly knows what is actually going on, However looking back at teams who seem to always win have a clear direction upon who is running the show and everyone follows within that same vision.

      1. Not discredited Sather from putting together a Stanley cup contender for a few years but let’s give some credit to Hank who carried the team often. The Main point about Sather is if your GM wants to execute a complete rebuild, than allow Jeff Gorton and his staff execute their vision.

        1. Thanks bro, love you too.

          There’s a lot going on here, that 99.9% of the fans are not aware of. The meddling influence that Sather continues to have will undermine anything that Gorton is trying to do here. His thinking is old thinking and he is not capable of putting a contending team together anymore.

          And the delusion that Sather put together a team that contended for 5 years is laughable since those teams wold have went no where without Lundqvist playing at his peak, like he did for those years. I don’t know why some Ranger fans don’t get that.

          Great, Nash and Gaby had 40 goal seasons who did zippo in the playoffs, in general, when they were needed most.

  2. Tony

    Great post by Tony above, as usual, all points are spot on. We have an organization that is run by a mental midget in Sather, and an absolute moron in Jimmy boy!

    I laugh at times by some post that people even admit we made bad moves only because they still like a player. Staal has been washed up for some three years, lacks speed, has a poor shot, is soft, but plenty on this site think he walks on water. The man sucks, let’s face it. Yesterday someone posted that Tampa was in first place due to the number of former Rangers on that roster. Please, Girardi is protected, playing along side of Hedman. Callie is a has been, JT was moved because the organization hated him. The only player that is worth his salt is Mac Truck. Why did we trade him off, because last season he dogged it, and it was clear as day, he wanted out. Bottom line, Tampa is doing great in spite of the former Rangers, with the like of Hedman, Stamkos, and a slew of other very, very good players.

    As for wanting a high pick, and a shot at the best player coming into the draft, I’m all for it. I’ve followed this team for eons, and fear I’ll never see another cup under this ownership. I enjoy when they play hard, but I also don’t get sick over losing because it’s a rebuilding year. Dolan, you dip s hit, leave the day to day operation of the FO to JG, and his staff. If you want to be the GM, then give Jeff his walking papers, until then, just go home and choke your chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Back at you my friend. We are the fans of longevity Walt. We have seen a lot, and at least we got to see one Cup, which we will always be grateful for.

      Thoughts and prayers for you and Maria, that you can be around the warmth of family and friends during the Holiday Season.

      1. Thanks my friend, and the same to you, and all the other posters. Let’s enjoy the holidays, whatever your celebrating!!!!

        1. Walt, I hope that you and Maria enjoy a Merry Christmas and that the New Year brings you both good health and much happiness.

    2. “Why did we trade him off, because last season he dogged it, and it was clear as day, he wanted out.”

      There’s ZERO proof in that but I would love to hear more of it.

      1. It’s been written about, and stated on numerous occasions by some very knowledgeable people. It’s the holiday season, and I refuse to get into a pissing contest………….

  3. In order to be competitive in this new league you need a few things; a mobile strong defense and some elite offensive players. If you do not draft in the first 5 picks, your ability to “draft” elite talent goes down significantly. If you tie up too much money on aging, non-superior players. you inhibit your ability to buy elite players when they become available.

    A partial teardown, which we have here banks on a few things – you have a structure of good middle 6 players to augment and you have enough good defensive players to where an additional piece or two on the backline can really make a difference. – Here is where I have the problem. I feel that we do have good middle 6 and that the addition of an elite draft pick or a free agent could make the difference on the front end. On the defensive side, I feel we are 3 players away from having a premier defense and I do not think those players can be obtained that quickly to turn us around in a year or two. Our farm has one, maybe two real defensive prospects that are probably a year or two away. What do we do until then?

    Our tradeable assets might get you some additional picks, but these are most likely picks 20 and above. Do we have enough players ready to make the 2019/20 Rangers on an elite level? I think not. Do we have $30M available to buy players? Not yet. This is not a 1-2 year project – to me this is a 4 year journey.

  4. The Ranger org has added a number of young players into their lineup since the trade deadline last season. They are restocking the cupboard with young talent and at the same time they remain competitive and are only a few wins away from a playoff spot. When the Ruskies arrive they will likely make a sudden impact on the teams success. Hopefully the Rangers don’t drop the ball and can get them under contract.

    I am glad Gorton has chosen to take a retool approach as oppose to the tear it down scorched earth method which is typically what the small market teams would do. I don’t believe Ranger fans could handle a decade of suckville that Arizona, Colorado, Buffalo, Florida, Edmonton, Carolina, Calgary or Vancouver went and are still going through.

    1. They need to commit to the retool method and go out and try and trade for Tarasenko. He will help attract free agents to joine forced. If he doesn’t than he’s still a goal scorer, PP threat, has size and speed to bring to the and he can snipe. Move Kreider, Skjei, Smith, Vlad and Staal out by next summer. It would help attract someone like Panarin and than you still have the Krav kid who might not need a AHL stint. They could also bank on Karlsson if Panarin is a no go to come here.

  5. Our draft picking what very little chances we get ( most picks got traded off for has beens over the years , going way back ), has been atrocious. We passed by lots and lots of talent thru the years and ended up with nothing. Chytl has probably been our best pick in 10+ years! Can’t build a team thru high priced free agency!

