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Game 23: Annual Black Friday NBC debut

The Rangers are back in action this afternoon in their annual Black Friday matchup against a rival. This year it’s the Flyers, who should be better than they are but aren’t. At 9-10-2, the Flyers are at the bottom of the division, and not looking to climb out anytime soon. That said, they still give the Rangers fits.

As for the Blueshirts, they are fresh off the dominating Thanksgiving Eve performance against the Islanders. The Rangers haven’t made any call ups following the Cody McLeod injury, so my guess is that Mats Zuccarello is back in the lineup. Makes sense, right?

Flyers Lines

Claude Giroux-Sean Couturier-Travis Konecny
Oskar Lindblom-Nolan Patrick-Jakub Voracek
James van Riemsdyk-Jordan Weal-Wayne Simmonds
Scott Laughton-Jori Lehtera-Dale Weise

Ivan Provorov-Robert Hagg 
Shayne Gostiebehere-Christian Folin
Travis Sanheim-Radko Gudas

PP1: Giroux-Couturier-Simmonds-Voracek-Gostisbehere
PP2: Weal-Patrick-JVR-Konecny-Provorov

Calvin Pickard gets the start.

Rangers Lines (unconfirmed)

Filip ChytilMika Zibanejad–Vlad Namestnikov
Chris KreiderKevin HayesJesper Fast
Jimmy VeseyBrett HowdenRyan Strome
Mats Zuccarello–Lias AnderssonSteven Fogarty

Brady Skjei-Tony DeAngelo
Marc StaalNeal Pionk
Fredrik Claesson-Kevin Shattenkirk

PP1: Zibanejad-Namestnikov-Kreider-Zuccarello-Shattenkirk
PP2: Hayes-Chytil-Vesey-Skjei-Pionk

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start.

Scratches/Injuries: Adam McQuaid (lower body), Pavel Buchnevich (thumb), Brendan Smith (healthy), Cody McLeod (hand)

Crazy Prediction: Wayne Simmonds doesn’t get a point.

Game time is 1pm.

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  1. Well ….. Being shown on NBC channel 4. Getting a little more TV coverage . As a NY Giants fan I can enjoy a weekend where my teams BEAT teams from Philly ( Flyers and Eagles ) …… LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!

  2. Zucc was brutal and effected the line up by his return. The changes to the lines was evident. I think they ate too much turkey too. Players of the game had to be Leaky and Strome. Rest of the team…ughhhh

    1. Strome? Sadly, Vesey was better than him today and I’ve liked Strome since he got here.

      Zucc did his thing but it was hard to watch him on a line with Andersson and Fogarty. I thought he started to generate a little bit in the 3rd when he saw minutes increase. It must be hard on him to know that he’s likely going to be traded from here soon. JG and Sather announcing how they don’t want to tie up to much $$ in long term deals but they want to keep Hayes as a exception was his one way train ticket being punched.

  3. Everyone was flat footed and waiting for something to happen … any good chance we had was shot wide! McLeod has that much effect on this team?

  4. First game I’ve gotten to watch the Rangers all season and I was excited to see the young bloods play.

    Seems like nothing’s changed.
    – Majority of play in Rangers end ✔️
    – Lundqvist needing to stand on his head ✔️
    – Significant players nowhere to be seen ✔️
    – Garbage power play ✔️

    So what, exactly, is the hope for this team, because I don’t see it.

    1. It was a bad game for sure, we’ll see tomorrow against the Caps.

      But it is basically the same in that the team goes as Hank goes. He keeps them in games that they probably should not have won, like the Habs’ game a couple of weeks ago.

      They’ve been on a good streak but today was a stinker, really bad. Tomorrow they have a chance to bounce back at home against a quality rival.

      But I am with you. Getting deluded into thinking this group can make the playoffs and contend is really misguided. A few wins gets people excited.

      1. And I would assume that league play is going to begin to intensify, which may expose things.

        1. Exactly. The better teams don’t kick into gear for another month or so.

          2 years ago, remember the 5 goal per game nights the Rangers had? they were the Nov Stanley Cup champs.

          Every year I say it, the season really starts in January, just don’t lose it in Oct/Nov.

