Rangers still can’t figure it out, lose to Habs

There were some blog issues yesterday, as I’m sure you all noticed. We lost the comments in the morning post, the game thread, and basically any ability to write a recap. Sorry about that. Going to do my best to do a recap, but it will be of the Twitter variety.

Beth decided that grading papers was a better investment of her time than watching the game. After watching the second Shea Weber goal, she reaffirmed her decision.

Injuries, man. They stink.

But it certainly helps with the tank.

And the optimism. We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but with the Rangers crashing back down to Earth, perhaps this isn’t a bad look.

But when they went on the 9-1-1 run, everyone was all-in on a playoff run. Not saying Fixxser here was saying that, just gauging the general Twitter audience. Ebbs and flows. Peaks and valleys. But this recent stretch has been terrible.

For the people in the back, “wins/losses with/without a player have no actual meaning whatsoever.”

It is more than an 82 game rebuild, but the Brady Skjei take here is spot on. He hasn’t been good, but he’s far from the only problem on the team.

I feel bad for any person that is a Rangers, Mets, and Jets fan.

Keep fighting the good fight.

3 thoughts on “Rangers still can’t figure it out, lose to Habs

  • Dec 2, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    How good has Lundqvist been so far this year? A few numbers with minimal commentary. So far Hank has started 20 games and Georgiev seven. The strength of the opposition has been about the same – the average Georgiev opponent has scored 3.22 goals per game and the average Lundqvist opponent 3.11. If Hank had the same save percentage as Georgiev, he would have given up 14 more goals. If instead we ignore Georgiev’s horrid first game in his save percentage, the saving is reduced to 4 goals. Sample size clearly matters and I suspect the true answer is somewhere in between.

    If we assume Georgiev is about an average NHL goalie (which I think is reasonable at this point), the small sample size evidence to date suggests Hank is saving about half a goal per game. Assuming that is right, whether or not he is playing at an elite level is perhaps a topic for argument. Whether or not it is damn good is not.

    Let me humbly admit that my attempt to find evidence that Hank wasn’t carrying the team so far was not successful.

  • Dec 2, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    the long and winding road to a top pick in the draft.

  • Dec 2, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    We win either way. Either the Rangers lose games and get a better draft choice come June, or we win more than we should and we have that to be happy about. Win-win.

    I refuse to fret over any of this, this isn’t the team that went 9-1-1 and this isn’t the team that’s gone 1-4 in the last 5.

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