    1. I think you need a mix of young, homegrown talent and the occasional superstar thru free agency. Unless you are horrible 3 years in a row, it is tough to build a team with draft pick alone.

      1. But you have to remember all the picks we traded away year after year …. we have nothing to show for it. Of course the draft is a crap shoot but for us most of the time we end up with crap.

      2. Sal

        Guys like Marcel Dionne, Barry Beck, Dan Boyle, Pavel Bure, Phil Esposito, Theo Fleury, Marion Gaborik, Mike Gartner, Boom Geoffrion, Wayne Gretzky, Doug Harvey, Tim Horton, Jaromir Jgar, Jari Kurri, Guy Lafleur, Eric Lindros, Rick Nash, Jacques Plante, Lue Robitaille, Bobby Rousseau, Brendan Shanahan, Marty St Louie, Eric Staal. How many of these players are in the HHOF? Enough I would say. They all came to us as suggested by you, and how many cups have we got to show for it? Two over the last 78 frigging years, that is an outstanding record, I’m really proud of it, NOT!

        They have done it your way for ever, why not try something differently?

        1. While I agree with your premise, Walt, I think the argument is flawed. It’s tough to win a Cup, but just about every man you mentioned made Rangers hockey exciting to watch. It was a joy to watch each of them put on the Rangers sweater.

          1. Joe

            Some indeed did make watching the game more fun, but the point I was trying to make is that it failed for ever, why not try something different. Albert Einstein stated that doing the same thing over, and over, and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I’m tired of being crazy!!!!!!!

          2. That’s one hell of a list, Walt—it really underscores the futility of the Rangers’ past philosophy of building a team. A lot of players with serious NHL success, who were with a few exceptions mostly toast as NHL players when they came to the Rangers. Free agency should only be used to add younger players, in my opinion—too often the post 30-year old signings/acquisitions have been disastrous for the Rangers. The Rangers have been burned countless times in the past with this strategy.

            Even when the Sather group had a pretty good run—between 2006-2015—they still accelerated the Rangers’ decline by going after players like Dan Boyle. I agree that it’s time to cash in the assets and get more draft picks. Gorton has been decent in the draft in my opinion, no Jessimans or Sanguinettis or McIlraths to his credit yet.

          3. MC

            I suspect that if Sather was doing the day to day job of the GM, he would still be pursuing these over the hill type players. I believe that JG is doing a very good job, in spite of the distractions from Glen, and Jimmy boy!

            Here’s to the rebuild, while still enjoying some hustle from the kids that was lacking for the last few seasons under the other coach!!!!!!!

        2. Walt .. all those are great big names. Even back in the no cap era we still messed it up and got them when they were old and worn out!! On that big name list there I’d say Jags was the best one out of it. Sad … Think of the firesale in 94 to get the Cup! We probably could have 3-4 Cups with that group if it stayed together another year with a piece or 2 added!!!! Geeeez Us

        3. Walt .. all those are great big names. Even back in the no cap era we still messed it up and got them when they were old and worn out!! On that big name list there I’d say Jags was the best one out of it. Sad … Think of the firesale in 94 to get the Cup! We probably could have 3-4 Cups with that group if it stayed together another year with a piece or 2 added!!!! Geeeez Us

          1. Just think of some of those players we let go, such as Gartner, Zubov, Amonte, Weight, who all went on to become great players, while Lamar, and Mac Tavich weren’t even resigned. NUTS!!!!!!

          2. I was sick to my stomach when all those deals happened. Think if that master plan failed which it was real close to doing! Traded one Cup probably for at least 2 maybe more ?

          3. Hockey is a business run by businessman, not fans. Your team, Walt, is a fan favorite team, but may not make sense from a business perspective.

            Today, more than ever, getting great young talent is key to build a franchise. All I am saying is that if you keep drafting 10th, you are most likely not getting that elite player. You need to augment that team with a free agent superstar. Our current team is strong on the middle six and the bottom pair. We are about 6 players away from being a Cup contender and we won’t get there unless we have multiple picks before the 20th pick of the draft. We won’t get the chance at an elite player unless we pick top 5.

  6. Sorry the rangers really need to tank this year and hope to get a the first or second pick in the lottery. Don’t sign Hayes sell high on him sooner rather than later. If he gets hurt we are screwed. We need a high pick and cap room first and foremost. Moving Zuc, Hayes, possibly one more guy will clear space and bring back some picks and prospects to add depth to the organization. Please do not lock up any of the current players with long term above market deals and NMC’s. The retool will not get us to where we want to be. Anyway if they miss with the picks and prospects as long as they have cap space it is not too hard to get back to respectability if that’s all you want by buying free agents. For me I want to swing for the fences, I want a generational player in the draft until that happens we are very unlikely to win a cup. I root for the kids to play well but do not mind losing. I do not want to see this team in the middle third of the league that’s a never ending situation.

    When they broke up the team in the 70’s I was heartbroken. In the following years they kept trying to quick fix it and aside from the lighting in the bottle in 79, we had to wait until we hit on a big draft pick (#2) and brought in #11.

    Let’s not spend the next 15 years battling for the 8th spot every year tear it down.

