Irresponsible Rumormongering

A look at destinations for a potential Kevin Shattenkirk blockbuster

In case you missed it, and based on the last few weeks, you haven’t, the Rangers are in a middle of a rebuild. The announcement came one year after the Rangers signed Kevin Shattenkirk to round out their blue line for a Cup run. That clearly didn’t go as planned.

Shattenkirk has seemingly been replaced –rightly or wrongly– on PP1 by Neal Pionk. His point totals are way down because of this. His full season possession numbers are some of the best on the team, but when you look at a game-by-game review, he’s being held up by a few excellent games, overshadowing the majority of poor outings.

It seems that both player and team are at a crossroads. It makes sense for the Rangers to try to move Shattenkirk, as he can still fetch a good amount from a contending team. There are salary complications, with two years at $6.65 million cap hit remaining. However the real dollars go down to $6.6 million and $4 million the next two years. He also has a ten team no-trade list (his NMC is for demotions only). Of all the pricey blue liners, Shattenkirk is most easily moved.


The Leafs need blue line help if they are going to truly compete with the Bolts. Currently their best RHD is Nikita Zaitsev. That’s….not good. The concern from Toronto’s standpoint is they have both Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner up for big contracts next year, probably taking $20 million combined. That sucks up the rest of their cap space.

Now a few things on Toronto’s cap issues: They have Nathan Horton on LTIR, so they have an “extra” $5.3 million to work with through next season. Ideally for the Leafs they send Patrick Marleau over to offset salary, but he has a full NMC and likely isn’t giving up his last shot for a Cup. There are no other players the Leafs could give up for salary relief that the Rangers would take.

So we are probably looking at the Rangers retaining on Shattenkirk, which is fine. At 50% retained ($3.325 million), the Rangers open up more trade options. The last time Shatty was traded from STL to WSH, he fetched:

  • A 2017 first rounder
  • A solid prospect in Zach Sanford (a former second round pick)
  • Brad Malone (a body)
  • A conditional pick with conditions so complicated it took an entire SBNation article to review.

This was for one Cup run with Shattenkirk. The Leafs would, in theory, get three runs with him. So at 50% retained, the price would be higher. If we assume the Rangers aren’t going to be able to take roster players from Toronto, then we are looking at something much larger.

The price from Toronto is, at the very least, a 1st rounder, another mid pick (3rd-5th), and a solid to great prospect (think Rasmus Sandin or Timothy Liljegren). This isn’t just a rental for Toronto, they are getting a 1RD for two and a half seasons and three playoff runs. You have to give to get, Leafs fans.


Vegas missed out on Erik Karlsson, and their best RD right now is Colin Miller. If they still think they can compete, then Shattenkirk could be a target for them. The same price applies, although it may go down a bit if the Rangers don’t need to retain salary. There’s some room for salary offsets (ironically enough in the form of Nick Holden).

For Vegas, we would be looking at the same level of compensation (1st + solid prospect). However I can see the second mid-pick being lower because salary isn’t retained. Think Nikita Gusev or Erik Brannstrom. Again, Vegas fans, this is a three year player, not a rental. You need to give to get.

As of right now, Vegas and Toronto are the only two teams that stand out to me as needing defensemen and seemingly willing to take on a multi-year contract like Shattenkirk’s. Toronto seems like the most likely destination if the Rangers move on from Shatty. Nothing is guaranteed, though.

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  • Me thinks you over-value Shatty too much. Toronto could use him, but certainly doesn’t need him. A first, if we retain salary is my estimate. Vegas needs another month to see if they are real. Hopefully Shatty isn’t hurt too bad, limiting our chances of moving him.

    With the Shatty injury, we may be hesitant to make nay moves for a little while.

  • I’d like to move 2 def before the trade deadline to make room for one of the kids in Hartford. Vegas would be the best place to move Shatty if possible . There is a chance for a better pick if they fall apart after the trade.

  • I don’t care where he is moved to, as long as he is history by the end of the trade deadline. How many times have I said the guy can’t play a lick of defense, and after his knee injury last season, he can’t skate well any more. Bottom line, if anyone is stupid enough to give us a #1 for him, have at it folks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Some quotes from Brooks today about Shatty:

      “He has essentially become a sheltered third-pair D, second-unit power-play guy. He hasn’t been on for a power-play goal since Nov. 9 in Detroit, one of his season total of three. He can be exploited in the D-zone because his quick twitch skills have been so sorely damaged”.

      I’ll repeat,

      “He can be exploited in the D-zone because his quick twitch skills have been so sorely damaged”.

      This on top of the fact that he wasn’t any good at defense to begin with. Another case of a day late, and a dollar short in getting a player as a UFA. Case closed!!!!!!!!!

