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Exploring the Blues as trade partners

Yesterday news broke that St. Louis Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong is listening in on all Blues players, including some big names like Vlad Tarasenko. Apparently the Blues were in on William Nylander and dangling Alex Pietrangelo to grab him. Naturally, there could be some interesting names that make a good fit for the Rangers.

The hard part about making a trade with St. Louis is that it looks like they are ready to tear it all down. The Rangers are one year ahead of them in that regard, but they are both likely going to be looking for the same thing. That is, young prospects and/or draft picks. So it will be a little difficult to see these two teams matching up on trades. However crazier things have happened.

From St. Louis, the first target on my list would be Colton Parayko. Parayko is a 1RD and a very good one at that. He’s got another three years on his deal at $5.5 million. The kicker is that he’s only 25 years old. He’s no veteran that would be used to fill out a roster. He’s another rock that can get that blue line up and running. He may also help jumpstart Brady Skjei.

Paraykos has three 35 point seasons under his belt, though this year he is on pace to fall short. Honestly, if there’s any target on the Blues worth while in this scenario, and worth giving a prospect up for, it’s Parayko. The problem though will be cost, as it’s going to cost a good prospect and a 1st round pick (and probably more). Since the Rangers will have a lottery pick this year, giving up their first this year is a big no-no. One of the firsts they get for Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello though, those could be in play.

That of course brings up timing. The Rangers don’t have those picks yet. They won’t until the trade deadline (assuming they move one or both). That means this is a deal that can be made leading up to the draft. The Blues don’t have their first rounder (Ryan O’Reilly trade), so they will definitely be looking for one.

Looking at the rest of the roster, there aren’t many other players I would want at this time. Tarasenko is always a want, but the price to acquire him would gut the rebuild, and thus isn’t worth it. The rest of the team, save for Ryan O’Reilly, are solid players, but would add more redundancy to the Rangers as ideal second line players. The timing just isn’t right for them.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t see the Rangers hooking up for a deal, even for Parayko. The Blueshirts won’t give up the prospects and picks that the Blues would be looking for.

That said, I think this is just posturing by Armstrong. I can see the Blues parting with expiring contracts (Patrick Maroon, Jay Bouwmeester, Robert Bortuzzo, Carl Gunnarsson). But I don’t see them doing a complete gut job. Maybe they part ways with big names with two years left (Pietrangelo, Brayden Schenn). This doesn’t look like a match for the Rangers. But hey, it will be fun to watch.

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  • Brayden Schenn can play. Not sure what the ask is. As far as Parayko goes, would they take Andersson straight up?

    • Are you kidding me? Let’s put it this way, if the Blues had a top 10 pick than I doubt they would have wasted it on Andersson. I used him as a example yesterday but I don’t really see how they would want him. Their top 3 center’s would push him down and out for the next 4-5 season’s. Add in Swartz and Andersson will never play a lick of top 9 over there.

  • Can’t see a match here. Last thing the Rangers want to do is trade away high quality picks in a deep draft and/or a quality prospect. If I were setting my sights on the Blues as a trading partner I would look at Fabbri (yes I know, he appears to be somewhat injury prone … but he’s only 22) — if we can get him relatively cheap.

  • The Blues have the choice to keep their 2019 pick and give up their 2020 pick to Buffalo in the Ryan O’ Reilly trade, I would assume the the Blues pick in 2019 will be a top 10.

    • Could you imagine if Stepan had the value of O’Reilly? The AHL would have been stacked with another 2 solid that are impact prospect. That 2016 playoffs, World Cup of hockey and 2017 season/playoffs really killed his value.

  • I heard they were one of the many teams who wanted Hayes last year. Yeah I’m sure with a half a season to go that they’ll mortgage their assets for someone who won’t resign with them ( welcome to the realistic one yr contract show ) JG lost all his leverage in a Hayes trade which has me to believe there’s more to the equation.
    You crack me up Dave but keep fighting the wind on this one.

    Tarasenko would have to be bought with chips like Buch/Kreider, Skjei and Chytil. All I’ll say is that it’s a bigger addition than subtraction if you add him. Panarin would see this and might try to make it to the summer free agency to sign here. Politic wise, Buch and and the other Russian prospects don’t hold any value to their veteran countrymen. Besides all of that, this guy is the sharpshooter that we all been waiting on and would easily replace someone like Kreider and or Buch. Does anyone forget how fast he is or his shot on the PP? I still think he’ll give the Rangers a fighting chance to let Panarin listen to what they could offer him for the next 6 years.

  • A better question to ask is why haven’t the Rangers put out the same message? Tell the league that everyone is available, but don’t entertain offers for our kids. Everyone on the “D” side should be available and (other than 4 names on the current team) everyone on the “O” side should be available as well. Move them out and let’s start fresh. Too many 3rd line players an this team.

  • I don’t see us as a trade partner for Tarasenko or Parakyo on their own, but a bigger deal may actually work for both sides. Offer them a group of assets in a deal with a starting point being Kreider and Skeji. Our 2019 first should be completely off the table. Not saying St Louis will bite, but both teams need a rooster shakeup.

    As you look ahead we will most likely have 3 more first’s next year.(Assuming we get trade Zucc and Hayes and get 1 for each) maybe 4 if Tampa wins the cup. Not all of these prospects are going to make the team. There won’t be enough spots. Part of the process is to collect a lot of assets and at some point give some up to get better. A big deal with St. Louis not only could bring back elite talent that is cost controlled for 3 and 4 years, but we can also move out players who are not in the long term plan and get value for them. Draft picks and prospects are great, but getting players like Tarasenko and Parakyo are game changers. And you have to give up to get.

  • The only guys I would consider are Tarasenko and Parayko, so unless you’re willing to give up guys like Chytil, Buch, and #1 picks, etc., then there’s nothing to talk about.

  • Isn’t it amazing that we are talking about giving up a major trade haul for a player that all we had to do was draft back in 2010?

    We let other teams draft the great players so we can try and trade for them or overpay for them in free agency.


    • Remind me , who was it we passed by to get that supposedly really good player ??

      • He’s talking about how the Rangers drafted NHL washout Dylan McIlrath instead of all-star Vlad Tarasenko. Surprised that your treasure trove of hockey “knowledge” lacks that info.

        Pretty good NHLers drafted after Dylan the Bum in 2010:

        Cam Fowler
        Jaden Schwartz
        Charlie Coyle
        Evgeny Kuznetsov
        Kevin Hayes
        Vlad Tarasenko

        Once again—NICE JOB, SATHER.

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