    1. Except this team for 6-7 years wasn’t fighting for the 8th spot, they were fighting for the division, the President’s Cup and of course Lord Stanley. Like Dave suggested, we were a freak injury away from probably going to another SC final … and in my opinion the year we did go to the Finals we were a couple of blown calls (the NHL has even admitted to this) from probably going 7 games against the Kings — and anything can happen in a 7th game.

      You just can’t expect a group of players to tank, tanking comes naturally or it doesn’t come at all.

      1. Yeah but Dave’s point was bogus. Chicago was a different animal when they’re on their game with expectations and in the playoffs. P Kane would have made the entire team look silly. Teows is a different breed in the playoffs. Wasn’t Hossa still around? Can you say hello and goodbye? That’s what he would have been doing all series long against guys like Stepan and Girardi. I don’t buy those theories of Zucc helping to beat Tampa or the Rangers putting up a show vs Chicago.

        1. Yeah, well I do … and actually we were one of the few teams in the League that had a lot of success against Chicago in the regular season. Would that automatically translate in the playoffs? Maybe.

          1. If I recall correctly, the year we won the cup, didn’t we sweep the Devils in the regular season, and barely got by them on the way to the cup???????? I can’t recall the team that happens to but when it comes to the PO’s that’s another animal………..

  7. Remember when Weeks and Henrik would trade starts depending on the winning streaks each had, Ryan Callahan’s debut, Staal and Griardi blocking what felt like every shot opponents took during a game, Avery’s antics, Henrik becoming the king, Torts and his teams fitness levels, so many really good wins, great games… some really good seasons,

    all for nothing now, losing to the devils in OT, then watching LA lift the cup in front of our team, all for nothing now.

    if this rebuild, coming too late or not, yields winning seasons, with our prayers being answered!

    if we lift the cup within 4 years, and have a winning club that could win multiple…

    people will eat words.

    the rangers are adjusting to changes, not easy to do while your club was as good as ours was for all those seasons

    LGR!!!! happy healthy holiday season, BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!


  8. Rant away but just realize that there is a formula to a rebuild. 1 part of the formula clearly states you need at least 1 top 3 and get lucky with 1 of your mid level 1st rounder to project higher from where he was picked. Trades are not to form your core but to add depth to your core. If you can’t figure out why this has to happen then you are a fair weather fan. Skill alone is not enough, attitude is. Of course you need skill however more importantly you need the attitude.

    This Ranger team I hope implodes so we get a top 3 pick. Why? Because I realize there is more value to a top 3 pick over a team that plays just good enough but not well enough to be a difference maker for this and literally the next 2 years. Ranger fans are not patient strangely enough, I mean for crying out loud we went through 54 years to not be patient and want to repeat this travesty for another 54?

    We made the Bossy error already by drafting Kravtsov. I assure you that Bode Wilde will be better than Miller and oddly enough we traded a 2nd to grab him when he would’ve been available in later 1st round pick or better yet where he should’ve been picked…in the 2nd round? It’s great to be an optimist and I hope they both develop to be shinning lights in New York but I am also a realist. Odds are not in favor of such grandiose projections.

    We gotta pay the piper, plain and simple. One awful losing season is not the end of the world and far better than waiting for a Cup once every 54 years

    1. Without a top 3 pick, all is for naught. We will never add elite talent through the draft with our drafting crew. I would rather fall to the bottom of the CAP space list and buy superstars as at least we buy tried and true (albeit) aging talent.

      1. Except as of now Kravtsov is looking potentially elite … and Miller may not be far behind. Elite players can be found throughout the 1st round, sometimes much later … sure, the odds diminish as the names get called, but it’s possible — just ask a certain Swedish netminder drafted in the late rounds.

        1. Agreed Tanto—Kopitar and Karlsson are two elite players who aren’t top 3 picks. As are Brent Burns, Jamie Benn, Brad Marchand, and Johnny Gaudreau off the top of my head. There’s definitely elite talent throughout every draft. Teams have to have front offices good enough to find that talent, and that’s what NYR lacks.

          The other problem is that teams like Pittsburgh have 2 generational talents in Malkin/Crosby and 2 elite players in Kessel and Letang. Washington can roll Ovi and Backstrom and Carlson and Kuznetsov at teams. Chicago had Kane/Toews/Keith in their great years. San Jose has talent, Winnipeg is stacked, these levels of talent came through years of good drafting—not just one elite pick like Laine or Kane or Crosby. Schiefele and Laine were preceded by good pickups like Byfuglien and Wheeler, and complemented by picks like Trouba and Ehlers. That sort of drafting consistency is what the Rangers need.

          1. Drafting consistency? Take a good long look at the players those teams drafted while they languished in the basement of the League for YEARS and YEARS. If you are willing to watch the Rangers literally suck night in and night out for 3-4-5+++ years, please let me know. You pull out ONE elite talent from every team that got drafted after the Top 5 or 6 picks, well what about Hank? Normally that elite guy drafted after the Top picks usually comes around to every team every 10-15 years … well maybe Kravtsov is that guy, maybe Chytil will be that guy or Shesterkin or Miller … I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet at least one of them will be that guy.

          2. There’s plenty of teams that have not tanked to get talent. Yeah they miss the play offs maybe for a year or two, but never tank. Look at Boston Pastrnak was picked 25th. Jake DeBrusk and Charlie McAvoy were picked at 14. Ryan Donato at 56. They had a pick in the top 5 and picked Segiun at 2 in 2010, and basically gave him away. Look at Washington, Burakovsky at 23, Tom Wilson at 16(love him or hate him he’s effective) even Forsberg at 11 (they gave him away too) but Nashville can just thank them. Even The Kings, Kopitar was picked 11th overall. And Doughety at 2. But no other top 10 picks.

