Rangers assign Vinni Lettieri to Hartford

The Rangers have assigned winger Vinni Lettieri to Hartford. Per Larry Brooks, it is to play in this afternoon’s game. However Lettieri may not be recalled following the game, and someone else may take his place. My guess is that if Lettieri is not recalled, it is because the Rangers want him to get consistent playing time.

If that is the case, I’d expect someone like Matt Beleskey to get the call up. There’s no real issue with ensuring Lettieri gets consistent playing time.

Or maybe it’s something as simple as creating space to recall Boo Nieves.

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  • No to Belesky, call up Boo Boo. Vinni looks like he’s in a rut. When he has played of late he hasn’t really impressed. Get him some confidence building ice time down in Hartford, Boo has been lighting it up of late, he deserves the call. In the alternative call up Fogarty, Meskanen or Gettinger … but NOT Belesky, please.

  • The coach is looking at the 4th line and got rid of them except the anchor Cody. No matter who you put with Cody you will have a problem. Coach look at your bottom teeth they need fixing. Getting rid of Cody fixes the 4th line.

    • Our friend Cody is a NHL tough guy who does NOT want to fight. He wants to play Hockey except he doesn’t have the talent to play Hockey.

  • Vinny’s best game was the first one he played after his call up last year. He was all over the ice with crazy energy and enthusiasm.

    Since then, I have been hoping to see a glimpse of that talent. It’s definitely in there, just got to get it out somehow.

    A trip to run with the Wolfpack will hopefull get him on track.

  • The poor guy has been absolutely terrible this year. I’m surprised they waited this long to send him down. That one game in the beginning of the year, he played great, and looked like he was on his way. Finally, there is some depth at Hartford for a callup. Fogerty has played good this year and deserves a shot.

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