      • You know who else gets exploited in the d-zone? Neal Pionk. It’s pretty dumb that they don’t use one of the premier power play quarterbacks in the league on the first unit.

        • James

          Maybe because Pionk can skate?????? Shatty is so over rated I have to laugh at his supporters, as if he were a Bobby Orr!!!!!!!!!!! The man is shot, that’s why he isn’t on the first unit……..

          • Pionk is like 6 mil cheaper version,let him make mistakes and learn more. That’s the whole plan this year isn’t it? Rebuild/tool?

  • I fear that the last year and half has damaged his trade value. If someone needs an injury prone 2nd pairing RD who can play on the PP, then I could see a 1st rounder coming back for him at the trade deadline … but if there’s anything else added to the trade then I would suspect it’s a 2nd or 3rd tier prospect at best.

  • I like how this is filed under irresponsible rumors because that’s what this is. He’s not going to get traded unless he asks for it. Management is going to show some loyalty to someone who went out of his way to come to the Rangers.

    • Chances are Shatty’s unhappy right now: the Rangers aren’t going to be playoff-caliber for at least another year, Quinn’s cut Shatty’s PP time by a big amount, and inferior players like Staal and Pionk are getting more ice time than Shattenkirk. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Shatty wants out.

        • Anyone who defends the rapidly declining Marc Staal’s game against a player who has scored over 50 points as a defenseman multiple times in their NHL career is casting a spotlight on their own ignorance.

          Anybody who defends an awful defender like Pionk while taking Shatty to task for being a one-dimensional player is forgetting that Shattenkirk is better both offensively and defensively than Pionk. Pionk may have gotten off to a decent offensive start, but let’s see if he even approaches Shattenkirk’s career average by the time this season is over. Pionk is literally NYR’s weakest link defensively. All the numbers back this up.

          • I agree with you. Staal and Pionk are a terrible pair. They routinely get buried in there own zone. Pionk also gets our muscled by players. Staal is just terrible. Shattenkirk has been without a doubt one of the better defenseman.

          • Fun fact: It is harder to stop Connor McDavid from scoring than to stop Tanner Glass.

            You cannot just look at a few numbers to compare first pair defensemen and sheltered third pair defensemen. On defense, the most important stat this early in the season to compare defensemen on the same team is TOI in different roles. For whatever reason, Quinn is trusting Staal-Pionk as his first pair. Would I rather have Hedman-Stralman? Of course! Do most teams have a better first pair? Yes, that is a key reason the Rangers are not very good. But is there a better pair in the. Ranger organization at this point? Not if Quinn knows what he is doing. We may find out that he doesn’t but for now he seems (IMO) to have a reasonable understanding of how to coach a hockey team. And that means Staal-Pionk is the best of the bad options.

            The first pair left defense problem is not that Staal is there – it is that McDonagh is gone and that Miller isn’t here yet.

          • Right on Ray. Problem is we have a 3rd and 4th mixed pairing playing other #1 lines. Staal is like 3 steps off pace and Pionk is young but who else do we have that can play against other teams #1 lines? Certainly not Brady ,ADA or Smith .

    • Keeping a $2M a year player who is getting paid $6.6M out of loyalty is insane. Yes, he could have gotten $8M somewhere else, but that does not make him worth his salary. It just means the Rangers made less of a mistake than someone would have. No one is talking about loyalty to Zuccarello, who also took a discount and is actually worth his salary.

    • Funny thing is everyone seems to forget St Louis got rid of him for a reason. He sucked with the highly talented Caps where he should have shined.Then we get suckered into signing him where which we really have no talent up front and now he sucks more …. lol … it’s like the Geico commercial. Yay we saved tons and got a home team discount cause he always loved the Rangers as a kid Yay !

  • So the Rangers are going to trade * insert all the bad quality traits that you said about him * for a good return? Tell me more about this sorcery.

    I could see Skjei being traded before his clause could kick in two years from now. I think they’ll ride it out Shatty and plug him into a really green defensive core by 2020.

    • Do you even pay attention to this sport? Defensemen are often overvalued in trades, particularly at the trading deadline.

      I figure overvaluing is something you know about, since you do it all the time with Kevin Hayes.

      • ” Defensemen are often overvalued in trades, particularly at the trading deadline. ” Zzzzz so original

        Yeah okay, I’m not going to sit here and play armchair GM. This is a business and nobody’s going to overpay JG for Shatty just for the sake of him being a top 4 D man. You can stand by your false motto of them being overvalued. I just don’t see other teams giving whatever you would consider ” overvalue ” for him. Btw his value has been dropping since his Washington debut. Trotz publicly shamed him and that probably went into the pool of decrease value and this is a copy cat league.