            It’s hard to have draft consistency when you trade away your firsts every year. Problem #1. I get all in on winning thing; but look at the teams I mentioned above and think about Tampa too(Kings suck and need a rebuild too but they won 2 cups=worth it). How is that Tampa is not only so good, but they also have a great farm system? I guess when you draft guys like Kucherov at #58 in the draft or Point at 79 that’s one way. Granted they had a 1st and 2nd years ago to get Stamkos and Hedman,(2008 and 2009). Since 2011 the had one top 5 pick and that was Drouin who they traded for Sergachev. And yeah the Jet sucked for years, but that is mostly on poor goal tending and with the ownership issues in Atlanta they could not attract people. If we had Steve Mason in net instead of Hank we’d be much more in the Hughes Sweepstakes than we are today. But if you look back they had one top 5 pick since 2011 and that was Laine.

            The thing is you can’t always be all in all the time if you want to succeed. You can’t say yes to every deal that comes along and trade away all your prospects and draft picks and expect long term success. Some teams tank to get good and other teams draft well to get good. (some actually do both)Teams(Like The Rangers) used to buy UFA’s, but that model is becoming unrealistic due to the salary cap and also the demands of these young players like Nylander. It’s ok to trade draft picks for the right deal. But you can’t miss out on 4 years of firsts if you want to have long term success. Boston has won, Washington has won and The Kings have won. If Tampa does not win that will be a shame. They have all done it a little differently but they have all had some elite home grown talent which mostly did not all com from the top 5 or top 10.

            Buffalo, Edmonton, Arizona and Carolina have stunk for a long time for many reasons, ownership, management, bad contracts , poor drafting, poor coaching etc.

            We need to remember this rebuilding thing is not just new for us as fans, it’s actually a very new mindset for the management too. You only know if you had the right answer by winning the cup. TBD…

          3. “If we had Steve Mason in net instead of Hank we’d be much more in the Hughes Sweepstakes than we are today.”………Funny stuff from Andy, but also true.

            Excellent read Andy, Thanks, Happy New Year to all!

          4. Agreed MC. One elite player, one lottery pick kid does not do it. You need a whole cadre of good picks in the draft. I think the Rangers are getting there. I am encouraged by their picking players like Chytil, Miller and Kravstov because I think they found potential three gems. I think a couple of the defensemen who have not arrived yet in addition to Miller will be solid players. That is why they should continue to amass picks and get that pipeline full.

            Their farm system was so depleted that the situation cannot be cured overnight, but they appear to be working on it.

          5. The only thing is, MC, there is an awful lot of luck involved as well as a lot of losing. If there is anything this short season has defined, it’s that the people on this blog hate to lose, and see hate to win, go figure?!

          6. Haha, I like how you’ve expressed the current paradox. And I agree about the draft, there’s some luck involved—but it seems like other teams’ front offices work on innovative methods of player assessment, while the Rangers work more off of Clark and Sather’s gut.

        1. Good point—how’s this for a starting 5 of underachieving top 3 picks in the last 15 years:

          D—Erik Gudbranson (selected 3rd overall in 2010, like McIlrath he was picked ahead of Skinner, Tarasenko, Ryan Johansen)
          D—Zach Bogosian
          RW—Bobby Ryan
          C—Dylan Strome
          LW—Nail Yakupov

          Generally speaking though, most top 3 picks in that time span have been at least decent NHLers.

          1. MC

            Do you remember a few years back, these same proponents of buying other’s spent players were ready to give away the shop for Bobby Ryan???? I do, and was vocal then, as now about that policy!!!!!!!

    2. The one recurring theme I hear is that we “need to tank to get a number 1 pick”. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even finishing dead last won’t necessarily bring us the number 1 pick. All it will do is give us a better chance of landing it. Remember last year? We had a chance at it, but actually fell an extra spot because of the way the ping pong balls bounced. We’ll have another chance this year, unless there’s a miracle or two coming up. As long as we’re in the lottery, we can hope. Aside from that, I want to see a hungry team, fighting for every point they can get, for the rest of the year, just for the entertainment value, and a core of decent players with great attitudes to build around net year, and the year after.

    3. There’s no empirical evidence that we made a “Bossy error” when we drafted Kravs over Wahlstrom, in fact the evidence right NOW looks to be the opposite.

      1. Agreed. It is of course too early to know for certain, but Kravstov is giving every indication of being quite a good pick.

        1. Absolutely …. no one here knows how things will turn out, but Kravs plays against men and looks very comfortable, in fact he constantly drives the play and creates opportunities for both himself and others … Wahlstrom on the other hand is having a tough time adjusting to the College game — meanwhile K’Andre Miller is already the top d’man at Wisconsin and showing little difficulty stepping up in class (while showing some real offensive chops).

          I’m not sure how anyone can be discouraged by these two picks and pine for players picked afterwards (for now).