          1. I wouldn’t mind the loss ( you can’t win em all ) but this was like a Renney/AV game rolled into one.No effort pretty much as soon as the puck dropped.

          2. It’s one game where they didn’t put in the effort, so let’s see what happens today.

            They have not always played well this year, because they don’t have the talent, but they have played hard for the most part.

      2. Thanks, bud. I’ve only had a chance to see box scores and read the occasional NY Post puff pieces. I’m stationed down in Louisiana and there’s not much for hockey talk down here in the bayou!

        1. First off, thank you for your service my friend!! Stay safe.

          The kids are exciting and the play has been entertaining for the most part. Hard working, for the most part. But the team needs to up their skill level big time. I suspect that Hayes and Zuc will be traded in Feb.

          1. JG- ” The Rangers are in, they don’t want to tie up too many spots but Hayes is someone that they want to keep around. ” I’d say that was the bow tie for Zucc a trade and probably go chase the $$ that he’s owed.

            Sather- ” I expect that he will get a better position than the one Jeff was going to offer him this summer ” I’ve read your comments, you know Sather has a major say for this team.

            Quinn will get a major say in this and it’s safe to assume he’ll be in Hayes corner.

            Sorry bro lol

          2. I love your resiliency my friend.

            A little advice, if I may, it is far from a given that the Rangers current success will be there in Jan and Feb. The King did everything that he could do yesterday and they lost 4-0, against a REALLY, REALLY BAD Flyers’ team. At what point during this season does the King not have the ability to save the Rangers, due to fatigue?

            When opponents start scoring early in games to pt the Rangers in a hole, due to the fact that the King can’t save his team, then the losses will start to pile up.

            This is not pessimism, this is fact. The Rangers still don’t have the puck, the other team does. Over the long haul, this is not a recipe for success, hence getting players like Panarin are a must, not a priority, a must.

  5. Skjei had his hand on all of the goals today… I think he was a -4? He’s flat out bad in every zone with and without the puck, stupid pinching by him. A decision has to be made with his clause kicking in soon. That empty net goal didn’t have to happen. Instead of passing to the open man he gave it up to Zucc who was already covered. That’s how you lose respect by the vet’s like Zucc and Hank even though we all know Hank already probably hated him lol.

    Today we learned why Andersson is on the bottom half of the Totem pole as a center for this club. Zib, Hayes, Chytil would have scored all alone in the slot like that. Howden would have at least got a shot off.

    I just wanted one point today so they could lead the metro vs Washington.

    1. I really don’t see how yo pick out any one player, good or bad, in this game, other than the goalie.

      Your boy Hayes looked like a total stiff on that empty net goal. Why bother “trying” at all? Disgrace.

      1. I don’t know why but I just have a feeling that Quinn won’t fault Hayes on that play. Just a hunch though..

        Btw your boy Zib looked stiff the minute a Gudas put a shoulder into his entire torso. I called out Skjei because that’s what his play warranted. I can’t pick out one attribute that resembled him to take over for McD. I’d be a huge hypocrite to not blame him today when I use to get on Girardi for the same things.

        1. I have said it before, Zib is not the same player on the road as he is at home. I made that statement over 2 weeks ago, if you recall. So I did call him out about that.

          I do not disagree about Skjei. Now it’s getting to the point that he looks like a bust. He looks lost out there, quite honestly. I don’t know what’s happened to him. Lost all confidence. I mean making mistakes is one thing, but they can be corrected, it’s like he’s a fish out of water, which is maybe not correctable. Certainly there are red flags all over the place on Brady, for the moment.

  6. Hey Folks, they had a bad game. it happens. They played a pretty beautiful game against the Isles, then had pretty much of a clinker today. Keep things in perspective. Playing a bunch of kids they are sitting at a spot in Metro that no one in their right mind would have predicted. I have been extremely happy watching these games, even the ones where they don’t play well.

    1. I somewhat agree with yo but I also feel like they deserve the benefit of the doubt, for now, because they have played hard so far this season.

      My issue is that the team never has the puck for long periods of time. That’s a commentary on their lack of real talent that will eventually result in losses as the better teams start to kick into gear.

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