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A punch to the kidneys as Rangers get shutout by Ottawa

The Ottawa Senators, a team on pace to set a record for most even strength goals allowed in a season, shut out the New York Rangers last night. I think that pretty much says all you need to know about the game. Craig Anderson barely had to move all night, and mistakes cost the Rangers all night long.

I guess this was to be expected. The Blueshirts started 11 forwards and 7 defensemen, which is never a recipe for success. However regardless of the lineup, the Rangers should have known better that to allow that many goals (i.e.: more than 0) from in front of the net. All the praise from earlier on that was earned from defending the middle has gone away in the last week and a half.

Note: Apparently it’s difficult to find gifs/videos of goals (since I watched this while out). I found videos of the first and third goals, but not the second. 66% is passing, right?

Sens 1, Rangers 0

That’s Drake Batherson, wide open in front with no one on him.

Sens 2, Rangers 0

No video, but this was the direct result of the Mika Zibanejad turnover at the blue line. Marc Staal made the right play by defending the pass to the better angle, and Magnus Paajarvi just beat Henrik Lundqvist with the shot.

Sens 3, Rangers 0

So that’s a whole lot of standing around watching the puck. Nice passing, but it’s easy to pass around traffic cones.

Shot Heatmap

That’s a whole lot of red in a dangerous area, with two goals coming from three feet out. As for the Rangers, they basically did nothing, with a few blips of blue in front, but most coming from outside any real dangerous area. Steve Valliquette said it best during the first intermission, they weren’t going hard to the middle, and it cost them.

Things were bound to come crashing down to Earth after elite goaltending and unsustainable shooting carried the Rangers through a terrific November. Three poor games out of four to close out the month leaves a sour taste in our mouths, but that run sure was fun. Losing to Ottawa in such ugly fashion is tough to stomach, but perhaps it’s a learning experience for all the kids in the lineup. As fun as that run was, this loss was not.

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  1. It wasn’t the line up David, they were on the road. They win at home where they are comfortable and lose on the road where they are not comfortable. It’s as simple as that.

    The Sens give up all these goals but not against the Rangers. I mean if this is not a game that tells you about where this team is and how they stack up to better teams then I don’t know what game is.

    And it’s not even the lack of goals, zero compete level. So now this is Philly and Ottawa where the boys didn’t show up. So now maybe we can stop with the playoff talk nonsense and concentrate on what this season is all about, young player development.

    And we have the right coach. He’s not afraid to put the young guys out there if the vets aren’t cutting it. Lias was one of the few to have a good game. Hank was left out to dry. Valley said it between periods, no battle level down low, making Anderson’s (the goalie) life very easy.

    1. I hate to disagree with you but I do. We are lacking right wingers that becomes a problem and then you have to overcome it by mixing up the lineup. Fast almost got one there. I was rooting for him.

      1. even when healthy they have barely 6 bonafide top 6 forwards IMO. Btw could it hurt to see what meskanen can do?

    2. Duchene and Stone > Zib and Kreider

      The first two might not be franchise player’s but they’re in a whole new realm of being top line player’s.

  2. Next stop Montreal, where it won’t get easier. Look for a lopsided outcome.

  3. Seemed to me that Lias, ADA and Brendan Smith were more aggressive than the rest of the team offensively. Not sure why but everyone else seemed to lose a step last night.

    1. Lias was the third man high in the OZ but was to slow to finish his check. That Sens player still made a beautiful breakout pass where Lias was suppose to at least make contact with. Quick tic tac toe that eventually ended up behind Hank because someone didn’t know how to forecheck.

      If you thought he had a good or aggressive game than two nights ago Tyler Bertuzzi was reincarnated from Keith Tkachuk.

      1. Maybe if you read my comment again, you will see I said that Lias was more aggressive than most of the team offensively last night. Specifically, he was going to the net unlike most of the team, including Saint Kevin.

    1. Enjoyed Lias’s game last night, thought Gettinger looked ok in the OZ, he’s just getting his feet wet so no big expectations for him yet…loved seeing the line of Howden,Andersson and Chytl in the 3rd…there’s the future

      As a whole tho it was a game that makes it easy to believe depending on what happens at the trade deadline this could be a bottom 3-4 team

      Still looking forward to the games, fun watching them grow

    2. Agreed, it was really the first game where this season where there seemed to be less effort than necessary. Most played as if tired.

      The good thing is that I doubt that you will see that again in Montreal, and I doubt we will see that happen often with them at all.

  4. Would love to see the shift chart, because asides from the 4th line I don’t think the same 3 went out two shifts in a row after the 1st.

    They played like it was a matinee on the Rideau canal. Zero effort in trying to maintain puck possession, both F below the goal line waaay too often.

  5. When you’re behind your own net without a stick. Than Zack Smith is letting them rip in the slot uncontested in a zone system than you have problems.


    When you’re getting burn on frequent plays by Pyatt in the OZ than you have problems.

    I tried to like Andersson last night but Joe M talking about his forecheck ( replay- missing his man and hitting all glass ), his shots on net ( replay- took one in the middle of the slot and still couldn’t get it on net ) and to take it to the net ( replay a goalie stick checking you ) I knew it was all for rookie grits narrative. Dorsett/Carcillo made a living off of taking pucks to the net so I really don’t see the big deal in.

    1. There are pieces of furniture in my house that know more about hockey than you, Mint. And they write better than you too.

  6. Move on, it was an ugly game but we were undermanned and DQ, in his infinite wisdom, thought the best way to deal with that was to break up the one line that has been playing so well. I never believe that’s a recipe for success when you’re shy a few good players. You keep what’s working (Hayes, Kreider and Chytil) and make changes on the periphery. I also think Smith at forward instead of ADA to start the game wasn’t optimal.

    Side note, the 2nd goal was a stinker that Hank should have had.

  7. The only names on this team who know how it is to be road warriors are Hank, Fast, Hayes, Krieder and Staal. The rest were either little boys when that happened or couldn’t imagine having hands in that kind of success.

    It’s a tough gig to earn but I hope those four express the importance to win on the road. Well minus Kreider who was in a offensive role and could only put up as many points as our rookie 3c lol. Hank can still be the backbone to this team as long as they can put up a 1-2 extra goals than the next team.

  8. I expected this sort of game for 70-80% of the season. Teams go on win and lose streaks…

    Get it going, keep fighting…

    I believe in this team and feel they have the stuff that will get them playing better, maybe not winning but I don’t see this team laying eggs like this all that much….


  9. They can’t win on the road Dave. All I did was took a look at Ottawa’s home record and our road record. And with Quinn making the rookie mistake of using Smith as a forward, it was a recipe for disaster. I didn’t watch this one. I skipped it with the lone exception of the lazy giveaway by Zibanejad that led to world beater Paajarvi scoring on Hank. There isn’t much else to say. The result was predictable.

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