          1. That is the thing about picks. You may find a hidden gem or claim fool’s gold. Every club makes mistakes.

            Many people are panning ther Andersson pick at number 7. At this point we don’t know whether or not he will make it in the NHL. He may or may not. (I believe it is too early to tell, he needs development.) But let’s say they didn’t go with him at #7 as their “safe” pick, would they necessarily reached at #21 for Chytil or instead have gone somewhere else? We can’t know that for sure. So in that draft they pull off getting Chytil who is still a baby at 19, but has all the tools to be a fine player.

            This past draft they grab Kravstov when people are yelling that they should take Wahlstrom, and so far at least it can be argued that they may have actually gotten the better prospect. They then grab K’Andre Miller who might just be a beast of a defenseman. They get Howden from Tampa and they get Yegor Rykov from the Devils in trades, and they grab Hajek too, and suddenly there is a crop of good young players.

            So, I am not so sure the front office should be panned about their recent picks and trades too much. Some of the trades at the deadline were clearly good ones. The Tampa trade however will likely always be controversial. Altogether, I think they have made some good moves. What they need to do is keep making more. They are far from done. The next two years after this season will be crucial.

          2. Andersson will be a fine player when all is said and done, but I suspect it may not be in NY because a certain type of fan will always judge him as not living up to being the 7th pick — especially with Chytil overshadowing him. I hope not because there’s more skill in him than he’s shown so far. I think his character and drive will save him in the end, if we give him more time. If he ends up being a bigger, stronger and more productive version of Jesper Fast, I’ll still be happy.

      2. Tantto

        Absolutely right…….Oliver Wahlstrom”s game is one dimensional, while Krav’s is 200 feet, and he’s doing it in a men’s league, while Wahlstrom is seeing very little success at the college level. I think this was a very good pick, and we’ll know soon enough!!!!!!!!!

        1. That’s my read as well Walt. Kravs drives the play and he always seems to find/have the puck …. or the puck finds him.

  9. As a sports fan you are always rooting for your team to win. We Ranger fans bleed blue – deep blue and that can, pardon the pun, color your opinion of reality.

    You can have a healthy debate about when the right time to tear it down was (or at all, I suppose). But in a very subtle way, the astute asset management and talent evaluation expertise of the front office started the dismantling in earnest long before last year, they just did not announce it.

    Think – Dan Boyle over Stalman?? Brian Boyle walking away without even a conversation?? Yandle for future assets?? E. Staal for more future assets?? The there is Dave’s Twins – Girardi at $33M/6 yrs. and M Staal who is 4 years into a $34M/6 yr. deal and whose skills are disintegrating before our very eyes. But yet on this team he is considered the steadiest d-man of the lot. And MSL? We certainly would not have made the Cup runs without him but everyone can agree we gave up waaaay too much to get him.

    Each of these moves tore the team down another notch to the point where last year it was just too painful to continue down that same path.

    So here we are now – trying to figure out where to go next. There is a definitely a lot of high potential youth in place – some on the team – some on the farm – some in Russia – some in college. The point is they are coming sooner rather than later. The question hanging over all that youth though – is any one of them a game-breaker, an elite talent that can carry a team for a decade or so? I don’t know that and neither does anyone else.

    This is what I do know – the stewards of this re-whatever youth movement are from the top down – Dolan, Sather, and Gorton. And they are relying on the savvy talent evaluation skills of Gordie (I’ll take the goalie with the 39th pick) Clark. And that is what scares me about the future. Sather should be nowhere near a decision table and Gordie’s effectiveness as the scouting head is well – questionable at best.

    Echoing the sentiment of my pal Richter – we need to get a young elite talent somehow. Is it Hughes? Maybe, but there is no guarantee of getting that #1 Ping Pong Ball. I am a big advocate of getting the Sens #1 from the Avs just to increase the chances. Can it happen? Maybe – but it still does not guarantee the #1 pick, but I do like the thought of having two of the top five or so picks.

    So do we root to win or root to lose? I root for hockey with effort while developing the youth and stockpiling future assets. Which means tough decisions. I love Zucc – but the reality is he has to go. Hayes is having a great year but he likely helps us most as a centerpiece of an Avs deal – maybe with Zucc. And of course there are other decisions. Some tough, some not so tough.

    Is it in the team’s best long-term interest to miss the playoffs and get a lottery pick. Yes – unquestionably it is – but no athlete takes the ice, field, court with that intention.

    Well at least no hockey player takes ice with that intention.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. The problem is that getting a lottery pick doesn’t guarantee a cup, but, as a stated last year, NO team in the last 10 years did not have a top 5 pick in their lineup when they won. Of course it was Pitt, Chic, LA, Wash and Boston. Coincidence?
      The Rangers will not have a top five as long as Lundquist is in net. He is a warrior who gets points the team doesn’t deserve. What bothers me most is the faith Sather has in Gordie Clark. I don’t see hime as such a great talent evaluator.

  10. A rebuild, retool, whatever you call it is a tricky thing. I guess the risk of tanking is that losing becomes contagious. The risk of winning too much is that you don’t get a chance at elite talent.

    I do think that some of the deployment choices Quinn makes seem to at times appear to be leaning toward winning now vs. developing the kids. That is why I sometimes take issue with playing Smith and McQuaid and not giving Staal at least an occasional night off, and playing Lias Andersson, Boo Nieves and the whole 4th line under 10 minutes a game.

