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Rangers blow lead(s), recover in shootout in Sunrise

Last night was all planned out – I’d watch the game in peace. Eat dinner. A nice, relaxing Saturday. Then family came over last second and my two year old niece took control of the TV. So I watched the first period and then Despicable Me 3…twice. Listen, anything to keep a toddler from screaming and crying. That movie works. Also – two year olds are evil.

Anywho…here are some thoughts on the first period and the highlights

  • Florida seems to have issues defending the front of the net. The Rangers have the same issues too. Mika Zibanejad was wide open in front for his goal. It’s like the Panthers forgot he was there.
  • On that goal, Tony DeAngelo pinched in with the puck, and it was Kevin Hayes who recognized this and slid back to the point. This seems like it’s so simple, but it is often forgotten. Hayes moving back gave DeAngelo and outlet, which he used. Hayes’ shot didn’t get through, but it went right to Zibanejad for the goal. For what it’s worth, it was Aaron Ekblad who was way too high on this play.
  • Another beauty by Hayes, who basically outmuscled two Panthers and waited for Vlad Namestnikov for the shorty. Hayes is good at this hockey thing.
  • There appeared to be a lot of traffic in front on that Keith Yandle powerplay goal. That said, it looked like one Henrik Lundqvist could have had. This one was all highlights though, so I didn’t get any context of the play.
  • Bad turnover by DeAngelo on the Jonathan Huberdeau goal. Also I feel like Brady Skjei could have played that 2-on-1 better. It looked like he was drifting too far to Evgenii Dadonov to prevent the pass, and let Huberdeau walk right in. Right through Hank’s wickets – and those changeup shots are infuriating because you expect something else and then let a little dribbler through you. Tough to stop and infuriating when they go in.
  • I love when my crazy predictions are right. Hooray Matt Beleskey.
  • That Ekblad goal was all sorts of ugly. Four Rangers just kind of watching themselves turn the puck over. Can’t blame DeAngelo on that one, he wasn’t given help. Nor was Hank.
  • Fredrik Claesson and Alex Barkov had absolute rockets and picked the corners. You expect that from Barkov. Not from Claesson.

That’s all I got folks. Sorry about the lack of detail on this one. Two year olds control lives.

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  • Florida is an equally bad team.

    But that being said, that first period was textbook by the Rangers. Well played in every area, and then it stopped.

    Which leads me to the question of whether it’s the Rangers that dominate play or the opponents not kicking in gear. This happened at the Caps’ home game that I attended. Rangers started fast and then the Caps got into the game and took it over. Granted Caps and Cats are night and day, but you wonder what happened between the first and second periods last night that caused such a radical change in play.

    And let’s admit that the King let in 2 stinkers, that does not help, but he of all people gets a pass. Yes, he gets a pass.

    So, if we can see more of this from Hayes, instead of 5 games on and 5 games off, then I would be more on board with re-signing him, BUT NOT with a no trade clause attached to it, which he will probably want.

    Notice, even with Fogarty and Bellesky on his line, and not McLeod, how much better Andersson looked and played.

    • And here is where we disagree about Lundqvist. The last guy who should get a pass is a supposedly elite player. If he plays, you give Cory Schneider a pass – he’s just an AHLer who doesn’t belong here who is helping out. But you don’t just give a pass to a star because he is a star. A star is expected to play well and when he does not, he gets demerits.

      Don’t get me wrong. I think Hank is having a fine season and has very likely on balance been the Rangers’ best player so far this year. He’s clearly had more good days than bad days and assuming the Rangers don’t make the playoffs, the cause is not likely to be the guy in net. And I do not even want to rail against Hank for a bad game, just want to not dismiss it.

      However, it is a matter of perspective. If you only count the good games, any player with a long career is a HOFer. Last year, Hank was superb for half a season and crap for the other half. Yet somehow that great three month period showed he still has it and the rest is forgotten by his supporters.

      A few additional comments on goaltending: For now, I am more concerned about Georgiev. He really got shelled in his last Hartford outing. I am more excited about Shestyorkin. I’ve been skeptical of his SKA numbers as he has played behind such a good team – BUT he was always a little better than Koskinen, and Koskinen looks really good.