        • Oh my god, you write so poorly and have such muddled thinking that I’d feel sorry for you if you weren’t so combative when called on your delusions.

          Just last year, Ryan McDonagh brought back a player and a 1st round pick. Journeyman third pairing guy Ian Cole brought back a player and a 3rd round pick. In 2017, Brendan Smith brought back a 2nd and a 3rd. Journeyman Ron Hainsey brought back a player and a 2nd rounder. 3rd pair guy Michael Stone brought back a 2nd and a 3rd. And of course Shattenkirk brought back a player, a 1st rounder, and a 2nd. These trades only go back a couple of years, Mint, because I’m too busy to disprove your nonsense even more thoroughly.

          So once again Mint—you’re wrong. Defenders are often traded for extremely large returns in the NHL, acquired by teams that are driven by desperate need, whether from injury or need to upgrade the position.

          • So you’re going use the McD while forgetting that JT Miller was attached in that package? Nice, seems reasonable and fair.

            Then you use a fleece type trade that Detroit managed to pull off.

            How come you didn’t add Edmonton and NJD with Green for Taylor Hall? Lol

            Are you messing around with that EA Sport’s? I’m guessing GM mode is your go to mode?

          • Mint, you are so stupid that’s its really amazing. Don’t you realize that citing the Taylor Hall-Adam Larsson deal actually backs up my point about overvalued defensemen?

            You’ve just owned yourself, you simple fellow.

  • I would like to see the Rangers play as many of their young players as possible so I have no problem with them moving Shattenkirk, but I’d like them to get a decent return for him and I think it might be possible to do that.

    Shattenkirk, if healthy, has a shot made for the power play because he is adept at getting his shots through, and is a better passer than most of the players on the team. But now he is hurt again and I am wondering if he has been playing with a nagging injury again, or is he possibly disgruntled? If the Rangers want to move him, perhaps it would be wise to showcase him and let him play and do what he does best? Right now it seems like his trade value has been damaged. Moving him at a bargain basement price might be unnecessary if he plays a few weeks. It would be great to get something for him. Being a GM must be tough!

    • The nagging injury theory works well once, but twice in a year and a half starts to look a bit suspect and may point to the inevitable decline of circa 30 year old players. That said he’s got to be worth at least a 1st being a competent right handed shot — although I’m pretty sure the Caps would have wanted their 1st round pick back when they traded for him 2 years ago.

  • I wouldn’t really consider your proposition a blockbuster, although i agree with the rest of your assessment… if the Rangers decided to trade Skjei that would end up being a blockbuster. Skjei hasn’t lived up to expectations after signing the contract but still holds incredible value(more so than shatty). I am a huge Skjei fan but it seems likely he won’t live up to the promise he showed us early on. To get even faster progression through this rebuild it may seem the more effective way to go(although i would be happy with a shattenkirk trade as well). Anyone else feel this way?

    • I think the issue with Skjei is that he got promoted to the 1st pairing role too soon in his career. Like you suggest, the promise he showed was great … but the reality right now is that he’s more of a 2nd pairing guy being forced to take on a bit more than he can chew.

  • I have been personally disappointed with Skjei the last couple of seasons to say the least. In his rookie year, I never would have thought to trade him, but with the slue of young defense men coming up, if the right deal comes along I would let him go. As far as Shatty goes, the only bright spot about him is his skill in the shootouts So far he has been disappointing due to injuries and overall decline. He hasn’t been impressive at all. Another bad signing. Came to New York somewhat overrated. Hopefully somebody will be stupid enough to give us at least a first rounder for him.

  • The Rangers said Shatty’s out 2-4 weeks w/separated shoulder. Looks like trade talk is off for awhile now.

    • Damaged goods. No one will touch him even after he returns. Time to go to plan B (whatever that is). Skjei to Buffalo for their first rounder.

      • Relax dude, McD was damaged goods and ” brought back a 1st rd pick “. Shatty will probably bring back a 1st and a prospect ( Mancunian logic ).

        Btw I doubt that they would send Skjei to strengthen the Buffalo Sabres. I would hope to see JG take better advantage of what’s going on around the league. Settling for a 1st pick vs trying to pry someone like Nikita Zadorov. Or even try and take advantage of what’s happening in STL with Colton Parayko.

  • Dave, I don’t think you addressed the real issue here. Shattenkirk is not a very good defenseman but it is a pretty good point player on the power play. So the market is not a team that is weak on defense, but rather a team whose power play is struggling. Who would that be?

    Just for the record, ignoring trade value, given Pionk’s emergence on the power play, I think a 7th rounder in a no salary retained deal would actually benefit the Rangers. I would not do this because I think the Rangers can get more and one should get what one can, but, for the Rangers, a Shattenkirk trade would be addition by subtraction. The second highest paid player on the team should not be a power play specialist who does not play on PP 1.