    I think that they should play Pionk, DeAngelo and Claesson as much as possible, even after a game where they stink up the joint. I’d only sit them to give the Smith and McQuaid a little action to keep them sharp or if one of the kids clearly is not following coach’s instructions and needs a time out.

    As far as Andersson is concerned, either play him in New York and give him around 14 minutes TOI or send him back to Hartford where he was the first lne center and playng quite well. Sitting on the bench most of the night is not helping his game and confindence level at all. Boo is at least a bit older and has been around, but Andersson clearly needs to play and to gain confidence, work on his game and get into the game flow. Last game he played only about 7 minutes. Play him giving him decent minutes or send him to the Wolf Pack.

    If they’d play the kids most of the time they will probably lose most of the time, thereby helping their draft position while giving the kids experience. I don’t see any other choice really.

    1. That’s hog wash, only losing minds will fall for that mentality and if any have that I want bthem off the team ASAP, Players aren’t stupid…pointing to Buffalo who so many pointed to and I said this team will become a beast. They are well underway to becoming one. By your statement above they should’ve had zero chance to become a winning team

      1. Calm down there old fella, I didn’t say that it necessarily happens.

        But Buffalo was lousy for years, they didn’t just tank recently. You are correct, that team is going to be quite good. Toronto tanked and became quite good. But the Oilers have had problems.

        My own take is that the Rangers shouldn’t worry about winning so much. That was my point.

      2. You pointed to the obvious, not much risk in that … but Buffalo has suffered through years of incompetency, are you (or any of the other fans here) really ready to watch the Rangers be incompetent for multiple years?

          1. Well Leather, the Rangers aren’t willing to suck on purpose. If they suck, they will suck … but they won’t throw games in order to do that. That’s what being a classy organization is about — having a certain basic ethical and moral code.

          2. Just curious where that “basic moral and ethical code” was when the Rangers’ front office and medical staff basically watched Derek Boogaard slowly kill himself.

  11. We talk about the things the team needs to do to get better, the players, management, etc. One thing we really need to do is go out and get some great scouts and development people from teams that are actually good at drafting and developing players. I would not mind seeing us hire some of the folks from Tampa or Winnepeg or Nashville or even Boston for example. I think DQ is a fine coach and the right coach. Gordie Clark has done OK the past few years. (Chytil, Kravtsov and K. Miller all being pluses and no point rehashing the minuses there’s too much room for disagreement on rightness or wrongness) But we need to step up our game in assessing, drafting and developing talent. The good news is that can be done without hurting the salary cap or taking a spot from a young player.

  12. I’d move heave and earth to get the Sens pick from the avs, Skjai and Krieder for the pick ?

  13. The defense is IMO 4-5 players away from realistically cometeting again. Our top forwards rank 80th in points…. With hank they have just enough talent to stay in this 10-12 range …. Which is the BLACK HOLE in sports. IDC if uncle larry doesn’t like the system … play along or stay middling forever on Groupon. yes it means you may have to take a few steps back by trading Hayes to get a few elite or potentially elite players just by way of weakening the current team …. They didn’t with zucc last year and that cost then 3 draft spots. and he’s a shell of himself this year . so of course they need to be right. but certainly this current squad isn’t.

  14. Superlative article Dave. In general, I think we disagree more often than we agree – and frankly I think you often don’t get it.
    That of course is it as understood by me.

    BUT there is no question where your first loyalty lies. You are a Ranger fan – and with respect to this blog, you are a strong advocate for knowledge and truth. I have the feeling sometimes that you provide me with valuable information that I find interesting but you don’t really care about, simply to share and make the blog the font of information that it is.

  15. Wow, I rarely post on the site anymore but I pop my head onto it this evening and see this interesting commentary. I guess I should make this more of a habit as in years past. Suffice to say, I am surprised there remains a debate over Dolan/Sather/Gorton…..Richter & Walt, peace brothers. I know where you are coming from and could not agree more!! I’m just disappointed the wait for the Stanley Cup has to be so long, painful and, by and large, unnecessary. So sad, for such a great, esteemed club.

    I wish you all a very Merry Christmas; wonderful & safe holidays to all.

    1. Happy Holidays my friend.

      Results matter and 2 Cups in almost 80 years speak for itself. Sather has had almost 20 years of kicking the can with no Cup, so I guess he gets a lifetime pass and gets to keep his job until he dies.

      We are going to have a 25 year celebration of the last Cup in Feb (I will be there for it). I wonder how many more anniversary celebrations there will be of 1994, being the last year of winning the Cup.

      But how dare we, as fans, say anything mean about our team.

      Peace to you as well my friend.

    2. AD

      The same to you, and your family. Come back and post some more, we miss good people who have good things to say…………….

  16. Just trying to wrap my head around this post Dave. Are you asking of people on this lovely blog of your’s to not try to argue their fanatical point? Just so we are clear as glass…this is a Rangers blog…and that in itself brings exactly what type of people to it? And when a tyrant is unhappy cause he is proven to not be the best he writes a fluff piece arguing people to not always try to prove him wrong? ARE YOU JOKING WITH THIS?