      And you have been quick to dismiss Talbot and Raanta. Talbot and Raanta were stars behind the Ranger defense, more effective than Hank was. If they were really not any good, it just shows how good a defense they (and Hank) played behind.

      • Talbot and Raanta have been ineffective for their respective reasons since being installed as full-time starters.

        Talbot has sucked this year and Raanta can’t stay in the line up for now the 2nd year.

        King continues to do it game after game after game after game, for 13 years. If not for him, with the players on this team, Jack Hughes wold be wearing a Ranger jersey right now.

        • You are totally missing the point. Hank was top 4 in the Vezina voting six of his first eight seasons, never in the last five. In AV’s first two years, the Ranger defense was so good that it made Talbot look like a HOFer. We agree that Talbot is not a HOFer. Which tells us how good Hank was. Nothing can change the fact that Talbot was better than Hank 2013-2015. Running down Talbot does not build up Hank; it runs Hank down too.

          I do not know whether AV’s sytem was so incompatible with Hank’s style that it destroyed his effectiveness or if Hank has lost a step. But I do know that from 2013-2018, Hank was above average but far from elite.

          the early returns from this year are that it was the system, but I am keeping an open mind.

          • First of all, let’s make this point, the “awards” that the media vote on are a complete joke, including in the entertainment industry.

            Donna Summer, a great talent, but in the disco genre, was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Rush was. Rush, one of the most influential rock bands spanning 4 decades.

            And let’s not forget that the hockey media is extremely biased towards Canadian teams and against NY teams. They think that Price blows Lundqvist away, which is laughable.

          • JFTR, I thought naming Rush to the rock HOF was a joke. One hit wonders who also produced a lot of crap. Not that I liked Donna Summer either actually.

            The bias is far more toward good teams – and toward established stars. If you want to argue that, in his first eight years, Hank deserved more than one Vezina, fine. One first, one second, three thirds and a fourth on an often not good team is both awesome and probably less than Hank deserved.

            But in 2013-2015, Hank played on a championship level team whose defense was so good that they made Cam Talbot look like a HOFer. And with that team and with that defense and with his reputation, Hank still could not slip into the top four. And for the record, Carey Price was the only Canadian goaltender in the top four. The media was not biased against Lundqvist; they were biased in his favor (as they still are).

            In 2015-2016, he wasn’t even top ten and in 2016-2018, he wasn’t even above average.

    • He’s already been demoted to the 4th line and had to remain on the wing. Quinn doesn’t trust him and for that I can see him sitting out once Zucc is ready to returns. Fogarty and Beleskey looked liked they have chemistry and complimented each other very nicely last night.

      • Andersson demoted to the 4th line? He’s played there since he got here. What are you watching bro?

        • He played 3rd line wing for like two games. Maybe just one? That’s how fast he got demoted back down to the 4th line lol. He’s fixing to sit in the press box real soon.

        • Where do you think Andersson was when Smith was on the 4th line with Fogarty and Gettinger? I admit that his game is flat but come on man, he’s had his top 9 chances and has already blown it.

          • Andersson was brought here to play 4th line, if he played 3rd line at all, it was due to injuries.

            Come on, you can’t be serious, lol.

          • It’s not what a player was brought here to do. That’s not even the point of this discussion here, just a random fact that you didn’t have to tell me. Trust me, I know he was only here to serve on the 4th, been saying it since the summer lol.

            Brooks magically wrote a article about this- He has played two games as a top-six winger, three games as a third-line winger, one game as a third-line center

            ^ Sounds like his time in the top 9 really left an impression on you. I don’t know how you thought it was a couple of games on the 3rd line. Most importantly, he couldn’t do what Howden did and force Quinn’s hand.

  • This is why I prefer dogs to children. Mine knows better than to interrupt a Ranger game and he’ll wait to go out and do his business until the end of a period.

  • The Rangers continue to compete.This is what a good coach instills in his players. The Blue Shirts are a young team that will continue to improve.

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