    • What you’re saying about Shattenkirk is actually what Pionk is. He’s bad defensively and produces on the power play. Getting rid of Shattenkirk for your return is beyond stupid. A 7th round pick? Seriously?

      • First of all, I would never advocate trading a player for less than you can get. If you someone will give you a 6th rounder, you should not take a seventh. If someone will give you a first rounder, you should not take a second. I don’t know what Shattenkirk will net (and it will likely be more if the Rangers eat salary) and I said in my comment that the Rangers should get what they can.

        However, there is also the question of what Shattenkirk is worth to the Rangers if they keep them — and the answer to that question is far less than nothing. His biggest shortcoming – and this is unquestionable – is that he has a very high salary, second highest on the team. A player like Cody McLeod, as bad as he is, is not a negative asset because he has a low salary and can always be sent to Hartford if not needed. But Shattenkirk, Staal, Smith, Skjei, Lundqvist, and five forwards make $4M plus a year and can actually be worth less than nothing if they do not pull their weight.

        So exactly what does Shatty contribute? Well, his primary strength is the power play. The Rangers think Pionk is better and also like DeAngelo, so Shattenkirk is not going to contribute much here. His defensive skills are compatible with a guy who makes $1-2M a year. Shattenkirk may be a valuable addition to a competing team which is struggling on the power play because they lack a good point man. And if he is, the Rangers should take advantage of that. But he is pretty useless to the Rangers.

        As for the Pionk comparison, Pionk is playing first pair. The Rangers see something in his defense obviously and are trusting him with a big responsibility. He’s young; they think he will grow into the role. Bu it doesn’t really matter. To argue that Shattenkirk is every bit as good as a guy who makes 1/7-th of his salary is no defense.

  • With Shattenkirk down for most likely 3 or 4 weeks, DeAngelo will probably get an opportunity to show whether he can learn to quarterback the power play reliably.

  • I would look to trade Shatty. (Smith and McQuaid too. I think Staal is not trade-able) Shatty has not lived up to his contact, and our Defense sucks. Period. The reality is we need to move out a few D men. Competition is good, but there are only so many spots, and not a lot of talent. (Other than Pionk, DeAngelo or Claesson) I would entertain offers on any of the other D men (Skjei included)We are back too 8 D men once McQuaid returns and with Hajek and Lindgren waiting in the AHL and Rykov looking like he may come over to North America (probably start in the AHL if he comes)next year we need to open up some spots. I would not burn a year on Hajek or Lindgrens ELC now given the expansion draft has moved back a year, but I would give these guys a 9 game try out. Shatty, Smith and Staal each have 2 years left on their contracts.

    on the option with Toronto I have a hard time seeing them parting with Liljegren in a deal for Shattenkrik. But I’d be all over that if it was possible.

  • Shatty has a 10 team list that he cannot be traded to, I believe. Presumably none of the contenders are on that list.

    It’s such a shame that this turned out this way and it appears like it will end in divorce. The guy came here to win while being on his favorite team since childhood. The team changes, he gets hurt, twice, and it’s downhill from here.

    Like I said, it’s a shame.

    • Tony

      If you recall, I may have been the only one on this site that said he couldn’t play defense, and stay away from him. Where are all the want to be GM’s that were ready to trade away the shop for this over the hill guy? Barry Trotz showed us that he couldn’t play, even with a loaded team as the Caps are. We made a huge mistake signing him in the first place, and the sooner we get rid of him, the better!!!!!

      • Walt, I remember that you didn’t want the Rangers to sign him, I did, knowing that he was not great on the D side. Shatty is an offensive D man, to hopefully drive play, not shut down the opponents.

        The Rangers’ team has changed. Shatty was supposed to play to the right of McD, which lasted all of 2 periods because of coach you-know-who. Those 2 would complement each other, but it never happened. And now the team is what it is today.

        Even though I wanted Shatty to sign, I always said that Shatty was a D man that needed a strong defensive partner, to be effective. Now, the Rangers probably can’t trade him even if they want to. Add his contract to the pile.

        • Tony

          It’s the same old, same old with this damn team. We wait for other team’s retreads, over the hill crap to sign with us, and proclaim the second coming. Shatty is a nice guy, and would do well as a third pair man, with a loaded team, but here, the man sucks donkey pecker. The Caps won a cup, he couldn’t cut it with that team, what the hell are we doing? When will we learn, the only way to build a team is draft, develop, and fill in the holes, not try to buy your way to a cup with garbage!!!!!!!!

          • Brady was drafted and they signed him thinking that he’s a building block or core player. Mind you, I was ok with the contract when it happened, even if I thought that it was a little bit of an overpay, but it’s not looking great right now.

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