    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

    sports fan
    an enthusiastic devotee of sports

    So now that I know you understand some basic definitions, we might just have common ground. This is a forum for people of all walks of life and views, who just love the Rangers. Just cause you may not like how someone thinks doesn’t necessarily mean you should shut that opinion down in your head(this applies to everyone and everything in life). I may not agree with most of what you write but I definitely respect your devotion to this team and this blog. You have your points and I dwell them as I do with others because at the end of the day I know everyone and I mean everyone wants this team to win the cup. Just cause I disagree with their thought doesn’t make them wrong. If that is the world you live in…. I am sorry, and I guess hitler and mussolini really won the war in your world.

    Rooting for a tank is not a bad thought process. It is just a thought process. Just as trading Stepan for DeAngelo and the 7th overall pick in a worthless draft was a thought process. I may not like either idea but I am willing as a fan to see how it all plays out cause the one thought process we can all see doesn’t work is ….signing big money free agents. And even that idea to someone out there in internet land might like the idea of watching has beens retire as Rangers. It really does amaze me the idiocy of some people on here constantly clamoring for big money free agents. How has this ever worked well in the Rangers favor beside Messier? And without leetch and Richter do they win the cup?

    This is a place for fanatics to come and support/critique their favorite hockey team. Which that in itself is a amazing thing. To find so many other individuals which like hockey as much as myself is just great. I may dislike the lot of you and just cause I dislike you doesn’t for one moment mean I don’t respect you and your ignorant opinions cause we all know I am the smartest on here. JOKING MC>..IT IS CALLED Sarcasm. Seriously Dave the holidays are here and it gets tough around this time. And having our favorite team suck is not helping matters cause I know I use them as a escape as I am sure most of you do also. And lately I can’t stomach this show. But as I said to Richter …look for the bright spots. Watch the kids and see their progression. Or is Skjei’s case watch him destroy himself in front of your eyes. Folding under the immense pressure of that insane contract.

    1. I got a little annoyed at Tanto because he decided to pick and choose as to what I say as a commentary on my fandom for the team. Unfortunately he does not read the posts where I see potential good down the road, or that, with a few (right) moves, the Rangers can turn this around quickly. I guess he doesn’t read those posts of mine. Oh well. But he is entitled to his opinion.

      So you want optimism? Here it is:

      1) We have the right coach given the circumstances, I have said it all season.

      2) The past 2 drafts have been infinitely better than the drafts before them. Andersson is, if nothing else, an NHL player. Whether 7 overall is a justification, time will tell. Chytil is the real deal. So is Kravtsov. He was the better pick over Wahlstrom. K’Andre Miller appears to be a beast. Lundkvist appears to be NHL bound and don’t sleep on Keane, who may surprise many fans.

      3) If the Rangers clear cap space and get a higher level of talent at the top part of the team, they can turn this around quickly and be in the conversation for the playoffs as early as next year.

      All the above, I have said many times. But some here have an agenda and proclaim to be “the best fan of the blog.” Even though everything I say as some sort of truth to them, good and bad.

      I resent it for me and for all here and on any blog, as we are all fans. Whether they go to the games or not, whether they say nice things about the Rangers or not, whether you agree with one another or not. No one has a monopoly on being a Ranger fan.

      1. Richter, I just suggested that you sounded ungrateful. It was a negative rant. My exact words were “… sometimes you sound a bit like an ingrate (of course there are some real ingrates who never have anything positive to say).” So if you’re willing to breakdown that sentiment, I was suggesting that there are times when you get on a negative rant and seem ungrateful for the long period of time that the 3 amigos gave you a damn good team to root for … I also suggested that there are OTHERS who are ALWAYS seemingly ungrateful. I didn’t lump you in the latter category and I didn’t mean for my comment to sound like a rebuke, I simply disagree with the sweeping negative hyperbolic statements you made in your opening rant. It wasn’t personal my friend, it was just business. 🙂

        1. I’m past it my friend.

          We both said our sides so let’s move on. I think you’re a knowledgeable poster and I respect what you post.

      2. I don’t care what anyone says on here about me. Walt has a hard on for me and thinks everything I say is pure idiocy. That is fine. I don’t even entertain him anymore. People like him …can’t see past their own faces. Everything is written in stone and there absolutely no gray in their life or with the rangers. Any perspective that is different from his …well you know how that goes.

        Richter…even if you didn’t see light at the end of the road …who cares? I sincerely don’t see it. I think this franchise is screwed til dolan leaves and Sather dies or gets fired. The bruins won one cup and didn’t even come close to going back the next year. But Gorton is a guru? Come on? We all know as Ranger fans they are going to sign a free agent or two next season and try to push for the playoffs…and Mcquaid and Staal and Shattenkirk will still be here kicking the can with Belesky and zuc and Hank. Those players add up to 28 million in cap space. The Cap is 80 million. Here we are giving almost 40 percent of our cap to has beens. I mean that is one ugly picture. What could you do as a armchair GM with 30 million in cap space? Maybe recruit some quality scouts that don’t think picking a goalie in the 2nd round with the only pick we have is a smart decision?

        I am a pessimist and I fully admit that. Life has taught me to plan for the best but be prepared for the worst. Sather had an unlimited budget to sign every big money free agent he could and he didn’t even make the playoffs in the NHL for 8 seasons. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is actually amazing. That is just so hard to do, half the teams in the nhl make the playoffs. All he had to do was just beat out like 14 or 13 other teams. There should be a award for the worst GM to keep his job in the NHL. It should be named the Sather award!! I feel he truly just got lucky with Renney and some of those picks and trades. But eventually something had to stick when you just kept throwing turds at the wall. He is the worst GM and is coasting off his legacy of messier and Gretzky. And the ranger’s dumbass owner keeps feeding him money.

        There is just so many instances of his idiocy as a GM over this long tenure. Yet I am idiot for saying he should be fired? He got lucky for about 3 to 4 years and then traded away the future to try and capture a cup he never had the talent to get. I have watched him sign and boast guys like Dan Blackburn. I have watched him sign and boast guys like Marty Straka and Wade Redden and that whole czech era. He does the same thing over and over again and never learns. But here we are writing fluff pieces about a 8 year period were we were actually contenders for maybe 2 of them like he is some god. He has been the GM for 20 years. Again I am the stupid one?

        Sorry this was a long rant. This team sucks and will suck for the foreseeable future and call it whatever you want. But don’t write fluff pieces on how I shouldn’t say I told you so. That is the whole point of this blog. And if you don’t like my opinion I humbly and respectfully don’t give a single you know what about it. How is that for optimism?

        1. First off, Walt is a good man. He and I got off to a rough start but that’s all in the past.

          As for the team and what you said, I actually agree with you. I was hopeful that Gorton was fully in charge and Sather finally in the background. I have found out since that Sather is still ultimately in charge and has final say. That’s depressing, given how the NHL has changed and he has not.

          So I agree with you and have even said it in this thread, which got me in trouble, lol, and that is, as long as the Rangers’ FO is structured in this way, we will not be contenders.

          We can say whatever we want, but the results will speak for themselves. Either way.

          1. I was going to say Walt is a Marine …and I have a best friend who is a Marine. I respect Walt …I just know the mentality very well. 2 Tours in Iraq messed him up bad. And trust me when i say this they don’t break. They see things one way and one way only. That is the Marine way. They have the highest suicide rate out of all the branches of the military for a good reason. It is extremely difficult to be a Marine and I truly respect it. Like I said …I respect his opinion I just don’t entertain his bravado. He can only see one route.

            Dude I am sorry agreeing with me got you on the poop list. LOL …good luck on your future posts!

          2. nah, I will say what I think, regardless of the poster. If I agree, then I agree, if not, not.

  17. “I got a little annoyed at Tanto because he decided to pick and choose as to what I say as a commentary on my fandom for the team. Unfortunately he does not read the posts where I see potential good down the road, or that, with a few (right) moves, the Rangers can turn this around quickly. I guess he doesn’t read those posts of mine. Oh well. But he is entitled to his opinion.”

    It does not really matter what you say in other posts. Tanto, whom I suspect reads almost everything you write, was reacting to this one and not I believe to you. And – and this is something that is impossible for almost anyone to grasp – you probably did not really say what you wanted to say. Humans almost never do. What I say is an attempt to reflect my attitudes and opinions, but I don’t always choose my words precisely and you and others get the wrong impression. Except in a sense it isn’t the wrong impression. You weren’t wrong; I was. I didn’t get my idea out there properly.

    [NOTE: I got one thumbs up and two thumbs down for a comment which was basically meant to be a thank you to Dave for running this blog and putting in so much effort.]

    IMO, Tanto feels as I do. Ranger management is neither extraordinary nor awful. They’ve had far too much success to be a bunch of idiots, but they have not gotten over the top. – and at that moment he wanted to react to those who were saying they are idiots.

    ***** Personally, I think there is a lot more gray than black and white. Who is Lias Andersson? I suspect he was a reasonable #21 pick that the Rangers grabbed at #7. A mistake, yes? But not a huge one. But so many find it just such a bad move. [odd if Chityl and Andersson were chosen in the opposite order, no one would care.]. Marc Staal? I suspect a legitimate $3.2m a year defenseman. Worth his salary? no. First pair? no. Traffic cone? no. But everything has to be one way or the other.

    But don’t worry about criticism. I sure don’t. If I didn’t care what you thought, I would not respond to you.

    1. Let’s make this clear, I really don’t care about how people perceive me, whether it’s here, my family, my job, etc. I know what I am and what I have done for other people without reward or pay back.

      But Tanto, who I suspect is a very good human being, called me an “ingrate.” He has no idea what I do and do not appreciate in life and in the Rangers. Making an accusation like that makes it personal, off a few posts I write.

      That’s where I have a problem. He made it personal. With all the stuff that I write and all the different posters I engage with, it’s never personal.

      1. Come on buddy, it’s like when someone smart does a stupid thing and his friend says “now that was stupid”. He’s not saying you ARE stupid, just that you did a stupid thing … everyone, no matter how smart they are will do a few stupid things over the course of a lifetime. I was just suggesting that you sounded like an ingrate in that post and when you very occasionally go on a negative rant about how bad our FO is. They are far far from AWFUL, they gave us a Top 5-6 team in the league for a long period of time and for all the fun I had watching them play all those years, I’m thankful. Do I want a SC, sure … but you can’t measure success in the League, let alone any aspect of life, solely by whether you win a SC or not. There are too many uncontrollable variables.

        Now let’s just kiss and make up. Come here and give me a big wet kiss. lol

        1. I said it above. We are still friends.

          If I can fight with my wife than I can fight with anyone, lol. <3

          1. Ha, good … but remember, happy wife happy life … best not to poke bear (not that I’m suggesting your wife is literally a bear). 😉

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